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Tag der Erinnerung und Mahnung – Aktionstag gegen Rassismus, Neonazismuss und Krieg

Tag der Erinnerung und MahnungTag der Erinnerung und Mahnung 2016 Flyer

Tag der Erinnerung und Mahnung 2016 Plakat

Bleiberecht für Roma in Deutschland

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AUFTAKT Alle Bleiben – Bleiberecht für Roma
12.00 Uhr |
Auftaktkundgebung –  vor dem Mahnmal für die ermordeten Sinti und Roma
Europas. Es sprechen u.A. Petra Rosenberg (Landesverband Deutscher Sinti und
Roma Berlin-Brandenburg e.V
Musik: Rolling Hopp

FAHRRAD-KORSO Aufstehen gegen Rassismus
13.00 Uhr |
Antifaschistischer  Fahrrad-Korso Keine Rassisten und Nazis in die Parlamente – Roma bleiben!
Mahnmal für die ermordeten Sinti und Roma Europas
Ziel: Kulturzentrum Wasserturm

Mahnmal für die ermordeten Sinti und Roma Europas
Simsonsweg, 10557 Berlin
(5 Minuten vom U-Bhf. Brandenburger Tor

ab 14.30 Uhr |
Tag der Erinnerung, Mahnung und Begegnung im Kulturzentrum Wasserturm (Kreuzberg)
Antifa-Cafe, Kaffee, Kuchen, Bier und Suppe, Infostände, Austellungen, Filme, Vorträge

Kulturzentrum Wasserturm
Kopischstraße 7 (Ecke Fidicin-
straße), 10965 Berlin (5 Minuten
vom U-Bhf. Platz der Luftbrücke

18.00 Uhr |
Konzert mit Sistanagila
– eine iranisch-israelische Affäre
Eintritt frei

80. Jahrestages the drag of the Berlin Sinti and Roma in the Nazi forced Marzahn camp

Roma protest MarzahnOn Sunday, a memorial event marking the 80.anniversary the drag of the Berlin Sinti and Roma in the Nazi forced Marzahn camp, Petra Rosenberg and Hans Coppi found clear words for residence rights for Roma in Germany and solidarity with the Roma families and organizations, who had briefly occupied the memorial to the murdered Sinti and Roma in Europe a few weeks ago. A large group abschiebebedrohter Roma attended the memorial service and part taken at the invitation Petra Rosenberg also the word. Their banners were seen briefly in the Berlin evening show.

Since 22 May, we protest Roma families in Berlin against us impending deportations, for our right to stay and the right to stay for all Roma We are here today to our ancestors, the victims of National socialism were to commemorate. But we’re also here because we and our children still see us after 80 years faced with structural discrimination, social and political exclusion and deportation.
It is high time that the situation of Roma improved. But on the contrary, is the discrimination against Roma not even recognition those so-called Balkan countries in which we lead a dignified life is denied, wurdenvon Germany from 2014 successively fixed price as safe eingestuft. Die consequence for us is us now imminent deportation of some us means nothing less than that we will be sent on long or short in the Tot. We will no longer wait for Germany the continuity of discrimination against Roma recognizes that culminated at the time of Nazi genocide in our ancestors. We will no longer wait until Germany acted responsibly and gives us protection from further violence and persecution.
We demand an unconditional right to stay for us because we can not go back.
We demand the immigration law, which belongs to us, as well as the Jews and Jewish women were granted when they had to flee from persecution in the USSR. Solidarity with commemorative events are not enough solidarity must be implemented.
We demand the withdrawal of the classification of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia as “safe” .These countries for Roma not sure and this will in near future not be. The current tightening of risk on Roma, given the political shift to the right and the resurgent nationalism in all these countries, can not be nice to talk through the migration policy instrument of “safe countries of origin”.