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Reactions to the break out of the Lager at Osloerstr. 23

After the rise up of the people living in the Lager at Osloerstr. 23 two weeks ago (link), a lot of things are happening in a very short time: the company administrating the lager, BTB Bildungszentrum, and LAF (the new LAGeSo) are really afraid about the propagation of these protests, and here we share with you and make public some of the consequences of this first protest. First of all, the supporters of the protest organized by the people living in the Lager are getting bans (Hausverbot) that don’t allow them to visit the families and play with the children, as they have been doing for over a year. The families and the children are very angry with the administration of the Lager, specially with Mark Held, the Heimleiter. Mr. Held is lying all the time to everybody: for example, he says to the people from Lager Mobilisation Group that now they are asking everybody who wants to visit a friend to sign a contract, but when someone not belonging to the group tries to enter, no contract is required. Prohibiting the entrance of the friends of the people living in the Lager only segregates them even more, and goes against the integration principles that are supposed to guide the work of the companies administrating the Lagers.

osloerstr lager protest

Secondly, the company BTB Bildungszentrum is having now emergency meetings: they are afraid of loosing a big business with the administration of the Lager that gives them around 100 000 € of benefits per month (after paying costs, salaries, etc.), and yesterday, on Wednesday the 8th of December, the boss of the company, Frauke Behrens, was visiting the Lager to see what’s going on.

But she was not alone in the Lager: also workers from the state like Noemi Majer (Koordinatorin für Flüchtlingsfragen Integrationsbüro) and Sascha Langenbach (second hand of the president of LAF -the new LAGeSo) where also visiting the Lager with translators, so that they could talk directly with the people living there.

After their visit to the Lager, we were able to talk a little bit with them. This was very productive: for example Mr. Langenbach thought that BTB earns 15 € per person and day. He is wrong: BTB actually earns 47,28 € per person per day, which makes over 1400 € per person every month (!). We can multiply by the 130 people that are living in this Lager to get an idea of the nice business that this Lager is for the company BTB. Another thing that Mr. Langenbach was saying is that he doesn’t understand how this situation, with thousands of people living in NUK (and this are just the numbers of Berlin), is not escalating and propagating to different Lagers. They are aware that this will happen soon, and that’s why they are all afraid.

The people living in the camp just want this horrible Lager in Osloerstr. 23, ran by Mark Held from BTB, to be closed. They are suffering a lot of pressure, their living conditions are more and more stressful, and the only thing they are asking for is having a place were they can stay peacefully, rest after the horrible experiences that they had to live (not only in their country and in their way to Germany, but also here), and start integrating in the society. In this link one can read their concrete demands.
So the questions are: when will this business finish? When will a real process of integration start?

soap bubbles at osloerstr lager

PRESSE-MITTEILUNG: Ausbruch aus der Notunterkunft

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On Thursday 24.11.16, 10AM – 10PM
at Osloerstr. 23-26 in Berlin-Weding:

Die Bewohner*innen einer Notunterkunft in der Nähe der Osloerstr. (Wedding), inklusive Familien mit Kindern, werden am Donnerstag (24. November) aus der Sporthalle zum Protest ausbrechen und davor eine 12-stündige Strassen-Blockade starten.

Der foldende Brief ist von den asylsuchenden Bewohner*innen des Lagers (genau Adresse am Donnerstag):

“Hallo, wir die Bewohner*innen, Familien mit Kindern, Menschen aus verschiedenen Ländern und Altersklassen möchten folgedes mitteilen:

UNSERE FORDERUNG: *Schliessen Sie das Lager!*

Wir müssen seit einem Jahr in dieser Notkunterkunft leben und fordern Sie dazu auf, sie zu schliessen. Wir möchten in besseren und menschlicheren Bedingungen, wie zum Beispiel in einem Wohnheim untergebracht werden.

Die Gründe unseres Streiks:

1. Fehlende Privatsphäre!

Wie jeder andere Mensch, brauchen auch wir Privatsphäre. Damit unsere Kinder gesund und gebildet heranwachsen können, brauchen auch sie Räume und Ruhe um schuliche Aufgaben bewältigen zu können. Dies ist in einer Turnhalle mit rund 150 Menschen nicht möglich. Zudem leiden immer mehr Menschen, insbesondere Kinder und Jugendliche, an psychischen Problemen: einige haben Depressionen, können nicht essen und schlafen oder brechen in Panikattacken aus. Außerdem tauchen vermehrt Hautausschläge und Haarausfall auf, welche sowohl psyschiche als auch hygienische Ursachen haben.

2. Fehlender Respekt!

Wir möchten von Person, die in unserem Lager die Leitung übernehmen, respektiert werden und das sie unsere Bedürfnisse zu verstehen und lösen versuchen. Wir sind Menschen und keine Waren, die zum Geldmachen gelagert werden.

3. Politische Verantwortung übernehmen!

Wir fordern die zuständigen Politiker*innen auf uns zu treffen, sich über unsere Lage zu informieren und unsere Lage dementsprechend zu verändern.

Zum Schluss möchten wir Sie darauf hinweisen, dass wir in einer Turnhalle leben. Diese sind nicht dafür konzipiert um Menschen für ein Jahr zu beherbergen. Deshalb fordern wir eine sofortige Schliessung des Lagers, eine schnelle Verlegung und eine unverzügliche Veränderung unserer Lage.

Die Bewohner*innen der Turnhallen-Notunterkunft”

Für mehr Information, bitte emergencylagerswedding@riseup.net fragen.


Berlin, 24. November 2016

The letter from asylum seeking inhabitants of the Camp in Berlin-Wedding (it a emergacy-camp in a school gym, ran by the company “BTB”):

Hello, we the inhabitants; Families with childern, people from different countries and ages, want to share this information to you:

OUR DEMAND: Close this camp! We have to live inside this emergeny-camp since one year and demand to close it. We want to live in better accommodation with better and more human conditions, for example Wohnheim (Rooming House, Permanent Camp).

1. Non-existing privacy!

We need our privacy and adequate rooms to study for the school. Also for our childern it is important to live healthy – this is impossible in a gym with over 150 humans. Additional problems are: that more and more people, especially childern and teenagers are struggeling with mental health problems, like depression. A lot of persons are not able to eat and sleep and have panic attacks. People have also problems with their skin and are loosing their hair. The causes of these problems have psycological as well as hygienic causes.

2. Missing respect!

We want to be respected from the people who run the camp. They should listen and try to solve our needs. We are human beeings and not propery that is inside a storage (Lager) to make bussines with.

3. Political responsibility!

We demand the resposible politicans to meet us in person and take a look at our situation. We want them to feel responsible and to change our situation immidately.
At the end we want to attract your attention to the fact that we are living inside a gym, which is not made to live asaccomodate with over 100 people, for one year. Therefor we ask you for an instant closing of the camp and a fast division and change of our living conditions.

The inhabitans of the emergeny-camp in Berlin-Wedding.”

Comunicado de prensa

Aquí tenéis las demandas de los solicitantes de asilo, que residen en el Lager:


Las personas que residimos en el Lager, familias con niños, personas de distintos países y edades, queremos compartir contigo esta información:

NUESTRA DEMANDA: ¡Queremos que se cierre el Lager!

Hemos tenido que vivir durante un año en este “campo provisional” y ahora demandamos cerrarlo. Queremos vivir en un alojamiento mejor, en mejores condiciones, más dignas, por ejemplo en un Wohnheim (residencia o albergue permanente).

Nuestras razones:

1) ¡No tenemos privacidad!

Necesitamos nuestra privacidad, además de habitaciones adecuadas para poder estudiar, para nuestras tareas escolares. Para nuestros/as hijos/as es importante vivir saludablemente -lo cual es imposible en un gimnasio con aproximadamente 150 personas-. Otros problemas adicionales: cada vez somos más personas quienes sufrimos problemas de salud mental, depresiones, especialmente niños/as y adolescentes. Muchas personas no son capaces de comer y dormir, además de sufrir ataques de pánico. Hay personas que tienen problemas con su piel y que también están perdiendo pelo. Estos problemas tienen causas psicológicas e higiénicas.

2) ¡No se nos respeta!

Queremos ser respetados por el personal que trabaja y dirige el Lager.
Deberían escucharnos y tratar de solucionar nuestras necesidades. Somos seres humanos, no una propiedad dentro de un almacén (Lager) con quienes hacer negocio.

3) ¡Demandamos responsabilidad política!

Demandamos que los responsables políticos respectivos nos conozcan en persona y conozcan nuestra situación. Queremos que se sientan responsables y cambien nuestra situación inmediatamente.

En definitiva, queremos atraer la atención, ante el hecho de que estamos viviendo en un gimnasio, que -desde luego- no está hecho para acomodar a más de 100 personas durante un año. Por ello, solicitamos su cierre inmediato, un rápido traslado y el cambio inmediato de nuestra situación.

Los habitantes del gimnasio-campo “provisional” (Notunterkunft).

Lager Mobilizaton Berlin

مرحبا، نحن القاطنين في الكامب؛ العائلات مع الأطفال، والأشخاص من جميع الجنسيات والأعمار، نود مشاركتكم بهذه المعلومات:

مطلبنا: *إغلاق هذا الكامب!*

نحن نعيش داخل كامب الطوارئ هذا منذ عام ونطالب بإغلاقه. نحن نود العيش بمكان أفضل وبأوضاع إنسانية أفضل، مثلابكامب دائم فيه غرف أو شقق خاصة.


١ليس هنالك وجود للخصوصية!

نحن بحاجة الى غرفنا الخاصة ومساحتنا الشخصية لنتمكن من الدراسة والذهاب إلى المدرسة. وكذلك من المهم لأطفالنا أن يعيشوا في مكان صحيوهذا غير ممكن في صالة رياضية فيها أكثر من ١٥٠ شخص. المشاكل الأخرى هي: أننا نعاني يومابعد آخر من مشاكل نفسية مثل الاكتئاب. الكثير من الأشخاص لا يستطيعون أن يأكلوا أو يشربوا ويتعرضون أحيانالحالات حزن مفاجئ. الكثير من الناس لديهم مشاكل جلدية ويعانون من تساقط شعرهم بسبب حزنهم وقلقهم المستمران. أسباب هذه المشاكل تعود لأسباب نفسية وصحية.

٢الاحترام المفقود!

نحن نود أن نكون محترمين من الأشخاص المسؤولين عن إدارة هذا الكامب. يجب عليهم أن يستمعوا الى مشاكلنا وأن يحاولوا أن يجدوا الحلول لها. نحن أشخاص وبشر ولسنا أشياء موجودة في صندوق يتم ربح الأموال منها.

٣المسؤولية السياسية!

نحن نطالب الأشخاص المسؤولين والسياسيين باللقاء بنا شخصياوبالنظر بمشاكلنا. نحن نودهم أن يشعروا بالمسؤولية وأن يعملوا على تغيير وضعنا حالا“.

وفي النهاية نود لفت انتباهكم أننا نعيش داخل صالة رياضية، انها غير معدة ليعيش فيها أكثر من ١٠٠ شخص ولمدة عام كامل. لذلك نحن نطالب بإغلاق حالي لهذا الكامب، وتغيير فوري لوضع معيشتنا.

مع تحية قاطني كامب الطوارئ.


Dramatic conditions at the emergency shelter (Notunterkunft) Osloer Straße 23-26 in Berlin

Foto einer Ratte unter einem Bett in der Notunterkunft: Osloer Straße / Rat under a bed in the Emergency Shelter

Foto einer Ratte unter einem Bett in der Notunterkunft: Osloer Straße / Rat under a bed in the Emergency Shelter

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Living conditions in the emergency shelter of Osloer Straße 23-26, in Berlin, range from bad to worse. Those who live there in “transitory” manner denounce the sanitary situation and the permanent mistreatment of the employees working for the security company WISAG and BTB Bildungszentrum. These companies receive thousands of Euros per month from the German State to ensure cleanliness, hygiene, food provisions for people who arrive in Berlin, seeking asylum from war and economic and political conflicts in their countries of origin.

One day in the emergency shelter of Osloerstraße is enough to raise concern about the extreme vulnerability of the residents. Here follow some details of the current situation, for which there doesn’t seem to be signs of improvement.