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Solidarity with the ‘strike of closed doors’ of 209 people from Sierra Leone in the transit camp Deggendorf

209 people from Sierra Leone on ‘strike of closed doors’ in the transit center Deggendorf

On Friday, 15th of December 2017, 209 people from Sierra Leone in the transit camp in Deggendorf started a ‘strike of closed doors’. In protest, the children and young people refused to attend the German class as access to other educational institutions is denied. The adults haven’t left the accommodation and denied to work in the 80 cents jobs. On Saturday, 16th of December 2017 they started a hunger strike. The protest involves 44 children and young people, as well as 40 women (among them 12 pregnant women) and 125 men. The starting point of the protest was the violent deportation of a man from Sierra Leone on Friday morning, which was stopped in the last minute at the airport.


Statement of striking refugees in Deggendorf

We are Sierra Leoneans seeking for protection here in Germany but have been frustrated instead of protected. And we have resolved to strike action based on the following reasons:

Every Asylum seeker from Sierra Leone in Deggendorf gets always negative results in the form of :

1. Dublin deportation
2. Rejection of asylum application
3. Asylum application is ‘invalid’

– The next point is that we now stay in a camp for 2 years instead of the initial 6 months, with no schooling, no work permit.

– Very poor accommodation facilities with 8 occupants in a room, with poor hygiene and toilet facilities.

– Very poor quality of food.

– Deportation to Italy with serious torture and no proper arrangements for reinstatement of the immigrants in Italy thereby leaving the immigrants on the street suffering.

– Forceful deportation of pregnant women, children, sick people and sucking mothers.

– No medication for immigrants for certain sickness.
And now established to us that this is a private camp and cannot allow any journalists.

On this basis we have started on 15th December 2017 a close door strike with no schooling and on Saturday 16th December and Sunday 17th December hunger strike and on Monday, we will be going to city council to get clearances to have a peaceful protest accross Deggendorf with continuation of no schooling and hunger strike.
This is to let the whole world know how Germany is treating the immigrants.

More: https://refugeestruggle.org/en/article/solidarity-strike-closed-doors-209-people-sierra-leone-transit-camp-deggendorf



Solidarität mit dem kurdischen Freiheitskampf!

kurdische Freiheitsbewegung

Kurdische Freiheitsbewegung

english below

Solidarität mit dem kurdischen Freiheitskampf!

Die kurdische Freiheitsbewegung hat seit 2013 einen ernsthaften Friedensdialog mit dem türkischen Staat begonnen. Direkte Gespräche zwischen Abdullah Öcalan und hohen türkischen Staatsvertreter_innen, einseitige Waffenstillstände der Guerilla, der Aufbau basisdemokratischer Selbstverwaltungsstrukturen in der Osttürkei und die parlamentarische Demokratieoffensive der HDP waren die wichtigsten Maßnahmen für eine Lösung der Demokratiedefizite der Türkei. Seit einem halben Jahr reagiert der türkische Staat darauf ganz offen mit Krieg. Seitdem wurden tausende politische Aktivist_innen verhaftet, die Pressefreiheit massiv eingeschränkt, über 50 Ausgangssperren in kurdischen Städten verhängt und ca. 300 Zivilist_innen von türkischen „Sicherheitskräften“ ermordet.

Hungerstrike of refugees in Munich

Again refugees come together to fight at Sendlinger-Tor-Platz in Munich for their rights, for their acceptance and for their participation in society. As medium for their protest they choose hunger strike:

“Our Rights Have Been Stolen

We, the refugees from different cities of Germany are announcing a hunger strike in Munich at Sendlinger-Tor-Platz.

Lagers/ camps  are prisons for us. Residenzpflicht/ residential obligation is a sign of slavery.  Restrictions of work and study are made to divide us from society and to force us to be in inhuman situations. Deportations by Dublin regulations are a sign of political organized policy from EU countries.

At this point we want to say we are not poor refugees, OUR RIGHTS HAVE BEEN STOLEN.

Demo, 19.07.2013 at 2pm in Eisenhuettenstadt


The refugees coming to Eisenhüttenstadt are getting systematically criminalized for taking their human right of asylum. They are tortured in many ways. This system works, because the police, the foreign office, the court and the company BOSS systematically excludes people from the rest of the german society and don’t let them know their rights! There is no transparency or watching of what is going on in the lager and the deportation prison.