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Soliparty für Rom_nja Proteste

soliparty-for-romnja-protesteLiebe Leute,
kommt zur Soliparty in Berlin am Sa.29.10.2016, um 20:00 Uhr in Zielona Gora – Grünbergerstrasse 73.
Filmführung “The Awakening” zur Lebensrealität abgeschobener Roma
Infos zu den Rom_nja Protesten
Konzert Rolling Hopp

Plakat in pdf

Soliparty for Protests of Romn*ja

this Saturday, October 29th

in Zieolona Gora, Grünbergerstraße 73 in Friedrichshain

Around 8pm the movie The Awakening will be shown and Infos about the
Roma Protest will be given

Afterwards their will be live music by Rolling Hop (Roma Hip Hop, Rap)
and Dj*anes

Poster in pdf