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International Women’s Day with Women in Exile at Eisenhüttestadt

Women in Exile Eisenhuttenstadt demo

It was 8th of March 2017, the day was still more like a winter day, gray, cold, but at least it didn’t rain. Women in exile had done the call to celebrate the International Women’s Day in Eisenhüttenstadt . We would go together by train. Meeting time was around 10am, meeting place was Alexanderplatz.

When I left home still many people where going to work, to school … so arriving to Alexanderplatz gave no feeling of celebration of the International Women’s Day but arriving to platform 1, one could to see a big number of women, greeting each other, chatting, the good mood was in the air, immediately I recognized the meeting point, they were the women from Women in exile.

The excitement was present, for many it would be their first demo, for others time to meet again, and many were going back to Eisenhüttenstadt, the Lager where many of them stayed for the first time, it’s a Erstaufnahme Lager, so many of them knew each other from their stay inside.

While waiting for the train, people from SOLIMATE, wanted to do a picture of the women, since their project is also supporting Women in Exile, the light was strange, bright at time, then dark, sometimes blazing, it made difficult the work for the camera girl. But finally there was a moment of “light” stability and they did the picture.

Ahead we had 2:30h travel to the Lager, it’s in the border with Poland, no direct train, we had to do one change and once we arrived to the town, take a bus for 30 min until we arrived to the Lager. In the train we were around 50-55 women traveling to more or less the end of the world, chatting cheerful, the children up and down, seeing the train as an amusement park. It was a moment to get in touch with people that you didn’t know or with whom you normally don’t have the chance to speak much. So the first part of the trip went good.

Once we arrived to the Lager, at the door there were police, although normally there is always a car, now there were several cars and vans. We started gathering and the goal was that some women went inside the Lager and give flowers to the women, to break the isolation, to show that they are not alone, to give them the courage to continue, to join us, to understand that many people think that Lagers should be closed, that they are not homes but prisons and people inside have done nothing wrong to be there, they don’t deserve it.

But police was implacable, no way to make them understand that a Lager is not a prison were people could not be visited, that the goal was only to give flowers, to remind International Women’s Day. Not only they didn’t accept the idea of entering the Lager, but they “invited” the group to move 100m away from the gate.

While talking with the police, women went loud, women after women took the microphone of the loud speaker, and made clear that “lagers had to be closed, controls have to finish, discrimination has to finish”, “equal rights to everybody”, “stop deportation”, “we are here (refugees) because you are there(German/western governments)”, “That (lager) is not a home is a prison”, “ohh lele oh lala solidarité avec les sans papier”.

Anyways women from the Lagers joined, trickling in, one by one, those who were going out or coming in, some stayed, others smiled and said thank you for the flower, maybe next time we will see them at a meeting.

When women were not talking in the micro, the music was playing, many were dancing, other chatting, other giving out flowers and flyer’s, other taking care of the food and drinks. After around 3h we decided to go back, so it was announced a small demo to the bus stop, since the police didn’t give permission to a spontan demo.
The small demo, as the rest of the day, was full of power, of outrage, of decision to continue fighting, of continuing being loud.

Once in the station we found out there was no more trains going back to Berlin, there was a bus substituting the train, but the bus didn’t have enough places for everybody, so some people were left behind waiting for the next bus to come. That’s the everyday situation people in lagers have to cope with, few buses to the lager, trains being canceled, never knowing when you would arrive.

One thing is clear, it was not the first time to be in Eisenhüttenstadt and it won’t be the last, while the keep lagers open, we will return.


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Invitation to the 8th March Demo first preparation meeting: 13 Jan 2017, 18:00

Invitation to the 8th March Demo first preparation meetingDeutsch/Engl./France/Farsi/Spanisch/Polnisch/Türk bellow

A call to all women*
Refugee women*
Activist women*
Women* living in camps
FLTQI Activists*
Working women*
Women* with and without
migration background
anti-racist white women*
PoC, Black Women*

Invitation to the 1st Demo Preparation Meeting for
an internationalist Women*
Demonstration on the 8th March 2017!
On International Women’s Day

Dear women***

Let’s organise an internationalist women’s march on 8th  of March and get together to build it together!

Women!* Let’s raise our voices even louder on the 8th of March!

Women living in the Heims, break the isolation and join us!

To prepare this demo, let’s meet, exchange and prepare our demands and actions together.

Sharing the path from the beginning will give us more strength and a longer breath to fight against patriarchy, sexism, homo- trans*- inter*discrimination, violence in the family.

Come to our meeting and bring your demands!

When? 13th Jan. 2017 – 18.00 Uhr
Where? In the Kurdischen Zentrum
Dresdenerstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

Women* from the International Women Space, Dest Dan,
Sozialistischer kurdischer FrauenRat Berlin SKB,
Political activists & women* in solidarity

*** When we write women* we mean:
WLTQI* WomenLesbianTransQueerInter*  (incl. Queergender & transmen who were assigned female at birth and feel themselves part of the history of the autonomous women and lesbian movement)


Aufruf an alle Frauen*

Geflüchtete Frauen*
Frauen* aus den Lagern
FLTQI Aktivist*innen
Frauen* mit und ohne
rassismus-kritische weiße
PoC, Black Women*

Einladung zum 1. Vorbereitungstreffen für
eine internationalistische Frauen*
Demonstration am 8. März 2017!
Dem internationalen Frauen*tag

Liebe Frauen***
Lasst uns zusammen gehen im Kampf gegen eine Welt angeheizt von Gewalt + Krieg! Gegen Rassismus, Sexismus, Nationalismus, Militarismus

Frauen*! Fordern ihren Platz zurück, gemeinsam werden wir unsere Stimmen erheben und am 8. März noch lauter werden.

Frauen* aus den Lagern, „Flüchtlingsheimen“ – beteiligt Euch und brecht die Isolation!

Lasst und uns eine internationistischen Frauen* Demo organisieren, kommt zusammen um sie vorzubereiten; unsere jeweiligen Forderungen und Aktionen auszutauschen und Gemeinsame zu entwickeln.

Den Weg vom Anfang an zu teilen, gibt uns mehr Kraft und einen längeren Atem um gegen patriarchale rassistische Gesellschafts-strukturen, Sexismus, Homo*-Trans*-Inter*-Diskriminierung und Gewalt in der Familie zu kämpfen.

Kommt zu dem Treffen und bringt Eure Vorschläge und Forderungen!

Wann? 13. Jan. 2017 – 18.00 Uhr
Wo? im Kurdischen Zentrum
Dresdenerstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

Frauen* vom International Women Space, Dest Dan,
Sozialistischer kurdischer FrauenRat Berlin SKB,
Politaktivistinnen & solidarische Frauen*

*** Wenn wir Frauen* schreiben meinen wir:
FLTQI* FrauenLesbenTransQueerInter*  (inkl. Queergender & transmen, die bei Geburt als weiblich registriert wurden und sich der Geschichte der autonomen FrauenLesbenbewegung zugehörig fühlen)


Appel à toutes les femmes *

Les femmes* réfugiées
Les femmes* des camps
Militants FLTQI
Les femmes* qui travaillent
Les femmes* activistes
racism-critique blanches femmes*
Les femmes* avec et sans migration fond
PoC, les femmes* noires

Invitation de la 1ère réunion préparatoire des femmes* internationalistes  Manifestation
le 8 Mars 2017! Journée internationale de la femme

Quand? Le 13 janvier 2017 – 18.00
Où? dans le centre kurde
Dresdenerstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

Cheres femmes ***
Allons ensemble à la lutte un monde alimenté par
la violence + guerre! Contre le racisme, le sexisme,
le nationalisme, militarisme

Les femmes*! Demande une place, ensemble nous allons élever nos voix et le 8 mars encore plus fort.

Les femmes* des «camps de réfugiés» –
impliquer vous et briser l’isolement!

Nous les femmes* internationalistes Manifestation organiser, se réunir pour les préparer; nos revendications et actions respectives au Foyer et l’échange et le développement commun.

Partage de la façon dès le début, nous donne plus de force et un souffle plus contre ras ordre patriarcal structures sociales-racist, le sexisme, Homo*-Trans*-Inter*- discrimination et de la violence dans la luttant famille.

Venez à la rencontre et apporter vos suggestions + Exige!

International Women Space, socialiste Kurdish Conseil de Berlin SKB
Dest Dan, Les militants* politiques + Les solidaires du femmes*

*** Lorsque nous écrivons les femmes *, nous entendons:
FLTQI* WomenLesbianTransQueerInter* (incl. QueerSexe & transhommes,
qui ont été enregistrées en tant que femme à la naissance et à l’histoire du
mouvement des femmes se sentent autonomes associé). Non biologique / Cis Hommes!


فراخوان به همه زنان
زنان پناهنده
زنان از هایم‌های پناهندگی
فعالین FLTQI
زنان کارگر
فعالین زنان
زنان با یا بی پیش زمینه‌های مهاجرت
راسیسم – سفیدهای نقاد
PoC و Black Women

دعوت برای تدارک یک تظاهرات جهانی زنان برای روز ٨ مارس ٢٠١٧،  به مناسبت روز جهانی زن!

زنان عزیز،***
بیاید با هم علیه این دنیای سرشار از خشونت و جنگ مبارزه کنیم! علیه نژادپرستی، سکسیسم، ناسیونالیسم و میلیتاریسم!
زنان*، جایگاه‌‌‌شان را پس خواهند گرفت. صدا در صدا. در روز ٨ مارس صدایمان بلندتر خواهد بود.
زنان* هایم‌های پناهندگی، انزوا را در هم بشکنید و در این کارزار شرکت کنید.
بیاید باهم یک تظاهرات جهانی زنان را سازماندهی کنیم، در تدارک آن شرکت کنید. باشد که خواسته‌های روزمره و اکسیون‌های‌مان را با تبادل نظر و با همدیگر گسترش دهیم.
با هم گام در راه بگذاریم؛ این کار به ما توانائی بیشتر و نفسی بلند می‌دهد تا علیه ساختارهای جوامع پدرسالار راسیست، سکسیست، تبعیض علیه همو-ترانس- انتر و خشونت در خانواده مبارزه کنیم.

در این جلسه شرکت کنید و پیشنهادها و خواسته های خود را همراه بیاورید

کی: ١٣ ژانویه ٢٠١٧
کجا: Im Kurdischen Zentrum
آدرس: Dresdenerstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

Frauen* vom International Women Space, Dest Dan,
Sozialistischer kurdischer FrauenRat Berlin SKB,
Politaktivistinnen & solidarische Frauen*

***   وقتی زنان می‌نویسیم، منظورمان: زنان، لزبین‌ها، ترانس، کوئیر، انتر (شامل کوئیرجندر، ترانسمن که زمان تولد بعنوان زن ثبت شده باشند و  خود را متعلق به جنبش مستقل زنان و لزبین‌ها بدانند)




do współorganizacji
Międzynarodowego Marszu Kobiet

Kobiety* LKTQI* LesbijkiKobietyTransQueerInter*
(włączając osoby queer oraz transmężczyzn, którzy są określani od
jako osoby płci żeńskiej)

Spotkajmy się, aby zorganizować wspólnie międzynarodowy marsz kobiet,
odbędzie się 8 marca!

Kobiety!* Niech 8 marca nasze głosy staną się jeszcze bardziej donośne!

Kobiety, które mieszkacie w ośrodkach dla uchodźców, przełamcie swoją
izolację i przyłączcie się do nas!

Przygotujmy kolektywnie nasze żądania, postulaty oraz akcje na wspólną

Bycie razem doda nam sił do walki z patriarchatem, seksizmem, homo-
inter*dyskryminacją oraz przemocą w rodzinie.

Przyjdźcie na nasze spotkanie z własnymi żądaniami!



Convocatoria de Mujeres*

Mujeres* que viven en campos
Activistas LGTBI*
Mujeres trabajadoras*
Mujeres* con y sin pasado migrante
Mujeres blancas antiracistas*
Mujeres Negras, Mujeres de color*

Invitación a la Primera reunión preparatoria para una Manifestación Internacional de Mujeres*
Maecha del 8 de Marzo de 2017!

En el Día Internacional de las Mujeres

Queridas Mujeres***

Queremos organizar una marcha internacional de mujeres en el 8 de marzo y queremos hacerlo juntas.
Mujeres*! Levantemos nuestra voz el 8 de marzo!
Mujeres que viven en centros de refugiadxs, romped el silencio y participad!
Para preparar la marcha queremos juntarnos, intercambiar y preparar nuestras consignas, demandas y acciones juntas.

Compartir el camino desde el principio nos hace más fuertes y nos da aliento para luchar contra el patriarcado, el sexismo, la homo trans e inter discriminación, y contra la violencia en las familias.

Participa y trae tus ideas.

¿Cuando? 13th Jan. 2017 – 18.00 Uhr
¿Dónde?  Kurdischen Zentrum
Dresdenerstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

Women* from the International Women Space, Dest Dan,
Sozialistischer kurdischer FrauenRat Berlin SKB,
Political activists & women* in solidarity


Tüm kadınlara* çağrı

Mülteci kadınlar*
Aktivist kadınlar*
Kamplarda yaşayan kadınlar
LGBTI Aktivistleri
İşçi – Emekçi kadınlar*
Göçmen kadınlar
Irkçılık karşıtı beyaz kadınlar*
PoC, Siyahi kadınlar*

8 Mart’ta Enternasyonalist bir kadın yürüyüşü örgütlemek için yapacağımız ilk toplantıya davetlisiniz.

Sevgili Kadınlar,***

Haydi 8 Mart’ta enternasyonalist kadın yürüyüşünü birlikte inşa edelim!

Kadınlar!* 8 Mart günü sesimizi birlikte daha da gür çıkaralım!

Mülteci kamplarında ve yurtlarda yaşayan kadınlar!* İzolasyonu kırın ve bize katılın!

Bu yürüyüşü hazırlamak için buluşup, taleplerimizi ve eylem fikirlerimizi paylaşıp, birlikte çalışalım.

Bu yolda baştan itibaren beraber yürürsek, erkek egemenliğe, cinsiyetçiliğe, LGBTİ’lere yönelik ayrımcılığa, ev içindeki şiddete karşı daha güçlü ve uzun soluklu bir mücadele verebiliriz.

Toplantımıza gelin ve taleplerinizi yanınızda getirin!

Ne zaman? 13th Jan. 2017 – 18.00 Uhr
Nerede? In the Kurdischen Zentrum
Dresdenerstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

International Women Space, Dest Dan,
SKB Sosyalist Kadınlar Birliği, HDK Berlin-Brandenburg Kadın Meclisi
Dayanışma içindeki politik aktivist ve kadınlar*

*** Kadın* yazınca kastettiğimiz:
KLTQI* KadınLezbiyenTransQueerInter*  (doğduklarında kız çocuğu olarak kabul edilen queer ve trans erkekler de bu tanıma dahildir.