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3 reasons why the Syrian people left and boycott The “Civil March for Allepo”?

Some days ago the Civil March for Aleppo has started from Berlin. Aiming to walk the whole way through Aleppo, 3000km. They received very big media attention , even though it is clear that this is a impossible march. The behaviour of the organizers depict clearly they come from a social enterpreuner circle, in which they can manage to create a big social cause without a clear political understanding.

One day after starting the March the conflict start to escalate, which is very normal for such a big action. The Syrian people who joined the march want to walk with the Syrian revolution flag, but the organizers forbid any flag except the white flag. In the night in the big plenum the syrian people manage to open up the issue and make it into a discussion, trying to establish a minimum democracy in the organization. After hours of discussion, 97 people out of 100 say that they are ok with having the flag carried in the march, and they decide to do it.

The next day the organizers come to the syrian people and tell them that they changed their opinion over night and they are not allowed to carry the flag. And that they asked the police to arrest any body who carries any flag.


1- The organizers refuse to mention and analyse who is actually killing the people

The syrian people demand to make a difference between the Assad Regime and the revolutionaries, but this is not accepted by the organizers.

2- Colonial behaviour of the organizers

They try to make a power relation and decide over the real people who were affected by the situation. In the organization of the March there were not even one Syrian person involved and later on after they heard about it and tried to join, They always kept outside of the decision circle. The only thing they were allowed to do was to follow the white activists and this is not acceptable by them.


3- The organizers simply lie

They always claim that in their manifesto they clearly state that they just allow white flags in the march, and this way they depict the syrian participants and law breakers. but that’s a plain lie. In their manifesto the only place they talk about flags, they write:

We’re carrying these white flags to let the whole world know our message: Enough is enough. This war has to stop!

So they never talk about any other kind of flag.


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