Youth against Racism: Call for Plenum and Demonstration against Deportation Treaties in Berlin



Due to the EU-Turkey deal the way for refugees via Turkey towards Europe is blocked. Turkey receives six billion Euros, to shut down the borders and to keep refugees in camps under conditions of forced labor. Now De Maizère and Merkel propose a very similar deal to several states of Northern Africa. With some the EU already put in practice deportation, police and military treaties. With the “Khartoum-Process” which has begun in the autumn of 2014 asylum seekers from countries such as Sudan, Libya, Egypt and Tunis are supposed to be deported more easily and camps and deportation prisons are supposed to be established. Also with Afghanistan such a treaty shall be bargained.

The strategy of the EU is clear: Refugees shall not even reach the outer borders of the EU, but shall be detained at the beginning of their flight, but latest in Northern Africa and Turkey. Thereby the EU and the German government also put into practice the demands by the right wing populist AfD for the deportation of “illegal” refugees and securing the German borders.

Against these deportation treaties and for the right to stay the nationwide alliance Jugend gegen Rassismus (Youth against Racism) is calling for your participation in a demonstration on the 9th of July in Berlin, based on the initiative of the group “Refugees’ Protest Camp – Hanover (Weissekreuzplatz)”, member of Youth against Racism Hanover. We as Refugee Schul- und Unistreik (Refugee School- and University Strike, Berlin section of Jugend gegen Rassismus) call for a preparation meeting to discuss the preliminary call and the mobilization towards this action.

The over 100 Sudanese asylum seekers are fighting since more than 2 years for the right to stay and lately, as a part of the nationwide alliance Jugend gegen Rassismus (Youth against Racism), organized a strike and action day in Hannover. In more than 14 cities 8.000 young people participated. One night before the Police violently evicted the protest camp of the group which had existed for over two years, while the activists were talking to the authorities. Now the group is organizing a demonstration against deportation treaties.

Join us this Wednesday, 8th of June at 19.00 o’clock in the Potse (Potsdamer Straße 180, 10783 Berlin)!

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