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“Women Breaking Borders” Women* Conference organized by Women in Exile

Women in exile Women^ conference

This year refugee women are getting loud by organizing a national wide meeting on “Breaking Borders”. This was a decision reached during the evaluation meeting of the 2016 national wide summer bus tour of „women in Exile & Friends” and the network of refugee women and groups working with refugee women national wide.
As women* we are faced with sexism and racist borders which expose us to all types of prejudice. As refugee women we confront multiple inner and outer borders during and after the flight.

The aim of this conference is:

  • To reinforce / weave networks beyond borders
  • To empower women to break borders of sexism and racism
  • To find strategies together on how to dismantle all borders eg. deportations,lagers etc.
  • To bring the refugees political perspective to the causes of migration
  • To create space for refugee women to break borders and build community by expressing their talents

We need each other’s solidarity to break inner and outer borders/boundaries. Join us in declaring no borders are high, low, wide or solid enough when women unite.

To have a successful Conference for everybody we need some financial support, please support us on the betterplace campaign! Thanks!

Dramatic conditions at the emergency shelter (Notunterkunft) Osloer Straße 23-26 in Berlin

Foto einer Ratte unter einem Bett in der Notunterkunft: Osloer Straße / Rat under a bed in the Emergency Shelter

Foto einer Ratte unter einem Bett in der Notunterkunft: Osloer Straße / Rat under a bed in the Emergency Shelter

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Living conditions in the emergency shelter of Osloer Straße 23-26, in Berlin, range from bad to worse. Those who live there in “transitory” manner denounce the sanitary situation and the permanent mistreatment of the employees working for the security company WISAG and BTB Bildungszentrum. These companies receive thousands of Euros per month from the German State to ensure cleanliness, hygiene, food provisions for people who arrive in Berlin, seeking asylum from war and economic and political conflicts in their countries of origin.

One day in the emergency shelter of Osloerstraße is enough to raise concern about the extreme vulnerability of the residents. Here follow some details of the current situation, for which there doesn’t seem to be signs of improvement.