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Press Statement of the Associaton of Bridging Peoples to Trump’s Travel Ban 1.2.2017

Protest against Trump's immigration ban at JFK AirportTrump’s order is a big danger for refugees as well as for human rights.  We are genuinely horrified and worried on the first 10 days of Government of the new US president. We condem Trump’s executive order.

The USA is mainly responsible from the chaos in the Middle East, in the Africa and in the Asia with military, political and economic interventions. Thus, the USA is mainly responsible from the refugee/immigrant crisis in the world.

As we all know migration is an unstoppable and inevitable natural phoneme. Human beings have always migrated and therefore this is not new. History has shown us that migration, which has lead to multicultural societies all over the world like USA. It is possible to have numerous cultures living side by side. Immigration is politically and socially controllable but the wars is turning immigration into a tragedy.

Since April 2011 approximately 7 million Syrians were forced to migrate as the civil war was intensified with the intervention of several states including the USA. The Syrian uprising has followed a number of other uprisings in the Arab world. We witnessed as the uprising turned into a proxy war with sectarian overtones. The People of Syria was not defeated in Syria and eventually forced into massive migration, instead, the People of Syria was defeated in Washington, Paris, Riyad, Ankara, Doha, Moscow etc; in the competitive nature of the power struggle in an increasingly volatile international system. This system is marked with an uncheckered drive to grab markets, establish zones of influence, plunder energy and natural resources, control energy routes, and maintain the “realisation-evaluation” cycle in military industry.

Who are these migrants? They are those who are stateless; those who lost their houses, jobs, and does not have a future in their homelands; those who are marginalized under the economic, political and cultural pressures enforced by neoliberal policies and have to leave their homes. 63.5 million people who have been displaced because of war, poverty, climate change, neoliberal policies, mass displacements, and cheap labor work transfers (slave trade) are defacto refugees who do not have a refugee status.

Yet the UN and EU continue in their failures to take any action to provide a life in dignity for these people. Just the opposite: Frontex (EU border security forces) and NATO ships forced refugees to the death boats or going back to their countries to die in the ongoing wars. This is a secret war by the richest of the world against the poorest of the world!

But migrants are fighting back! They demolished the borders, Lisbon Agreement and Schengen. And the most importantally of the movement is social solidarity networks. Despite Europe’s migrant policy, people from Greece to Germany supported and aided refugees to cross the borders in a serious and unexpected way. This solidarity movement is another reason for the fear of the coming of the refugees inside the EU. Now this solidarity is happening in the USA. Peoples of USA are running to air-ports to tell to migrants wellcome and to tell to Trump no!

The Anti-migrant wave in Europe and in the USA is not a new phenomenon. Perceiving refugees as a threat to security by criminalising them, militarisation of the borders, transferring refugees to subcontractor are the anti-migration policies in Europe and in the USA that have been lasting for years. This is what has been going on with Libya and Pakistan for years.

Solidarity of the people and the public friendship will be an obstacle towards the anti-migrant atmosphere in Europe and in the USA which/that causes fascist organisations to grow.

We must  defend absolute and unconditional hospitality for immigrants and refugees.

We must express our desire to establish a relationship with migrants, refugees, oprressed and  marginalised beyond and above the legalistic and institutional view of the world. By doing so, we can open a path for struggle against all oppression and exploitation.

We must say “welcome” to all migrants and refugees without ifs and buts.

We must welcome migrants and refugees unconditionally!

The ‘right to rights’ of these people who striped off from all basic rights is a right to exist without being pushed around or absorbed by dominant politics and powers. It is in fact a right to self determination and political existence.

No government including the USA can be allowed to strip off the refugees from their political rights and take away their existence as their own political subjects.

We must believe that being a political subject begins with having the right to self determination of ones own life.

We were all foreigners at some stage, and in future we could be foreigners in another country. That we were born on this land does not make us the owners. All land is for all people. Hence, real hospitality is about internationalism.

We must reject the definition of citizenship as being part of national identity.  We also must reject the ethnic and religious totalitarianism of nation states. Instead we must see nations as a political form that intends to live together in a diverse society and that welcomes the newcomers. “Civilization” began with settlement. By taking away someone’s right to settle down you take away their humanity. A nation is a collective of people settled together. Newcomers are not a danger or threat to the nation but an enrichment.

Massive protest at JFK airport in New York against detention and Trump’s immigrant ban!

Protest against Trump's immigrant ban JFK Terminal 4 in New York

Working Families Party Call for Demonstration:

“We are here at JFK airport demanding that visa holders and refugees JFK has detained are released! We will be here until all people detained are released. #Terminal4 arrivals. #NoMuslimBanJFK #NoBanNoWall

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