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Conference on the Sudanese refugees’ situation in Germany (31 January at 21:00 on Skype)

picture of demonstration banner against lager and deportation

Update 3

On 31/1/2021 at 21:00 we have a continuation of a workshop about Sudanese refugees from Schaumberg/Niedersachsen online to discuss the refugee’s situation.

This is the 4th workshop now. We are not going to be silent, until the deportation is stopped, until the isolation of refugees is broken, and until the primary, secondary, and universal rights of refugees are back. We know the system is gaining much on making refugees under constant stress, underlining the isolation of refugees from all corners of life. The disappointment, aggression of refugees and conflicts is the system’s success, but we are going to win it, if we come and gather our voices and strength again this system. We call upon your solidarity!

Sudanese and Sudan issue is invisible one of the ways to make it visible is to do these workshop, or you can bring you ideas as well.

If you want to join us, here is the link: https://join.skype.com/asb9eYXmawpe. Contact via email: bw.humanrights@yahoo.com.

Update 2:

On 10/12/2020 we have a continuation of a workshop about Sudanese refugees from Schaumberg/Niedersachsen to discuss the refugees’ situation. This is the third workshop now, we are not going to be silent until the deportation will be stopped, until the isolation of refugees is broken, and until primary, secondary, and universal rights of refugees are back.

We know the system is gaining much on making refugees under constant stress. Underlining the isolation of refugees from all corners of life. The disappointment, aggression of refugees and conflicts is the system’s success, but we are going to win it if we come and gather our voices and strength again this system, we call upon your solidarity! Sudanese and Sudan issue is an invisible one of the ways to make it visible is to do these workshops, discussions, conference as well as social media.

Mistreatment, discrimination, Racism,and isolation is a crime. Therefore, we must stand and fight against it, theworkshop is going to be on Skype at 12 Am, the language is Arabic and English.

If you want to join us, here is the link: https://join.skype.com/asb9eYXmawpe. Contact via email: bw.humanrights@yahoo.com.


On 21st of November 2020 at 12:00 PM, we will continue with the Sudanese refugees’ discussion on asylum policy in Germany on Skype instead of meeting at Bethanien. However, the workshop was about the situation of Sudanese refugees here in German and the situation in Sudan. It took place on 24th and 25th of October, and was directed to refugees from Sudan living in Germany. Their situation is extremely bad: in terms of human treatment, education opportunities, self-determination, and their daily life in Sudan and in Germany. The main question of these Sudanese refugees’ is why they are not given any opportunity in Germany?

Therefore, this skype talk will discuss how to bring the issue to the public. If any of you like to participate in this, send us a email: bw.humanrights (at) yahoo.com.

We have a conference about refugees mainly from Schaumberg / Niedersachsen to discuss the refugees’ situation: what is the refugees’ situation in the camps right now considering coronavirus and how should the activists and others support? If there is any new development on refugee issues?

As we know, the systematic isolation of refugees, deportations and rejected applications put refugees under constant stress. They reinforce isolation from the EU by combining all functions of immigration and refugees’ control such as the Dublin III regulation. Refugees are permanently exposed to external and internal controls, authorities; institutions have constant access to their private life. This creates frustration and aggression for refugees, and even conflicts between refugees to fight each other as the order of the day. Refugees are presented to the population as a danger, as illegitimate supplicants – but asylum is a human right!

People who support refugees are criminalized. Refugees and activists are often played off against each other. But there is resistance. Not only in Berlin, but everywhere where they are exposed to repression and discrimination, refugees come together and fight for their rights. Together with local initiatives, they break the isolation and form networks of solidarity. This creates access to legal support. that many people in the asylum and residence are otherwise denied.

Above all, however, these activist networks stand for a very concrete political vision of living together in solidarity, which represents an alternative to the anti-migrant, nationalist, racist and patriarchal patterns of thought and action of right-wing movements and parties.

Unfortunately, many of these solidarity initiatives and self-organized movements are often poorly networked and have few resources. There is also a lack of concrete strategies and methods, both regarding the internal conflict dynamics in heterogeneous groups and regarding dealing with state repression, police violence, right-wing agitation, and deportations. Better networking, the exchange of experience and awareness are required here. This is important now. Therefore, coming together to discuss and share the experience is our strength.

The event will take place on 24 and 25/10/2020 from 12 AM to 3:PM in New Yorck / Bethanien (Mariannenplatz 2a, Berlin-Kreuzberg). Due to coronavirus we can have only have 10 people on board. Others will participate online, using skype etc.

Each participant has to write him_herself in a list. The distance rules must be maintained. Wearing a mask is recommended.

Please contact us through bw.humanrights@yahoo.com, if you want to participate.

Koko Lepo: autonomy, solidarity, and equality in Belgrade, Serbia 15.01.2019, 17 Uhr, Kalabal!k

Koko Lepo is an autonomous collective in Belgrade, Serbia that has experimented with numerous practices of youth solidarity and alternative education practices with the children and young teens of the informal urban settlement “Deponija”. The speaker will present their first-hand experience with the history, struggles, and developments of the project: from its origins as an ‘anarchist kindergarten’ in a squat five years ago, to a solidarity collective for older youth, and finally to its current state as program for the younger children from the ‘mahala’. Topics will include anti-gypsyism, autonomous pedagogy, and collective struggle. Autonomnost, solidarnost, I ravnopravnost!

Datum & Zeit:
Dienstag, 15 Januar, 2019 – 17:00
Kategorie: Diskussion/Vortrag
Preis: umsonst
Reichenbergerstr. 63a
10999 Berlin

“Women Breaking Borders” Women* Conference organized by Women in Exile

Women in exile Women^ conference

This year refugee women are getting loud by organizing a national wide meeting on “Breaking Borders”. This was a decision reached during the evaluation meeting of the 2016 national wide summer bus tour of „women in Exile & Friends” and the network of refugee women and groups working with refugee women national wide.
As women* we are faced with sexism and racist borders which expose us to all types of prejudice. As refugee women we confront multiple inner and outer borders during and after the flight.

The aim of this conference is:

  • To reinforce / weave networks beyond borders
  • To empower women to break borders of sexism and racism
  • To find strategies together on how to dismantle all borders eg. deportations,lagers etc.
  • To bring the refugees political perspective to the causes of migration
  • To create space for refugee women to break borders and build community by expressing their talents

We need each other’s solidarity to break inner and outer borders/boundaries. Join us in declaring no borders are high, low, wide or solid enough when women unite.

To have a successful Conference for everybody we need some financial support, please support us on the betterplace campaign! Thanks!

Wuppertal: Abschiebung durch selbstorganisierten Protest von Geflüchteten verhindert. Demo am Samstag!

english below

Aktuell werden viele Geflüchtete der Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung Art Hotel in Wuppertal nach dem Dublin III-Verfahren abgeschoben und zwar nach Italien. Am 03.07.2017 wurden bereits 38 Menschen aus dem Art Hotel abgeschoben. Am Mittwoch (05.07.2017) sollten weitere 38 Menschen abgeschoben werden. Besonders skandalös ist dabei, dass versucht wurde, die Geflüchteten kurz vor einer selbst-organisierten Demonstration am Samstag abzuschieben. Diese wurde jedoch durch den laustarken Protest von Geflüchteten und weiteren solidarischen Menschen verhindert und der Bus fuhr leer wieder ab.

Den Aufruf für die Demo findet ihr unter dem Video.

Solidarität gegen Abschiebungen
Samstag, 8. Juli 2017
13:00 Uhr Kundgebung / 14:00 Uhr Demonstration
Bahnhof – Wuppertal Oberbarmen

Wir haben die Angriffe auf unser Leben satt. Nirgends auf der Welt sind wir sicher, weder in unseren Herkunftsländern, noch in Europa, noch in Deutschland. Ein Teil der Verantwortlichen sitzt diese Woche in Hamburg und feiert sich selbst, während wir Tag und Nacht um unser Leben kämpfen müssen.

Wir, Flüchtlinge aus Wuppertal und Umgebung wollen am kommenden Samstag auf der Straße zeigen, dass wir nicht erlauben werden, dass mit unserem Leben gespielt wird.

Wir werden es nicht zulassen, dass man uns nach Afghanistan, Irak oder Sudan zurückschickt, wo die NATO-Staaten zusammen mit Kriegsherren aller Länder für die Situation mit verantwortlich sind. Wir finden es beschämend, dass offensichtliche Lügen verbreitet werden und Afghanistan zu einem sicheren Land gemacht wird. Es ist eine Schande, dass man darüber nachdenkt, in einem Land wie Syrien sichere Zonen „Safe Zones“ aufzubauen. Wessen Bomben regnen jede Nacht auf die Köpfe der Menschen in Syrien? Ist überhaupt ein Frieden gewollt oder geht es rein um noch mehr Hass, damit der Krieg und das Geschäft weiterlaufen?

Wir werden nicht zulassen, dass man uns nach Westafrika schickt, wo wir verfolgt und unser Leben nicht mehr sicher sind. Wir werden es nicht zulassen, dass unser Leben gekauft wird und Gelder an unsere korrupten Staatsherren bezahlt werden, damit sie Papiere ausstellen und uns zurücknehmen, um uns wieder zu verfolgen und auszubeuten. Unsere Länder werden bereits seit 500 Jahren ausgebeutet, die Rohstoffe sind bereits an die großen Konzerne dieser Welt ausverkauft und nun verkauft man auch uns öffentlich.

Wir werden nicht zulassen, dass man uns nach Italien oder Griechenland abschiebt, wo wir auf den Straßen überleben müssen oder als die neuen Sklaven Europas für die billigen Agrarprodukte mehr als 16 Stunden am Tag schuften müssen, gleichzeitig aber kein Recht auf Gesundheitsversorgung haben und der Lohn nicht mal ausreicht, um eine Wohnung sich zu mieten.

Wir können es nicht zulassen, dass unsere Brüder und Schwester aus Balkan, kein Recht auf Asylverfahren haben und sofort in Abschiebezentren kommen. Es ist für uns beschämend, wie hier unsere Mitmenschen aus dem Balkan kriminalisiert worden, damit die Abschiebungen dorthin gesellschaftsfähig gemacht werden. Das Gleiche geschah mit unseren Geschwistern aus Nordafrika. Nun hat die Bundesregierung alles daran gesetzt und die Staaten „bearbeitet“, damit sie uns zurücknehmen. Wer von uns kommt als nächstes dran?

Zur selben Zeit wird hier in Europa Hass gesät, damit die Menschen hier, diejenigen also die von Niedriglohn und Armut betroffen sind, sich mit uns nicht solidarisieren. Doch wir teilen das gleiche Leid. Egal ob in unseren Ländern oder hier, es sind die gleichen Konzerne und ihre Diener in den Staatsapparaten, die uns ausplündern, ausbeuten, gegeneinanderhetzen, damit sie noch reicher werden. Wir jedoch müssen tagtäglich schauen, wie wir überleben, wie wir unseren Kindern eine Zukunft aufbauen können. Wir wollen eine Welt, in der wir solidarisch diese zum Wohle aller gestalten können. Wir wollen eine Welt in dem Wohlstand und Frieden unser Leben prägen und nicht eine Agenda der G7 oder G20, eine Agenda der Konkurrenz und des Wettbewerbs, dass Kriege schürt und Arm und Reich.

Wir sagen, Asylrecht ist Menschenrecht und kein Privileg.
Wir sind gezwungen, unser Leben zu schützen und daher entscheiden wir, dort zu leben, wo unser Leben sicher ist.

Wir laden jede/n ein, der die Lügen und die Erniedrigungen nicht mehr erträgt, mit uns auf die Straße zu kommen. Wir wollen zeigen, dass Solidarität und Zusammenhalt die Grundlagen unserer Gemeinschaften und des menschlichen Lebens sind.

Solidarität statt Spaltung und Hass


+++ ENGLISH +++

Wuppertal: Deportation of 38 people stopped through self-orgaized protest by refugees. Demo on Saturday!

Currently, many refugees are subject to deportations from the reception camp Art Hotel in Wuppertal to Italy in accordance to the Dublin III regulation. 38 people have been deported from Art Hotel on June 3rd already. On Wednesday (June 5th) 38 more people should be deported. This is especially scandalous because they tried to deport the refugees shortly before a self-organized demonstration on Saturday. However, the deportation was stopped by the protest of refugees and other people in solidarity, and the bus returned empty.

Find the call for the demo on Saturday, June 8th, below the video.


Solidarity against deportations
July 8: 01:00pm (13:00) Manifestation
02:00pm (14:00) Demonstration
In front of the Wuppertal-Oberbarmen train station- Wuppertal Oberbarmen

Enough is enough. We are fed up with the attacks on our lives. Nowhere on the earth we are safe, not in our own countries, not in Europe nor in Germany. Part of the responsible persons gather this week in Hamburg and celebrate themselves. At the same time, we are obliged to struggle day and night to survive.

We, refugees from Wuppertal and surroundings want to show our presence on the streets and manifest, that we do not allow anyone to play with our lives.

We are here because you destroy our countries!

We do not allow that they deport us to Afghanistan, Iraq, or Sudan. The NATO-states together with other warlords are responsible for the situation in these countries. It is shaming that blatant lies are spread and Afghanistan is made to a safe country. It is perverse that people even think of building safe zones for refugees in Syria. Whose bombs are raining each night on the roofs of Syrian civilians? Is peace wanted at all or is more hatred desired, in order to keep the war running and the profits flowing?

United against colonial injustice

We do not allow that we are sent to West Africa, where we are persecuted and our lives are not safe. We do not allow that our lives are bought by giving money to our corrupt state lords, in order to issue papers and take us back, to start again with persecution and exploitation. Our countries are being exploited since more than 500 years. Our natural resources have been sold cheap to the big corporations of the world. Now, our lives are being sold publicly and cheap.

We do not allow that we are deported to Italy or Greece, where we have to live on the streets and to work more than 16 hours a day on the farms as the new slaves of Europe. At the same time we have no access to medical care and the money we earn is not even enough to rent a small flat.

We can not accept that our brothers and sisters from Balkan have no right to apply for asylum here and are immediately upon arrival put into deportation centers. It is shaming, how our people from Balkan have ben criminalized by German authorities to legitimate the deportations to those countries and prepare the society here for the deportation crimes. The same happened with our brothers and sisters from North Africa. Now the Federal Republic of Germany has done everything and continuously pushed the states to take us back. Who will be the next?

Hatred is grown here in Europe in order to avoid that the people in Europe who are affected by low wages and poverty do solidarize with us. But we share the same pain. No matter if here or in our countries, the same corporations and their servants in the states plunder and exploit us, divide us, to get richer. But we have to struggle to survive and to build a future for our children. We want a world that is based on solidarity for the wealth of humanity. We want a world where peace and wealth are shaping our lives and not an agenda of the G7 or G20, an agenda of competition and corruption, an agenda that perpetually generates war, generates poor and rich.

We say Asylum is a human right and not a privilege.

We are forced to protect our lives and therefore we pledge to live there, where our lives are safe.

We invite everyone that cannot bear anymore the lies and the humiliation to join us to the streets. We want to demonstrate that solidarity and the connection between people are the principles of our communities and those of human being.

Solidarity instead of division and hatred.



Civil Society 4.0 – Refugees and Digital Self Organization, HKW

2016, Mar 03, Thu — 2016, Mar 05, Sat 

Refugee Hackaton 2015, Source HKW

Refugee Hackaton 2015, Source: HKW

Self-organization has been essential for thousands of refugees arriving in Germany. In the last years, refugee´s organizations have been struggling for their right to stay, to move and to live in dignity. Volunteers and supporters have been engaging to improve the newcomers´ living conditions. Together, refugees, volunteers and supporters build the new civil society of our times.