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Cuvrybrache got violantly and without any notice evicted – The Report – info: 015214321460

Support Roma Families in Gorli and Cuvry

Yesterday the police appeared again in in the görlitzer park, with more than 10 people, and confiscated all the tents of the families that are still there. The ‘brache’ next to markgrafendamm (ostkreuz) was evicted as well.

The jugendamt didn’t withdraw its threats to take the children away if the families would stay in the park. lots of people left already, to duisburg, to romania . . . some families are still there, but without any real possibility to leave the park. if you have any idea for a safe space for them, contact case-pentru-toti@riseup.net! or a free room, where some people could stay some time?

The remaining 3 families said, even a place where they can put their cars and tents without access of police/ ordnungsamt/ jugendamt would be ok for the beginning . . .

or any good idea where to ask?

Jugendamt is separating children of roma families in Gorli and former cuvrybrache by force. They need support by:
  • a room for living.
  • a parking place that they can park their cars and sleep in the cars. ordnungsamt shouldnt have access to this place.
  • a place which they can set up their tents and live in it.
if you can find any of the following please contact
An open letter published against the official threat of taking away the children of the families at Görlitzer Park and formerly at Cuvry-Brache. If you want to sign, pls write an email to:
case-pentru-toti@riseup.net – (info: 0152-13640124)
Jugendamt want to take away the children from the roma families. They spread a paper amongst the roma families living in Goerlitzerpark (After they forcibly lost their place in Ohlauerschool), writing:

“The danger is that there is no toilets and no running water for hygiene. you can not protect yourself and your children from the influences of the weather. You are exposed to the aggression of others. The park has Rats and other animals, which you and your children are not protected from”

“We know that you and your children desperately need a home. But we can not find accommodation for you”