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ZINE: FREE the röszke 11 Imprisonment of Migrants and Repression against Movements in Hungary and Beyond

Free the Röszke 11from: Free Röszke 11

We published a zine about the Röszke 11, that provides an overview and gerneral analysis. It summarizes the story of the Röszke 11, the political context, and similar cases of criminalization in Greece and Luxembourg. You can download it when you click on the pdf-signs above or below. The version above is the smaller web-file, the one below is the large file for printing, the cover (front and back) and the rest of the zine are in 3 separate files. Spread and print it!
Resistance and struggle continues!


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Break Deportation Solidarity Campaign

break-deportation-culture-and-criminalization-of-refugees-in-germany-and-europeSave the date: Break Deportation Solidarity Campaign on 17.12.2016 in Erfurt:

Podium  with Shani Haliti and Roma Families with Refugee-Migrants’ Activists on the Culture of Depotation in Germany / Europe

Lasst uns die Dinge aufschütteln! Brecht die Abschiebungen! Lets shake things up – Break the deportation! (below in English)

Das deutsche Migrationsregime und die EU-Flüchtlingspolitik sind korrupt und betrügerisch aufgrund ihrer Verordnungen der Unterdrückung und der Repressionen, die das Ziel verfolgen, die FlüchtlingsmigrantInnen, die sich in Europa befinden, zu isolieren und abzuschieben. Wir müssen uns als Menschen vereinigen in unseren Kämpfen, damit wir die Solidarität für die Bewegungsfreiheit von Flüchtlingen nicht von den europäischen Staaten erwarten, denn die Freiheit der Europäer wird angetrieben durch Besessenheit von dem privilegierten Konsum und nicht vom Ziel der menschlichen Entwicklung für alle hier.
Wir rufen auf zur Abschaffung der staatlichen Institutionen und des Geschäfts mit den Flüchtlingen durch die NGOs. Mehr und Aufrufe für weitere Aktionen werden folgen.

Faxkampagne für das Bleiberecht der Familie Haliti/Ristic

Stop the deportation!

Bitte unterzeichnen und verbreiten Sie das Protest-Fax:

Roma Thuringen Erfurt- Break Deportation Now!
Please sign and spread the Protest Fax:
Download: Vorlage Protestfax / Brief / E-Mail – > PDF

Lets shake things up – Break the deportation!

The Migration Regimes of Germany and the EU Refugee Policies isorrupted and Fraudulent from the decrees of oppression and the repression to isolate and to deport the refugee-migrants in Europe. We need to unite as people in our struggles, to not expect solidarity for refugee freedom of movement from the European states because Europeans’ freedom is driven by the obsession of privileged consumption and not for the human development of all the people here.

We are calling for the abolishment of the state institutions and NGOs refugee business …more to call for actions.

Review on Break Deportation Culture – Deportation is criminal and we fight to stop it!


Deportation is Criminal: Germany’s corrupted identification practice to execute it’s culture of deportation

Refugees Initiative Schwäbisch Gmünd

protest against the Nigerian Embassy Collaboration

Germany has always Capitalised on the stooge cooperation of Refugee Countries government to execute its racist culture to deport and enforce its massive exclusion policies.

Rise up and Join us in our struggle to fight against the German Colonial Deportation System.

One of such corrupt criminal practices is the ongoing deportation hearing at the Ordnungsamt – Olpe 1 in Dortmund (http://thevoiceforum.org/node/4113) that has continued to persist for decades now and all over Germany unabated.

In 2008, The VOICE Refugee Forum initiated a Nationwide campaign in Germany and Beyond to monitor and protest against the Nigerian Embassy Collaboration: “Another face of Colonialism

The Nigerian Embassy delegates will be identifying Black Africans Asylum seekers and issue deportation documents to facilitate their deportation to Nigeria.

There has been confirmed cases of Asylum seekers like Joseph Doe (Gambian) and Santiago Camara (Sierra Leone) who were identified and issued deportation document that had facilitated their deportation to Nigeria. Video: https://vimeo.com/110095851

The same Nigerian Embassy Officer whose criteria of identifying the Asylum seekers by Physical appearance and Accent is expected to continue this dubious practice in Dortmund this week.

These hearings are organised in cooperation with Federal Police, Alien Offices and many other departments to make up the deportation Cartel.


Nigeria is not a secured Country just like Germany proves to be unsecured for persons needing Protection.

The Camouflaged regime in Nigeria today has proven with its Anti-corruption goal to promote its strategy for selective persecution.

The Increasing Havoc of Boko Haram has continued to cause massive deaths and displacement of Civilians while Mr President is propagating false defeat to the international community.

The 2015 Massacre of Shiite Muslims and the continuous repression of  people calling for a Sovereign State of Biafra are just but a few of countless violence masterminded by the Nigerian State and in turn promoting extra judicial Killings, imprisonment and massive displacement of persons since the colonial era in Nigeria.

Ongoing development expresses the Buhari Regime readiness to justify violent use of Ammunition on unarmed protesters as the case may be.

State persecution of Homosexuals and the LGBT`s Gay community in Nigeria continue to face massive Stigma and Criminalization which contains penalties of up to 14 years imprisonment through a Bill passed into force since 2014.

The role of Imperialist Countries like Germany cannot be undermined in the whole development of displacement, Persecution, Poverty that is connected with the Continuous exploitation of our Countries.

We remember the collaboration of the EU in the gruesome murder of our brave brothers, Sisters, friends and comrades like Ken Saro Wiwa and many others who stood to de-mask the crimes of Multinationals in Niger Delta, the Ogoni and Odi Massacre amongst many atrocities committed by the Nigerian government in service to the colonial Monsters.

The wasteful Tour of Nigerian and African leaders seeking financial aids and begging for help from the Slave trade drivers means more to the colonisation process contributed to further exploitation of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

We are Refugees today because Germany and its imperialist Clique has continued to plunder our resources, promoted corruption and exploitation through proxy wars, continuous enslavement of our government and embezzlement through so-called development aids alongside the several criminal policies directed at maintaining their geopolitical control of Africa. All these are the attributes to their source of funding the expansion of prisons and the deportation of Africans from Europe.

Nigeria Embassy In Germany Corruptly Collects €500 On Each Deported Nigerian – The VOICE Network News TVNN http://thevoiceforum.org/node/2215

Nigerian Embassy as collaborators must Stop trading with the lives of African Refugees.

Deportation is Criminal and It is Torture and Murder!

Stop the deportations, Stop the deportation collaboration and Embassy’s hearing now!

Rise up against the corruption and Join us in our struggle to fight аgainst the German Colonial Deportation System.

Support our long years of continuous protest against abuse of refugees rights in Germany and Europe

See Archive Link:
Nigeria Embassy Deportation Collaboration

For more information, please contact:
Refugee Initiative Schwäbisch Gmünd
Email: initiativerefugees.sgmd@yahoo.com
Tel.: 015216702238

Detention news from Bavaria

Refugee struggle for freedom(english)
(deutsch weiter unten)

Activist of Refugee Struggle for Freedom released after 56 days in prison! / Another activist detained! / In Mühldorf deportation prison still one refugee in hungerstrike!

On Monday, 29.02.2016 Ali A., an activist of the Refugee Struggle for Freedom was released from jail. Two days later, on 02.03.2016 another activist of the group – Ali H. – has been put in prison.

Ali A. was taken on 05.01.2016 in the prison Landshut in custody. He was accused of resisting police officers and trespassing under protest. As an activist of the “Refugee Struggle for Freedom” Ali A. fought for the right to stay and against deportations, amongst other actions with a thirst strike in March 2014 in Dingolfing and with the occupation of the courtyard of the Federal Office for migration and refugees (BAMF) in Nuremberg in July 2014.

After his release, Ali A. commented:
“I was in prison for two months in Landshut because of the hunger strike in Dingolfing in 2014. It’s really hard to live inside and I felt really bad because I did not do anything wrong. But I stayed strong and kept on fighting. After one month I had my court hearing in Landau but later I got the news that the court appointment has been cancelled. I had to stay one month more in jail and then again I had the court hearing. After two hours they decided to release me. In prison it’s really hard. To be there means tension all of the time. But I stayed strong and fought there with racist people, means police. My friends helped me a lot, they also fought for me. I wanted to say in the end that we are here and we will fight until we get our right!”

According to the authorities Ali A. was imprisoned because he did not appear to a court hearing. The court date on the 17.02.16 was cancelled due to the illness of the judge. This meant for Ali A. to remain two more weeks in prison until a new court date has been set. Further attempts by his lawyer to obtain an earlier court date and a quick release were rejected. At the trial on Monday, 29.02.2016 Ali A. was sentenced to 80 day units (Tagessätze) and finally got released. In addition to his long imprisonment he must pay 360 Euro fine!

The other activist of Refugee Struggle for Freedom, Ali H. was imprisoned on Wednesday, 02.03.2016, when he picked up his pocket money at Landratsamt Dingolfing. The circumstances of his arrest are still unclear. But it is clear that also Ali H. was imprisoned for his activism! The detention of Ali A. and Ali H. show once again that the judiciary and police are massively trying to criminalize self-organized protests of refugees!

In the deportation prison in Mühldorf still one refugee – Zaki K. – remains in hunger strike. Several attempts in these days, to visit him and make a press interview possible, were unsucessfull. We still call out for solidarity actions and signatures to solidarity.with.refugees@riseup.net.



Aktivist des Refugee Struggle for Freedom nach 56 Tagen aus Haft entlassen! / Ein weiterer Aktivist inhaftiert! / Im Mühldorfer Abschiebeknast immer noch ein Geflüchteter im Hungerstreik!

Am Montag, 29.02.2016 wurde Ali A., ein Aktivist des Refugee Struggle for Freedom aus der Haft entlassen. Kurz darauf, am 02.03.2016 wurde jedoch ein weiterer Aktivist der Gruppe – Ali H. – inhaftiert.

Ali A. wurde am 05.01.2016 in der JVA Landshut in Untersuchungshaft genommen. Ihm wurde Widerstand gegen Polizeibeamt*innen und Hausfriedenbruch im Rahmen von Protestaktionen vorgeworfen. Als Teil des „Refugee Struggle for Freedom“ kämpfte Ali A. für Bleiberecht und gegen Abschiebungen, u. a. mit einem Durststreik im März 2014 in Dingolfing und mit der Besetzung des Innenhofes des Bundesamtes für Migration und Flucht in Nürnberg im Juli 2014.

Nach seiner Entlassung äußerte sich Ali A. wie folgt:
„Ich war im Gefängnis für zwei Monate in Landshut wegen des Hungerstreiks in Dingolfing im Jahr 2014. Es ist wirklich schwer dort drinnen zu leben und ich fühlte mich wirklich schlecht, weil ich nichts falsch gemacht haben. Aber ich blieb stark und kämpfte weiter. Nach einem Monat hatte ich meine Gerichtsverhandlung in Landau aber später bekam ich die Nachricht, dass der Gerichtstermin abgesagt wurde. Ich musste einen weiteren Monat im Gefängnis bleiben und dann hatte ich erneut die Gerichtsverhandlung. Nach zwei Stunden beschlossen sie, mich zu frei zu lassen. Im Gefängnis ist es wirklich hart. Dort zu sein, bedeutet die ganze Zeit Anspannung. Aber ich blieb stark und kämpfte dort gegen rassistischen Menschen, also die Polizei. Meine Freunde haben mir sehr geholfen, sie haben auch für mich gekämpft. Ich wollte zum Schluss sagen, dass wir hier sind und wir kämpfen werden, bis wir unsere Rechte bekommen!“

Die Behörden begründeten Ali A.s Untersuchungshaft damit, dass er nicht zu einem Gerichtstermin erschienen ist. Der angesetzte Verhandlungstermin am 17.02.16 wurde aufgrund der Erkrankung des Richters abgesagt. Dies bedeutete für Ali A. zwei weitere Wochen im Gefängnis zu verbleiben bis ein neuer Gerichtstermin angesetzt wurde. Weitere Versuche des Rechtsanwaltes, einen früheren Gerichtstermin und eine schnelle Entlassung zu erzielen, wurden abgelehnt. Bei der Gerichtsverhandlung am Montag, 29.02.2016 wurde Ali A. zu 80 Tagessätzen verurteilt und endlich freigelassen. Zusätzlich zu seiner langen Inhaftierung muss er dem entsprechend noch 360 Euro Strafe bezahlen!

Der andere Aktivist des Refugee Struggle for Freedom, Ali H. wurde am Mittwoch, den 02.03.2016 inhaftiert, als er beim Landratsamt Dingolfing sein Taschengeld abholte. Die Umstände seiner Verhaftung sind noch völlig unklar. Fest steht, dass auch Ali H. wegen seines Aktivismus inhaftiert wurde! Die Inhaftierungen von Ali A. und Ali H. zeigen erneut, dass Justiz und Polizei massiv versuchen, selbstorganisierte Proteste von Geflüchteten zu kriminalisieren!

Im Abschiebeknast Mühldorf befindet sich immer noch ein Geflüchteter – Zaki K. – im Hungerstreik. Verschiedene Versuche ihn zu besuchen und ein Pressegespräch zu ermöglichen, liefen ins Leere. Wir rufen immer noch zu Soli-Aktionen auf und Unterschriften: solidarity.with.refugees@riseup.net.