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Statement of refugee protest in front of lager “Jahnsporthalle” Columbiadamm

Jahnsporthalle Refugee ProtestEnglish below_

Wir sind Refugees aus der #Jahnsporthalle am Columbiadamm und erwarten eine Lösung für das gegenwärtige Problem – 150 Menschen lebten hier, 120 davon wurden bereits an andere Orte gebracht. Wir sind jetzt noch 30 Verbliebene, die keine Unterkunft mehr haben und auf der Straße sind. Wir suchen bessere Orte. Seit 10 Monaten waren wir hier und hatten 130 € pro Monat zur Verfügung. Dies reicht nicht für eine Person und dieser Ort ist miserabel. Wir haben die ganze Zeit umsonst auf einen besseren Ort gewartet. Nachdem wir gelitten haben, sagten sie, dass wir an einen noch schlechteren Ort kommen sollen. Von schlecht zu noch schlimmer. Hier 150 und dort tausende Menschen. Mehr Krankheit, mehr Wahnsinn. Dort ist es unmöglich, sich zu integrieren und soziale Kontakte aufzubauen.

Unsere jetzigen Forderungen sind:

1. Einen guten Platz für uns zu finden, als menschliche Wesen, nicht Tempelhof und auch nicht wie Tempelhof.

2. Nicht genötigt oder gezwungen zu werden, nach Tempelhof zu gehen.

3. Nicht gezwungen zu werden, dieses sterile Essen zu essen.

4. Beeilt Euch damit, eine Lösung zu finden, weil Ihr unser Vertrauen verliert.

Bitte rettet uns von der Hölle der Straße und der Obdachlosigkeit! Wir erwarten Eure Hilfe, danke!

Jahnsporthalle Flüchtlingsunterkunft

We are refugees from the JSH (Jahnsporthalle) in Columbiadamm, waiting for a solution for the problem here. There were 150 people living here, they already transfered 120 people in other places. We are still 30 persons with no places, in the street we are searching for better places. We have been living here for 10 months with a payment of 130 € per month. This is not enough for a single person and this place is miserable. We waited all this time for a better place for nothing. After suffering they said, we go to a even worse place. From bad to worse. Here 150, and there thousands of people. More illness/sickness there. You are unable to integrate and to get social contact there.

Our demands now are:

1. To find a good place for us, as human-beings, not like/instead of Tempelhof.

2. Don’t pressure us to go to Tempelhof.

3. Don’t force us to eat this plastic food.

4. Hurry up to find a solution, because you are losing our trust. Please save us from the hell of the street and the homeless status.

We are waiting for your help. Thank you!


Pressemitteilung: Syrische Frau wurde aus Notunterkunft in Berlin hinausgeworfen, weil sie ihre Menschrechte einforderte



English Version Below / versión española abajo

Syrian woman expelled from Berlin refugee camp for defending human rights

Mujer siria expulsada de un campamento para refugiados en Berlín por exigir derechos


Syrische Frau wurde aus Notunterkunft in Berlin hinausgeworfen, weil sie ihre Menschrechte einforderte

Vivian ist eine junge Frau aus Syrien. Sie ist vor dem Bürgerkrieg, der in ihrem Land tobt, und vor den Folgen, wie Arbeitslosigkeit, Hunger und sozialem Chaos geflohen. Alleine ist sie die Route aus dem Mittleren Osten nach Deutschland angetreten. Jedoch ist ihre Geschichte in Deutschland nicht von Zuflucht sondern (symbolischer) Gewalt, Erniedrigung, Frauenfeindlichkeit und Missbrauch geprägt. Die folgenden Ereignisse sind ihre Beschreibungen.

For Refugee Rights! – Protest in front of LaGeSo, October 7th | 3 PM

Protest Lageso

My right is your right – campaign goes on in front of Lageso

Kundgebung // Theatre // Concerts // Performances // Statements

October 7th | 3 PM‪#‎LaGeSo‬Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales, Turmstraße 21, 10559 Berlin-Moabit


The aim is to organize a gathering in front of the LAGESO as a central place, where Refugees first arrive in Berlin, register and thereby start their existence as Refugees.

For every simple thing Refugees have to visit the LAGESO. So since weeks the Reality in front of the LAGESO is an “emergency situation”. Hundreds of people are going every day to this place. There are people who stay there for more than 3 weeks and waiting for further process.

We want to make the movement My right is your right visible not only to confront the state official’s at LAGESO and raise publicity with our existence, critique and requests – but also give a sign to the newcomers: They have rights, we are not in line with recent political decisions cutting the right to ask for asylum, with the unacceptable conditions of overloaded refugee housing, with new border controls and fences – short: with what they try to sell as a “solution” of the refugee crisis.

protocol #2 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin

lager, nolager, berlin, brandenburg, lageso, humanrights, rightforliving


this is our second protocol to form a “lager mobilisation“-group in berlin and maybe later on in brandenburg. again, around 18 people were there – thanks to u all.

protocol #2 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin
I. introduction
II. report from our first test-action
III. idea pool
IV. weekly action
V. to do
V. next meeting

Demonstration against Human Rights violations in Chad Against the dictatorship and capitalist exploitation!

On the 8 th of March in N‘Djamena, the capital city of Chad, peaceful demonstrators who were fighting for their right of assembly and freedom of speech, again had to face harsh violations of human rights including police violence: humiliations, beatings and killings. While the western media has virtually acclaimed the Chadian military as a brother of France in the battle against oppression in other Africa countries, exploitation and oppression of their own population in their own country has reached a new, sad height.

Brothers and sisters from and around Berlin: Come and join us! Now is the time to fight for our rights! And for the rights of our brothers and sisters in Chad! Stop the dictatorship and the capitalist system which again killed more than 3 students and led to the detention of more than 200 students since March 8 th in N‘Djamena! We are the Chad Youth in Germany. We are calling for a demonstration in front of the Chadian Embassy in Berlin, Germany, on March 18 th , 2015. at Oranienplatz 12 noon from Bundesplatz at 1.30 P.M. to Lepsiusstr. 114, the Chadian Embassy



We are asylum seekers, refugees, undocumented migrants, Europeans with a «migration background», we are all those who have no full citizenship. We are those who wear the label «not from here». Our real or supposed origin is an argument to deprive us of many rights. Yet our life is here, and like everyone else we just want to build a decent life for us and our families.

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