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Israel: Refugee Marches for Freedom and Mass Demonstrations

Indeed, we are going through some intensive days… the trigger that started all this is the amendments of the anti infiltration bill (adopted by the government in respond to the supreme court ruling in September 2013) changing the policy from detaining the asylum seekers in prison to detaining them in an “open facility”. the open facility has no fences but just like the prison – it’s run by the prison authorities, its placed in the desert 60 KM from the nearest city and asylum seekers are required to report three times a day for a headcount. the day after the open facility was open, the refugees started marching to Jerusalem in a protest for their arrest. They were brutally arrested and punished – returned to the “real” prison without their gear nor blankets and – – it’s COLD in the desert…



We are asylum seekers, refugees, undocumented migrants, Europeans with a «migration background», we are all those who have no full citizenship. We are those who wear the label «not from here». Our real or supposed origin is an argument to deprive us of many rights. Yet our life is here, and like everyone else we just want to build a decent life for us and our families.

29.11. Pressrelease by the refugee activists from oranienplatz and the occupied school

We asylum seekers in Germany and refugees from lampedusa want to use this statement to set a sign against the attemts of separation from certain media and politicians and to clearify our situation. Especially since the failed eviction of our camp in kreuzberg on sunday the 24th of November 2013 we are confronted with a massive change in the way the media reports about our protest. The demands to abolish Lagers and Residenzpflicht, to stop all deportations, for the unlimited right to stay, the right to work, study, and choice of housing, and freedom of movement were set up within a common discussion of refugee activists.

PM (24.07.2013) vom Netzwerk Lager Eisenhüttenstadt – Protestierende Refugees und Unterstützer*Innen aus Berlin und Brandenburg

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+++ Usman Manir aus Abschiebehaft entlassen! +++ heutiges Refugee-Camp Anmeldung durch Polizei untersagt +++ Anmeldung ab Morgen mittag bis Samstag Abend +++

Wir sind erfreut über die Entlassung von Usman Manir aus der Abschiebehaft in Eisenhüttenstadt und werten dies als Erfolg unserer kontinuierlichen Arbeit! Wir werden jedoch weiter gegen die Zustände und Verantwortlichen der Eisenhüttenstädter Abschiebemaschinerie vorgehen.

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