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Concert in solidarity with the people in the school and for organizing sleeping places


German below:

23th of April – SO36 – 8.30 p.m. / Entrance from 7.30 p.m.

Concert in solidarity with the people in the school and for organizing sleeping places for a long term solution


*Dota Kehr (Kleingeldprinzessin) Duo with Jan Rohrbach

*Francesco Wilking & Moritz Kraemer (Die höchste Eisenbahn) *

*Danny Dziuk – solo*

*Antinational Embassy – Duo*


Admission: 8-12€, Refugees free of charge

Address: Oranienstraße 190, Heinrichplatz, Bus – M29



23. April – SO36 – 20.30 Uhr / Einlass 19.30 Uhr

*Soli-Konzert**an der Seite…*von Menschen aus der Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule und anderen setzen wir uns als NIO (Nachbarschaftsinitiative Ohlauer Straße) für verschiedene humanitäre und politische Anliegen ein – und teilen trotz aller Widrigkeiten den Wunsch nach einem International Refugee Center.


Solikonzert im SO36 – 23.04.2015 zur Unterstützung der Menschen in der Gerhardt Hauptmann Schule (GHS) und der Schlafplatzorga


*Dota Kehr (Kleingeldprinzessin)*Duo mit Jan Rohrbach

*Francesco Wilking & Moritz Kraemer (Die höchste Eisenbahn) *

*Danny Dziuk – solo*

*Antinational Embassy – Duo*


Oranienstraße 190, Heinrichplatz, Bus – M29

*Soli-Eintritt:*8 bis 12 Euro, für Refugees – free

Veranstaltet von NIO & KUB (Nachbarschaftsinitiative Ohlauer Straße & Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle für Flüchtlinge)

Anti Frontex Days 19-22 may, 2015


On May, 21st, 2015 the crème de la crème of European racism will gather in Warsaw, Poland, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the creation of one of the most influential meta-organisations that guards assets of the Fortress Europe. The organization, not widely known, until recently standing in the shadows, is a hybrid of border police and intelligence service, as well as aggressive promoter of anti-migrant policy. Frontex (from french “Frontieres exterieurs”), being discussed here, is the executive body of EU (anti)migration policy, enjoys autonomy in decision-making (for EU foreign policy), and has a yearly growing budget, which is not accounted. Budget, used to finance futuristic projects, straight from distopia, like an automatic system of land drones, known as TALOS project, carried out in cooperation that included Warsaw University of Technology, Israeli Aerospace Industries and a lot of other military corporations. The trust also allows them to conduct their own foreign policy on migration – dealing with the neighboring dictatorships (Belarus, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria), sponsoring and organizing repression against refugees in a secure buffer zone, which blurs responsibility. As a result, the border of Europe moves farther away from the ‘old continent’, helping to hide the effects of this policy in the eyes of Europeans. Sponsored camps in the countries of the global south and ruthless anti-human migration policy of the EU countries result in real victims – tens of thousands of people drown, starve, are left at sea or desert, or are directly shot – every year more than at the Berlin wall in the entire time of its existence.

Press Release of the Campaign "My Right Is Your Right"

Press Conference for the Campaign and Demonstration

Wednesday, 18.03.2015 at 11:00am – Studio Я of the Maxim Gorki Theater


The campaign My Right Is Your Right! invites you

on Saturday, 21.03.2015 at 1:00 pm to a large demonstration at Spreewaldplatz in Berlin

in coordination with the International Day against Racism.


For more than two years now refugees and supporters in Berlin have been publicly and visibly fighting against the institutional racism in Germany and Europe, to which so many people are permanently subject in their daily lives. The acute and concrete demands of the refugees are the complete abolition of the Residenzpflicht,a stop to placing people in the Lagers as well as all deportations, and a right to remain, education, working possibilities and to live where one wishes – thus an end to the politically supported isolation of refugees. The campaign as well as the demonstration are directed against these racist practices and will bring the long-term demands of the refugees further into the public realm.

My Right Is Your Right! is a campaign comprised of refugees, creative artists, activists, lawyers, church officials, unionists, clubs and neighborhood initiatives that have now joined together to form a network.  What connects us all is the wish for a stronger political intervention in Berliner refugee policies. We are opening the doors of theaters and other public places for the request for more just policies with regards to refugees. Our demands are not new, rather they are the ones refugees in Germany have already been demanding for decades. For us, this is neither about charity or humanitarian aid. We are not only demanding changes from policy makers, but we want to fight daily racism and exclusion. Our goal is to establish a long-term infrastructure that deals with and works against forms of daily and structural racism. Hence the campaign offers an exchange of a variety of projects and offers: work, education, sleeping places, language courses and donations as well as performances and actions.

Musical + Soliparty @ Monumentalkunstkollektiv anarchistischer Kleinkunst – MKK AKK

Musical ab 18 Uhr, und die Soli-Party ab ca. 20 Uhr bis tief in die erste Nacht des Jahres 2015
Eintritt: frei = auf Spendenbasis

– zum Musical, für Videos und Videos siehte Link ganz unten:

MKK AKK, offenes Anarcho-Mitmachtheater für ALLE:

120 MINUTEN ARMUT – Was ist Armut? Kein Dach über dem Kopf? Sich alles versagen müssen? Sich ergeben? Kein Geld? Keine Anerkennung? Keine Erlaubnis hier zu leben? Fehlender Sinn? Keine Rechte? Keine Würde? Ab ca. 900 Euro Euro netto sind wir arm…!?

Jede_r konnte mitmachen und mitgestalten, Ideen einbringen und dabei sein. Ein Musical zum Thema Armut. Das Ensemble: Refugees, Anwohner_innen, Laien. 15 Personen.

Movement talks – episode #1 with adam

Why are you a political activist?

What are you fighting for?
How and why the the Refugee-Movement started in Berlin?
Adam, activist of the Oranienplatz and the occupied School in Ohlauerstraße summarizes this questions in six minutes.

More Movement-Talks will follow …

Worldwide Refugees Movement

Dear friends, we found a new group at O-platz, the Worldwide Refugees Movement.

Please check our BLOG for more information:



If you share our needs, demands and goals, join us! We need your support.

Don’t leave your other peer and working groups, but let us create a platform to make contact and connections easy:

wwrm@freenet.de Or: 0152/16263589

Call for Solidarity – Distribution of sleeping places, Oct. 25th at 7m on Oplatz

- Deutsch unten -

Today at 7pm there will be a meeting of all
supporters and refugees who were evicted
yesterday from the lagers in order to
distribute sleeping places. If you know
refugees from Harleemer Straße, Askanierring,
Blaschkoallee, Marienfelder Allee or Gürtel-
straße who are in need of shelter the
following days, inform them about this

Do not forget to hand out and spread the phone
number that coordinates the sleeping places:
0176/3732 54 99.
Heute um 19 Uhr findet ein Treffen aller
Supporter_innen und von Abschiebung und Obdach-
losigkeit bedrohten Refugees statt, um Schlaf-
plätze zu koordinieren. Wenn Ihr Refugees aus
den Lagern (wie Harleemer Straße, Askanierring,
Blaschkoallee, Marienfelder Allee oder Gürtel-
straße kennt, die für die nächsten Tage eine
Unterkunft suchen, gebt ihnen Bescheid.
Vergesst auch nicht die Telefonnummer für die
Schlafplatzvermittlung weiterzugeben und
rumzuschicken: 0176/37325499.

Solutions4all! Conference 15.8.-17.8 in Berlin/Mehringhof/Gneisenaustr. 2a


We see this weekend as one first step to develope common strategies in a growing movement.

We invite you to take part in all three days to make a process possible!

Friday 15th, 6 pm – 11 pm

Saturday 16th, 10 am – 9 pm

Sunday 17th, 10 am – 6 pm

find the proposed agenda here

The meeting will be in english and there will be translation into french, farsi, urdu, arabic, turkish, german…

more infos: www.myrightisyourright.wordpress.com


Call for Support: Protest March to Bruxelles

  Interconnected Refugee & Migrant Movements –
  Protest March against Fortress Europe!
  From Strasbourg to Brussels, May and June 2014

download flyer

The European council and the European ministers of foreign affairs make racist and prohibitive policies against refugees and migrants on a very high level. In reaction to the recent admitted mass drowning in the Mediterranean, they only concluded to arm the forces that control and aggressively prevent people’s movement, such as frontex. They will hold their next summit at the 26th and 27th of June in Brussels.

Different groups of refugee and Migrant movements in Europe plan a protest march from Strasbourg to Brussels. This will begin shortly before the European parliament elections at the end of May. The marching refugee and supporting activists will walk about 450 km within one month. In an action week before the council’s summit, we will raise our protest against the policies of fortress Europe!

A group of people active in and supportive of the Refugee Movement from Oranienplatz have started to mobilize for the march and prepare the action. We would be happy about many different kinds of support:

  • share contacts with us:
  • to (international) refugee movements, help to make huge network possible
  • to people living in lager in Germany, for info events
  • to people/groups who could helporganize sleeping places along the route
  • we also need more contacts to trustworthy journalists and your support in raising media attention, accompany the protests with own media
  • legal support/anti-repression/anti-trauma
  • organize decentralised actions, let’s have global action times!
  • contribute to the local actions
  • think about actions especially to support the massive border crossing (France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium)
  • organize transport for refugees in your region to take part in the march/action week/single actions
  • lend materials: busses/car trailers, big tents, kitchen equipment, sound systems, generator, media equipment, tools…
  • medical support & child care
  • produce mobilization material (movie, web propaganda, stickers, banners, poster, songs…)
  • spread flyers, posters, call; link our blogs (freedomnotfrontex.noblogs.org and asylstrikeberlin.wordpress.com)
  • we need a huge amount of money to finance 6 weeks of food for some hundred people! we also need money for tickets/public transport, gasoline, transport cars, renting/buying material,  mobilization, anti-repression: please support us by donating, applying at foundations, organising soli parties etc!!!
  • take part in the Protest March! Starting around the 20th of May in Strasbourg
  • take part in the Action Week in Brussels 20th June – 27th June

For any questions or ideas, proposals or information you can reach us via email: freedomnotfrontex[at]riseup[.]net or meet us almost every Sunday at 3 pm at Cafe Kotti in Berlin/Kreuzberg, just ask at the counter for us.

Thanks a lot and see you on the street!!!

A concrete personal call: Support the protest at Oranienplatz

Stop Deportation! – Abolish the Lagersystem! – Stop Residenzpflicht! – Right to stay, work & study!

download flyer

The Protestcamp at Oranienplatz exist now for 15 months. The protest camp is struggling against the second winter and the growing threat of eviction by the Berlin Senate. Although there is negotiations going on right now.

Different media and some people say 15 month of Protestcamp is enough. They don’t want to see it anymore. But the contrary has to happen. It is just a beginning. There has to happen a lot more to bring down the system of racist exclusion.

And yet the protest stays and it will not be so easy to get rid of it. It keeps renewing itself. The protest is a movement of many participants, a strong movement under the most difficult conditions. It is clear that the living conditions at Oranienplatz are not good at all. But people live there to fight not because it is so nice.

Even before Oranienplatz, the movement had a long history and tradition. But in the last two years, it has reached so many people, empowered so many, shaken laws and smashed racist images. Worldwide, in many cities, in isolation camps, in the city district around Oranienplatz.

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