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Gedenkkundgebung für 130 Menschen, Opfer des europäischen Grenzregime im Mittelmeer, Oranienplatz, 29.April, 18.30 Uhr

Am 22. April bekommen wir, vom Alarmphone, die Nachricht, dass 130 Menschen im Mittelmeer ertrunken sind. Wir hatten die lybische und die europäischen Küstenwachen viele Stunden im Voraus informiert. Sie haben sich geweigert zu handeln. Eine Woche später wollen wir in Wut und Trauer auf die Straße gehen, um den Ertrunkenen zu gedenken.

Europe, your borders kill!

Kundgebung Oranienplatz

29.04.2021, 18.30 Uhr

Tragt Masken und haltet Abstand

Border Profiteers in Berlin – Brochure

von No Border Assembly // website – twitter – facebook

This brochure has gathered a list of corporations that profit from deportations, from managing detention centers, from building fences, selling ships, drones or planes patrolling the Mediterranean, subcontracted security guards, providing data collection, border surveillance software, id control mechanisms, racist policy consultation, prison construction and any other form of oppression that limits peoples freedom of movement and right to stay.

The external borders of Europe are not in Berlin, but the border regime is all around us. This regime consists of more than just the state. In capitalism, many forms of border oppression are subcontracted to corporations. Borders are very profitable. Therefore this market is dominated by huge multinational corporations. And since keywords of the European borders are militarisation and surveillance, the list of corporate border profiteers is full of the usual suspects that also profit from war, prisons and privacy infringement.

The goal of this booklet is to promote action in Berlin and Brandenburg. Hence the focus is very much on companies that have an office in Berlin or action possibilities based on local struggles.


List of Border Profiteers

✗ Lufthansa – Eurowings
✗ Privilege Style
✗ Corendon Airlines
✗ Turyol / Jalem Tur
✗ Enter Air

✗ Airbus – Hensholdt
✗ Otokar – Koç Holding
✗ Thales

✗ European Homecare
✗ Pulsm – Morten Group
✗ Markgraf
✗ Baukontor Lange

✗ Sopra Steria
✗ Cevision

✗ City Schutz
✗ Securitas
✗ L&S Sicherheit
✗ Secura Protect

✗ McKinsey

Demo Against Border Profiteers, 17. April, 14 Uhr

von No Border Assembly

Every day, companies are profiting from the neocolonial and racist migration regime with its borders, surveillance and deportations. The offices and headquarters of such companies can be found right in the heart of Berlin. Nevertheless, barely anyone draws attention to that, while the German government tries to disguise and hide their deportation and weapon deals with these companies. We want to change that!

On 17th of April, we will visit each of their offices in a demonstration against Border and Deportation Profiteers through Berlin-Mitte. Let’s expose and confront them – their dirty business model has to stop now!

On our route, we will publicly shame Thales, Hensoldt, the Association of the German Army, Sopran Steria and all the others that are flying people to death, construct border fences and participate in other sorts of racist business, to then even make money with it.

Abolish borders, abolish Frontex, put an end to deportations, tear down Fortress Europe – freedom of movement for everybody!

Background info on companies:

THALES: Sells border surveillance systems, including radar for border police. Thales has profited from most borders in the world.

HENSOLDT: Formerly known as Airbus Border Security division, focusing now on ground surveillance radar, mostly used for border and coastal surveillance.

FÖRDERKREIS DEUTSCHES HEER: Lobby organisation for German army with representatives in the parliament and the economic sector.

SOPRA STERIA: IT software company responsible for designing EUs’ border database systems that track and share fingerprints, facial imaging, visas’ entry/exit.

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