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Heutiger Protest in Gedenken an die Opfer des sudanesischen Regimes

Die sudanesischen politischen Aktivist*innen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland protestieren vor der sudanesischen Botschaft in Berlin, um die zahlreichen Opfer des Regimes zu gedenken.

الوقفة الاحتجاحية أمام سفارة النظام ببرلين/ألماني

يهيب النشطاء السياسيون بالمانيا بجميع الكوادر والقوي السياسية بالمانيا للمشاركة في الوقفة الاحتجاجية أمام سفارة النظام ببرلين/ألمانيا ، وذلك لإحياء ذكري شهداء الثورة السودانية  وللتنديد بجرائم النظام التي ظل 28 عامأ يرتكبها في حق المواطن والوطن.

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Invitation to a networking meeting to prepare protests – against the G20 Africa Partnership Conference – June 12th to 13th 2017 in Berlin

against the G20 Africa Partnership Conference - June 12th to 13th 2017 in Berlin

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Time:Wednesday, 25th of January 2017, 7 pm
Location: Aquarium (near Südblock)
Skalitzer Str. 6, U8/U12 Kottbusser Tor

german version bellow

Our initiative has been working on a criticism of the so-called ‘EU Migration Management’ launched in 2015. African and Asian states are forced to control and prevent migration. The European countries are drawing borders in Africa once again. Negotiations often take place in secret, bilaterally or on EU level (e.g. the so-called ‘Valetta Process’).
Security and life of millions of people are sold for couple of billion Euros.
Examples of the current policy of fortress Europe:

  • Provision of technical equipment for identification and surveillance
  • Equipment and training for police, border guards and (para)military troops
  • Readmission agreements and deportations even without passport papers and identification
  • Civil and military cooperation with non-democratic states, dictatorships, war criminals

We think our protest has to be voiced clearly.

There are different objectives and arguments and a variety of possible actions. We’d like to invite you to take part in the discussion and preparation of protests.

Contact for the present: buendnis_gegen_lager@riseup.net

Translations are planned, we’d like to ask for support.

EN_ Einladung Vernetzungstreffen EU Afrika Konferenz

DE_Einladung Vernetzungstreffen EU Afrika Konferenz

G20 calender for download

Einladung zu einem Vernetzungstreffen zur Vorbereitung von Protesten

– gegen die G20-Africa Partnership-Konferenz –

vom 12.-13. Juni 2017 in Berlin

Zeit: Mittwoch, 25.1.2017, 19 Uhr
Ort: Aquarium (neben Südblock), Skalitzer Str. 6, U8/U12 Kottbusser Tor

Eine Gruppe von Leuten beschäftigt sich seit einigen Monaten kritisch mit dem „EU Migrationsmanagement“ seit 2015. Afrikanische und asiatische Staaten werden genö-tigt, Auswanderung und Transitmigration zu kontrollieren und zu verhindern. Die europäischen Staaten ziehen wieder die Grenzen in Afrika.

Die Verhandlungen finden bilateral oder auf EU-Ebene (u.a. Valetta-Prozess) und häufig unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit statt.

Die Sicherheit und das Leben von Millionen von Menschen soll mit vielen Milliarden Euro verkauft werden.

Beispiele der aktuellen Abschottungspolitik:

– Lieferung von technischem Geräten zur Identifikation und zur Überwachung
– Ausrüstung und Training für Polizei, Grenzschutzbehörde und (para)militärischen Truppen
– Rücknahmeabkommen und Abschiebungen auch ohne Passpapiere und Identifikation
– Zivile und militärische Kooperation mit undemokratischen Staaten, Diktaturen, Kriegsverbrechern

Wir denken, dass unsere Kritik deutlich werden muss.

Es gibt verschiedene Adressaten, verschiedene Argumente, verschiedene Ausprägungen der politischen Arbeit. Beteiligt euch an der Diskussion und der Vorbereitung von Protesten.

Kontakt (vorläufig): buendnis_gegen_lager@riseup.net

Übersetzungen sind eingeplant, wir bitten um Unterstützung.

G20 Kalender zum download

TSCHAD – WORKSHOP about the current situation in the country by activists

14.02.2016 | 15 Uhr (3 pm) | Kreuzberg Museum FHXB
Adalbertstr.95a, Kottbusser Tor U8-U1

from the group Chad Youth in Germany

*English – We will explain the system in Chad*
In our workshop we will speak first about the 103 children from Chad, who got kidnapped in October 2007 by the french aid-agency „L’Arche de Zoé“ pretending that they are orphans. After that three workers from this aid-agency got imprisoned. When in 2008 rebels wanted to overthrow the regime of Idriss Deby and take over the power in the capital N´Djamena, France and the regime made a deal: If the regime is letting the workers from „L’Arche de Zoé“ out of prison, France will fight the rebels with his army.  

Report of Sudanese refugee’s action in Sudanese embassy in Berlin

Protest Sudanese Embassy Berlin

Sudanese refugee’s action in Sudanese embassy in Berlin

We are eleven refugee-activists from Berlin-Oranienplatz and Hannover-Weissekreuzplatz. On November 19th 2015 we entered the Sudanese embassy in Berlin at 12pm to protest inside and to talk to the embassador about the situation in Sudan. The Sudanese embassador refused to talk to us and the staff called the police. We went to the window, opened it and held our banner against Omar Al-Bshir outside for everyone to see „murderer, assasinator, leave!“. Inside the embassy we didn’t break anything or hurt anyone. We just came to talk peacefully to the embassador. When the police came they told us that they would lead us to the Sudandese embassador, but instead they led us outside and closed the door. So we continued our protest outside near the entrance of the embassy. We spontaneously registered a rally for three hours. We handed out flyers to passer-bys and shouted our demands: „Al-Bshir to ICC!“, „Stop the war in Sudan!“ „Yes for peace, no for war!“. The police took down our personal data. At around 3 pm we finished our protest and left. But we will continue our fight for a free and democratic Sudan!

Demonstration against Human Rights violations in Chad Against the dictatorship and capitalist exploitation!

On the 8 th of March in N‘Djamena, the capital city of Chad, peaceful demonstrators who were fighting for their right of assembly and freedom of speech, again had to face harsh violations of human rights including police violence: humiliations, beatings and killings. While the western media has virtually acclaimed the Chadian military as a brother of France in the battle against oppression in other Africa countries, exploitation and oppression of their own population in their own country has reached a new, sad height.

Brothers and sisters from and around Berlin: Come and join us! Now is the time to fight for our rights! And for the rights of our brothers and sisters in Chad! Stop the dictatorship and the capitalist system which again killed more than 3 students and led to the detention of more than 200 students since March 8 th in N‘Djamena! We are the Chad Youth in Germany. We are calling for a demonstration in front of the Chadian Embassy in Berlin, Germany, on March 18 th , 2015. at Oranienplatz 12 noon from Bundesplatz at 1.30 P.M. to Lepsiusstr. 114, the Chadian Embassy

Racism is Becoming Normal in Germany

There is a new racist movement on the streets of Germany. These people who call themselves Pegida (patriotic Europeans), gathered ten thousand people to the march hold in Dresden. Now they do these demonstrations every Monday and start in other cities as well. The racist movement included a very small amount of people until today, but now the number increased to ten thousands.
The starting point of this racist movement is Islamphobia. They say “We do not want the Islamisation of Europe”. They legitimized themselves through demonstrations against ISIS. Football team fans massively participated in these demos. Now there is also participation from different groups in society.