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Rally against BAMF: #JamilaBleibt & mourning for Ella

by @TransRefugees

Protest in front of BAMF Berlin, Saturday, 09.10.21 between 15.00 – 18.00 ( U9 Berliner Straße), Bundesallee/Ecke Badensche Str.

every Saturday, first date 9.10.

Jamila is a Trans woman from Qatar who fled to Germany via Ethiopia. In Ethiopia she was jailed for nearly one year because she is a Trans woman. The German government ministry for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) wants to deport her back to Ethiopia. #JamilaBleibt!

We want to start with a remembrance of Ella, and also give common space for mourning and admonition.

Ella, a Trans woman from Iran commited suicide by lighting herself on fire, on 14.9.2021 on Alexanderplatz.