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O-Platz Verein

Oplatz Verein

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Der Oplatz war eines der Zentren der Protestbewegung geflüchteter Menschen in Deutschland. Der neu gegründete OPlatz Verein will diesen Protest durch politische Bildungsarbeit aus geflüchteter Perspektive weiterführen.

Dazu sind Workshops, Theateraufführungen, Informationsveranstaltungen, Info-Points in verschiedenen Städten, Veranstaltungen rund um den Jahrestages der Besetzung des Oranienplatzes und weitere Aktionen geplant.

Wenn ihr uns unterstützen oder mitmachen möchtet, kontaktiert uns, kommt zu unseren Treffen oder werdet Mitglied im Verein!

Wir treffen uns jeden Sonntag um 12 Uhr im Cafe Karanfil, Mahlower Straße 7, 12049 Berlin

E-Mail: oplatz-verein@riseup.net


O-Platz Association

The O-Platz was one of the centers of the refugee protest movement in Germany. The newly-founded O-Platz association wants to continue this protest through political education from a refugee perspective.

We are planning workshops, theater performances, information events, info points in different cities, events surrounding the anniversary of the occupation of the Oranienplatz and other actions.

If you want to support us or want to participate, contact us, come to our meetings or become a member of the association!

We meet every sunday at 12 o’clock in Cafe Karanfil, Mahlower Straße 7, 12049 Berlin

E-Mail: oplatz-verein@riseup.net

أوبلاتز هو أحد مراكز حركة احتجاج اللاجئين في المانيا. ترغب جمعية أوبلاتز التي تأسست حديثا في مواصلة هذا الاحتجاج من خلال التثقيف السياسي من منظور اللاجئين

نحن في صدد إقامة ورش عمل وعروض مسرحية ونشاطات تثقيفية  ونقاط لاعطاء المعلومات في الذكرى السنوية لاحتلال اورانيون بلاتز في مدن مختلفة بالاضافة الى فعاليات أخرى

يمكنك الاتصال بنا  إذا كنت ترغب في دعمنا  والمشاركة أو حضور اجتماعنا أو أن تكون عضوا في الجمعية

نجتمع كل يوم أحد الساعة الثانية عشرة ظهرا في كافي كارنفيلoplatz-verein@riseup.net : البريد الكتروني

Next Public Oplatz Meeting: Wednesday, 2 August, 18:00

Reclaim Oplatz!

Next Public Oplatz Meeting: Action instead of Bureaucracy!

Wednesday 2nd of August, 18:00 on Oplatz

Let’s make more plans for action and visible resistance.
Looking forward to seeing you,

Napuli and other Oplatz activists
Oplatz wieder zurückholen!
Nächstes öffentliches Oplatz-Treffen: Aktion anstatt Bürokratie!Mittwoch 2.8., 18:00 auf dem Oplatz

Lasst uns noch mehr Pläne für Aktionen machen und anderen sichtbaren Widerstand.
Wir freuen uns darauf Euch zu sehen

Napuli und andere Oplatz-Aktivist*innen

Public Oplatz Meeting: Friday, 21st July, 18:00

Deutsch unten

Reclaim Oplatz again! 

Friday, 21st July, 18:00 on Oplatz

Public Oplatz Meeting: Action instead of Bureaucracy

Let’s make plans for action and visible resistance. 

Looking forward to seeing you,

and other Oplatz Activists


Oplatz wieder zurückholen!
Freitag 21.7., 18:00 auf dem Oplatz
Öffentliches Oplatz-Treffen: Aktion anstatt Bürokratie!

Lasst uns Pläne für Aktionen machen und anderen sichtbaren Wiederstand.

Wir freuen uns darauf Euch zu sehen,

und andere Oplatz-Aktivist*innen

2nd transnational refugee tour in London

Freedom of movement world tour Freedom of Movement tour London flyer

Migrant-led activist group from Oranienplatz in Berlin are now touring the world, or at least some of it. Here to connect the movement across borders, the first stop is London!

Gain and share insights and experiences during these events.

Where are these places?

LARC (London Action Resource Centre): 62 Fieldgate St., E11ES

SOAS (University of London):

Thornhaugh Street, Russel Square, WC1HOXG

Thursday 26th January, 6pm:

Screening of Island 36 documentary followed by discussion at LARC

Friday 27th January, 10:30 am:

Workshop on migrant activism and anti-colonialism at LARC

8pm: Screening of Island 36 documentary followed by discussion at SOAS


We plan to travel through England, Spain, Italy, Uganda and South Sudan to meet refugees and migrant activists. We want to share our experiences at info panels, workshops and film screenings and build a movement across borders!


We are from the self-organised Refugee Movement Berlin that started occupying Oranienplatz in central Berlin in 2012 to demand our rights. Even after the eviction we continue fighting. This is the second transnational refugee tour to make our voices heard!


We believe in freedom of movement for everybody, meaning the right to choose where to go and where to stay whenever you want. With transnational exchange of ideas we can fight deportation, stop detention, resist being held in refugee camps, end isolation from the communities and throw the fear away! Together we are strong!


Find our events:

Follow on Facebook

Phone: (+44) 07424643883

Languages: We speak Arabic, English, German, French

Island 36 documentary trailer:

How to support?

Donations sustain this activism. Any support you are able to give will be greatly appreciated and wisely used!

Use www.transferwise.com to avoid the costs and the faff of the banks:

Blacks and Whites Together for Human Rights e.V

IBAN: DE39 4306 0967 1174 7644




Last honour to Bashir on Monday October 31

Funeral Ceremony Bashir Zakaryau Am Montag, dem 31.Oktober, werden wir unserem Bruder Bashir Zakaryau die letzte Ehre erweisen. Wir treffen uns um 9:00 am Oranienplatz, um dann gemeinsam zum Friedhof nach Gatow zu fahren. Um 11:00 wird er dort beigesetzt.

On Monday, Oct. 31, we will bury our brother Bashir Zakaryau. We will meet at 9 a.m. at Oranienplatz. Together we will go to the cemetery in Gatow. It will take some time to get there. His funeral starts at 11 a.m.

Lundi 31 Octobre, nous rendrons un dernier hommage à notre frère Bashir Zakaryau. Nous nous réunissons à 9h au Oranienplatz pour aller ensemble au cimetière de Gatow. La cérémonie de l’enterrement aura lieu à 11 h.


Women in Exile News


Women in Exile

Spread the word - Bitte Weiterleiten -

(Text in engl. / german - Please translate to others - Bitte für andere



SATURDAY      13.08.2016

15.00 – 19.00 UHR / 3 – 7 P.M.

Women in Exile & Friends are finishing their Summer Bus Tour 2016 in Berlin. Since 25th of July they have been visiting refugee women all over the country to fight for their rights and against the discrimination they face as women and as refugees.
Berlin's welcoming group for Women in Exile invites you to the rally when they arrive in Berlin!

- Statement from Women in Exile
- Some words from supporters
- Photo exhibition from the tour
- Madalenas/Kuringa: Theatre of the Oppressed
- Las puchachitas - feminist Son Jarocho
- Football


(This has been the slogan of the Women in Exile Summer Bus Tour 2016.)

Women in Exile & Friends kommen zum Abschluss ihrer Bustour 2016 nach Berlin. Seit dem 25. Juli haben sie geflüchtete Frauen im ganzen Land besucht und sie ermutigt, für ihre Rechte und gegen Diskriminierungen zu kämpfen.

Die Berliner Willkommensgruppe lädt Euch ein:

Kommt und begrüßt sie mit einer KUNDGEBUNG UND KULTURPROGRAMM!
- Rede von Women in Exile
- Grußworte von Unterstützer*innen
- Fotoausstellung der Bustour
- Madalenas/Kuringa: Theater der Unterdrückten
- Las Puchachitas - feministische Son Jarocho
- Fußball


(Das war das Motto der Bustour 2016 von Women in Exile.)

link :

https://www.facebook.com/events/2125254107698735/ [1]

The second issue of >Daily Resistance< is out!

Dear people from all over the world, this is the second issue of the newspaper >Daily Resistance< (Read it as a PDF)! It is written by people in the same position like you as so-called refugees who don’t accept their disfranchisement by the German state. They write about their fight and share their opinions to reach out to people who are in the same situation. They are supported by very few citizens and friends in solidarity. Together, we are a growing group of people who are fighting against a system of politicians, media and capitalists that is based on dehumanizing laws, that criminalizes and instrumentalizes people and that exposes itself by the capitalized lager industry.

After releasing the first issue of Daily Resistance, we have received a lot of positive feedback. Many of people started to show interest in writing for the newspaper or distributing it in lagers. Initially, we printed 2000 copies. Soon they were all gone and we realized we have to print more. In the end, we distributed more than 5000 copies in Berlin, Munchen, Jena, Erfurt, Bremen, Darmstadt, Kiel, Hannover, Delmenhorst, Landshut … also in Manchester and Vienna. In Thessaloniki, people managed to throw packages of newspapers over the fences of a closed lager. This is all incredible and gave us the energy to continue. We like to thank everybody who moved the newspaper forward and invite all to join in the fight of breaking the isolation in lagers.

You can join and contribute to the newspaper as an author or join as translater, lecturer, editor, photographer, distributer, … get in contact with us.
The newspaper is now ready for distribution!
We are trying to distribute the newspaper german-wide. You are more than welcome to help distribute the newspaper in your city. Just get in contact with us and we organize it together. We are also working on a list of contact persons who have access to lagers and can distribute the newspaper by putting it directly into the hands of the adressed, past the security. Please get in contact with us, if you can distribute.
We are very interested in your opinion, in your ideas and your criticism, too. Please get in touch: dailyresistance@oplatz.net
The Daily Resistance Group

About the refugee movement in Kreuzberg/Berlin Napuli Langa

Movements Journal für kritische migrations-und Grenzregimeforschung.2jpg

Illustration: Petja Dimitrova petjadimitrova.net


Napuli Langa–refugee-movement-kreuzberg-berlin (pdf file).


In this essay well known refugee activist Napuli Langa traces the recent history of the refugee movement in Berlin and shares some of her perspective about refugee protests. Read on….


Movements Journal für kritische migrations-und Grenzregimeforschung, 2015

The Refugee Guide Berlin is out!

Refugee Guide Berlin

The Sleeping Place Orga Group has just created a print and digital version of the Refugee Guide Berlin in English.

Refugee Guide Berlin

Refugee Guide Oplatz


This booklet is made for you – refugees living in Berlin, with or without papers, especially for those, who have just arrived and need some orientation. It will help you to get information on all aspects of life, no matter where you are from or what status you have. We have often witnessed how difficult life can be for refugees in Germany. Racism, ignorance and the indifference of German authorities have meant that many refugees who came here to find shelter from war, poverty and persecution are completely on their own and are often faced with homelessness and poverty.


Yet, for all those, who are concerned: you are not alone! We regard every human being as equal regardless of constructions like nationality or the passport you have. Hence, everybody should have the same rights, access to work and accommodation. We disagree with the existing state, in which refugees are forced to live packed into camps, having no control about their wellbeing and being permanently threatened by deportation.

What is the difference between refugees and ‘normal’ citizens besides the fact that the former had to flee from their homes? There is none. Many out there agree with us and show solidarity with refugees in many different ways: political action, accommodation support, medical help, food, legal assistance, to name only some. This booklet aims at providing you with information about the different kinds of support and possibilities of self-organization you can get to live your life in Berlin in dignity and a more independent way.

Link: FINAL_RefugeeGuideBerlin-WEB

Booklet versions in French, Arabic, German and Italian will soon follow. If you want to obtain print versions or if you can offer any help with translations, contact schlafplatzorga@gmail.com

Please spread and share!

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