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protocoll #1 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin

Lager mobilisation
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there are no human rights in lagers.

this is the protocol of our first meeting to form a group for a “lager mobilisation” in berlin and hopefully later in brandenburg (lager = asylheim, unterkunft, notunterkunft, zeltunterkunft. unterbringung usw.).

we announced this idea on the big general antiracist/antifascist-meeting last week at SO36 and around 15 heard our call – a big “thank u” to each one of u! if i missed something in this protocoll, please use the comments secetion for corretction or critique.

as u will see, there was an introduction for our new freedom fighters why the lagers and lager system are shit and why there is a need to mobilize against these unhuman system. after the introduction with some videos, small presentations and direct dialogue, we had a two hours long brainstorming round about our goals and what we can do practicaly. after this round we decided to do a small test-action

„We are here because you destroyed our countries“

demandsWe have been seeing, through the media, a rise of solidarity amongst the Germans towards refugees. There has been article after article reporting about welcome structures in different parts of the country. Different people are creating websites offering temporary accommodation to refugees, others are collecting basic clothes, food supplements and taking to the refugees camped in front of the Berliner Lageso, the state Office of Health and Welfare. The picture shows a situation maybe found in Lebanon, which hosts more than 1 million refugees, or in Greece, a country facing huge economic crisis, courtesy of Germany, and obviously incapable of offering much more than its citizens solidarity.

The reality in Germany is that we are in one of the richest European countries, which has the proper means and structures to welcome refugees if they wanted. The empathy of the citizens is welcome, their efforts too, but if it stops on the charity level we are done as a political movement. The impoverishment of the people who are becoming refugees is not new and the reasons are in history and can be understood by those who want to know why human beings are using desperate measures to come to Europe. Colonialism, slavery and white supremacy thinking provoked the situation. That is why people are coming to Europe, they are escaping from countries destroyed by the politics of western countries.

State of emergency in Lageso in Moabit

Hundred of refugees wait in Turmstraße (Moabit) for their permission documents to an accommodation place. The people are told to do not leave the waiting queue – they must stay there all the time, including their children. Water and food supply is low, it lacks water bottles (there is only one water tap while temperatures rise to 40 degrees today), umbrellas and stuff for shade, also snacks like fruits. What is more, there is need of people who feel able to coordinate actions and supply.


More details:





Who wants to donate to the initiative “Moabit hilft” (Moabit helps) which is present right now, can find information here:


Twitter hashtag: #lageso


Am Berliner Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales (Lageso) in der Turmstraße (Moabit) gibt es gegenwärtig einen Notstand: Dort warten seit Tagen hunderte Refugees in der prallen Sonne auf Wartenummern/Papiere/Unterkunft/? und das #Lageso kriegt es nicht hin, eine vernünftige Wasser- oder Lebensmittelversorgung aufrecht zu erhalten, von Schattenplätzen ganz zu schweigen. Dazu wird den Leuten, sie sollen die Warteschlange auch mit ihren Kindern nicht verlassen.

Heute sind es 40 Grad, es fehlen laut Leuten vor Ort neben Wasser in Flaschen, auch Getränkebehälter (es gibt nur 1 Wasserhahn), Schattenspender (Sonnen oder Regenschirme, Sonnensegel etc.) und Obst/Snacks. Und mehr Leute, die dort koordinieren.

Genaueres hier:


und hier: https://www.facebook.com/groups/moabithilft/



Wer Geld über hat kann Moabithilft unterstützen, die sind auch vor Ort: http://moabit-hilft.com/partner-links-infos

Twitter-Hashtag: #lageso


Weitere Einschätzungen und Details durch den Flüchtlingsrat Berlin und Asyl in der Kirche:

Common declaration against the expulsion of 100 refugees out of their shelters at short notice

Common declaration against the expulsion of 100 refugees out of their shelters at short notice

Declaration against the expulsion of 100 refugees out of their shelters onto the street by Berlin Government. The expulsion came by surprise at short notice, one day in advance. The statement is signed by various cultural institutions of the town, including one of the big state theatres, Maxim Gorki Theatre.


LAGeSo schickt 85 Oranienplatz-Flüchtlinge in die Obdachlosigkeit

Pressemitteilung vom 22.10.2014

Nichts gelernt und nichts gewollt
LAGeSo schickt 85 Oranienplatz-Flüchtlinge in die Obdachlosigkeit

Die Flüchtlinge vom Oranienplatz müssen erneut schmerzlich spüren, dass das „Einigungspapier Oranienplatz“ das Papier nicht wert ist auf dem es steht.

Nach Informationen von TeilnehmerInnen des „Oranienplatz-Agreements“ sollen heute insgesamt 85 Menschen ihre Unterkünfte in Marienfelde, Neukölln und Friedrichshain verlassen. Nach dem im August bereits über 100 Menschen in einer Nacht und Nebel Aktion ihre Unterkünfte verlassen mussten, wird erneut auf die gleiche unmenschliche Weise vorgegangen.

Vor weniger als 24h haben die Flüchtlinge erfahren, dass sie heute ihre Unterkünfte verlassen müssen. Folge des verantwortungslosen Handelns des Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales (LAGeSo) und der Ausländerbehörde sind psychische Zusammenbrüche bis hin zu Suizidversuchen.

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