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Waiting sentence

Uncertainty is an emotion that amplifies during a pandemic. This is a written text on my experience with the asylum process in Germany. Living in exile and reminiscent of memories. A deteriorating sense of self that the waiting game produces.

I have been in my asylum process for 24 months, that is still ongoing. I had the police come into my home, twice to detain and deport me while I was under a Dublin deportation order. I was not at home. For 6 months, I had no legal documents and had to seek protection from the church. I had no health insurance, no access to the job market. I was in constant distress and walking outside became intolerable with fear. I began to isolate myself from my friends and retreated indoors, the only place where I felt safe. I told myself, it was only 6 months. After 6 months, I would be able to live a life where I have rights, as opposed to them taken away.

Six months pass by and Germany handles my asylum case. I receive a temporary residency permit valid for a year while the case is still in process. The fear that I thought I had left behind, only reinforced a foundation of despair. Moving to a country where you have to learn the language from scratch. Leaving your family behind and not knowing when you would be able to meet again. Having to deal with authorities that constrict your movement and rights. Finding safe housing in a city. Not knowing when the police will show up—again—at your place to detain you while you’re still in your asylum process. Living in a constant state of terror that starts to erode any sense of safety.

On August 4th 2020, an explosion took place in Beirut, Lebanon, that was caused by 2,750 tonnes of cargo containing ammonium nitrate that was stored in the capital of Beirut’s port, for six years. Minutes later, I tried to get into contact with my family back home. The phone lines were down and could not reach them. My cousin worked ten minutes away from the port at the time. In an hour of waiting for anyone to respond, the worst possible scenarios were going through my head.

I was thinking that either my family had died from the explosion or were severely injured. Thankfully, my family was safe with minimal injuries. They were lucky. The others, not so much. 207 deaths, 7500 injured. Streets were filled with blood and decapitated bodies as people rushed into the overcrowded hospitals. Doctors were forced to perform surgeries in parking lots as some hospitals were destroyed after the explosion. Nine months later and the Lebanese government has still not taken any action for this negligent massacre on its own people.

There is constant worry at the deteriorating living situation, that my family is experiencing back home. I speak to my family over the phone, and I miss them. When will I ever see them again in person, incessant thoughts come to my mind. Will they be okay, are they okay? How is life over there? They tell me it’s a struggle but that they are luckier than most and are managing. I never know when to believe their answer, their answer stems from wanting me not to worry. They tell me to focus on my life, get through the obstacles and barriers that this country firmly places on a platter. Systematic oppression sprouts hopelessness. This is what asylum seeking does to people. It reduces me to a statistic and collateral damage to be dealt with by PR protocol. I read the latest updates on racist mob attacks around Germany directed at refugees.

We are mocked, spat on and ridiculed for trying to live after losing everything. We are berated and made to feel inferior by authorities. We are unable to find safe housing spaces, are forced to stay in abusive situations and live on the streets. We are unable to find the dignity that we had hoped for before arriving here. Contemplating suicide after two years of living in the same predicament. Waiting in anticipation for a second-third-fourth- decision that predates my future can dissipate.

When I see mental health professionals, I am recommended to focus on my breathing. Superfluous at best. They tell me to change my perspective and outlook in life. How can I do that when we live in a world where systematic oppression exists. How can I focus on my breath when there is a boot crushing my neck? There are injustices surrounding me, that the capability of fighting back becomes vacant over time.

At a certain point, exhaustion grows into a central topic of existence and taking care of basic needs proves to be a struggle. It frightens me to think that I have let this procedure get to me, but how could I not let it get to me? It directly affects my living situation, in all arenas of life. Sometimes, just sometimes, I have the will to go on. To keep on fighting. I am still picking up the pieces as I go along.

Not knowing when this process will be over and what the outcome would be. Would my case receive another rejection in court and return to a country I have no ties to and risk prosecution? Would I be rendered without a residency again?

Why does the German government treat asylum seekers as criminals? Why are people being met with violence at the borders of the EU when carrying out their right to seek asylum as a fundamental human right.

Why are we only accepted to live here if we can prove to be a profitable asset to the economy?

This article has been published by an anonymous person in Daily Resistance #9 in English and Arabic (below)

الرّيبة والخوف من المجهول شعورٌ يتفاقم في أوقات الوباء. ما يلي هو نصّ كتبته عن تجربتي مع عمليّة اللجوء في ألمانيا. يمكنني أن اختصرها بحالةِ تدهورالإحساس بقيمتي الذاتية، نتيجة لعبة الإنتظار

بدأتُ بإجراءت اللجوء منذ 24 شهراً، ولا تزال العملية مستمرّة. أتت الشرطة إلى منزلي مرّتين لإحتجازي وترحيلي بينما كنت بموجب أمر ترحيل من دبلن. لمدّة 6 أشهر لم يكن لدي أي مستندات قانونية و اضطررت الى طلب الحماية من الكنيسة. لم يكن لديّ تأمين صحي ولا إمكانيّة للإنخراط في سوق العمل. وجدت نفسي في قلق مزمن وأصبح تنقّلي خارج المنزل أمرٌ لا يطاق بسب الخوف الدائم. بدأتُ بالانعزال عن اصدقائي و البقاء في المنزل لأنّه المكان الوحيد الذي كنت أشعر فيه بشيء من الأمآن. قلت لفسي بأنّ هذه المعانات ستنتهي بعد 6 أشهر وانني سأتمكن بعدها بالعيش بكامل حقوقي التي سُلبت مني

بعد ستّة أشهر بقيَت قضيّتي في قبضة السّلطات الألمانية. اعطوني تصريح إقامة مؤقّتة لمدّة عام واحد، لكن القضية بقيَت قيد النظر. الخوف الذي اعتقدت أنني سأتخلّص منه عاد، وعزّز فيّ الشعور باليأس. الانتقال إلى بلد جديد، تعلُّم لغة جديدة، ترك عائلتي دون أن أعرف متى سأتمكّن من رؤيتهم مجدّداً، التعامل مع سلطات تقيّد تحرّكاتي وحقوقي، كلّها صعوباتٍ واجهتها. كان الشعور بالخوف وعدم الأمان يلاحقني بإستمرار بينما كنت أحاول أن أجد مكان آمن للسكن. كنت في ترقّب دائم لزيارة مفاجئة من قبل الشرطة لاعتقالي مجدداً بينما كانت اجراءت لجوئي مستمرة.

في الرابع من آب/ أغسطس وقع إنفجار في بيروت/ لبنان نتيجة إشتعال 2750 طنّاً من نترات الأمونيوم المخزّنة في مرفأ العاصمة منذ 6 سنوات. حاولت الإتصال بأسرتي في لبنان ولكن الخطوط كانت معطّلة. كان إبن عمي حينها يعمل بالقرب من المرفأ. خلال ساعة إنتظار ردّاً من عائلتي في لبنان، مرّت في ذهني أسوأ السيناريوهات المحتملة

اعتقدت بأنّ عائلتي قد ماتت في الإنفجار، أو أُصيبت بجروح خطيرة. لحسن الحظ كانت عائلتي بأمآن وأصيبوا بجروح طفيفة. كانوا محظوظين عكس الكثير من الناس الأخرين. 207 قتيل و 7500 جريح كانت الحصيلة. الشوارع امتلأت بالدّماء و الأشلاء، وهرعت الناس إلى المستشفيات المكتظّة. إضطرّ بعد الأطبّاء لإجراء عمليّات جراحيّة في مواقف السيارات، لأن بعض المستشفيات كانت قد دُمّرت في الانفجار. بعد تسعة أشهر على هذه الفاجعة، لم تتخذ الحكومة أي اجراءت ولم تتحمّل مسؤلية هذه المجزرة المتهوّرة بحق شعبها.

لديّ قلق دائم من تدهور الوضع المعيشي الذي تعيشه عائلتي هناك. اتحدث مع عائلتي عبر الهاتف وافتقدهم كثيراً. لا أعلم متى سأرهم مجدداً. تراودني تساؤلات عديدة بإستمرار: هل هم بخير؟ هل سيكونون بخير؟ كيف هي الحياة هناك؟ يقولون بأن الحياة هناك عبارة عن صراع مستمر ولكن يقولون أيضاً بأنهم أوفر حظاً من غيرهم وأنهم يدبّرون أمورهم. يطلبون مني التركيز على حياتي وتخطّي العقبات التي تضعها هذه البلاد في وجهي

القمع الممنهج يولّد اليأس. هذا ما تفعله عمليّة اللجوء بالناس. تجعل منّي مجرد رقم، إحصاء، وضرر

Salah Tayyar dead. We are all Salah! Manifestations, Sunday, 21.3.21: 13 o’clock, Eberswalde main station and 15 o’clock Senftenberger Straße

15.03.2021: A statement and an appeal of the group ‚Barnim für Alle‘. First arabisch, english and german bellow.

ونداء  من مجموعة بارنيم للجميع
وفاة صلاح طاهر.


! Changed: Instead of a Demonstration there will be two Manifestations. One at 13 o’clock, Eberswalde main station and another one at 15 o’clock, Senftenberger Str. 4 (Brandenburgisches Viertel).

توفي  اللاجئ صلاح طاهر في يوم الخميس الموافق 11.03.2021وذلك  بانه قفز من الطابق السادس في مكان اقامته في مدينة ايبرسفالد في مقاطعة بارنيم .، والسبب في ذلك هو الضغوط النفسية التي تعرض لها في من قبل نظام اللجوء الالماني لفترة طويلة  ،  الضحية له اقارب واصدقاء  متعددين في المانيا ونحن على تواصل معهم .

الاقارب  والاصدقاء بحاجة الى تضامننا ، وتضامننا الحالي يكون بتمويل الاصدقاء والاسرة اللذين هم بحوجة الى كل تكاليف القيام بالعزاء عليه تجدون   حسابنا البنكي  في البيان ادنا .
كان صلاح مقيم تحت اجراءات اللجوء المعتادة والتي دائما ما تاخذ فترات طويلة من الضغظ علما بانه كان مقبلا في الفترة المقبلة على  محكمة الاستئناف  لانه قدم طعنا في قرار رفض الطلب من قبل دائرة الهجرة والللاجئيين.

ونحن كلاجئيين لدينا راي واضح  في انتحار هذا  الشاب ، الذي تعرض في خلال اقامته في المانيا ما يقارب ال8 سنوات دون الحصول على الاقامة مما ادى الى انتحاره نسبة لتلك الضغوط ، وهذه الضغوط يتعرض عليها مجموعة كبيرة من اللاجئين في مقاطعة بارنيم وكل المانيا.
  يتعرض اللاجئيين المقيميين في ولاية برادنبورغ للعنصرية اليومية  في كل الاماكن العامة ، بالاضافة للعنصرية التي تتصاعد كل يوم في كل المقاطعة كما كثرت الشكاوي عن الانتهاكات المستمرة في الفترة الاخيرة .

نحن نحمل مسؤولية انتحار صلاح لللحكومة الالمانية والحكومة  المحلية في منطقة بارنيم ونعلن كامل تضامنا مع اسرته واصدقاءه .

صلاح هوعبارة عن ضحية من ضحايا نظام اللجوء في ولاية برادنيورغ  الذي هو نظام عنصري في الاساس  يعمل دائما على اضطهاد وضغط اللاجئيين بصورة مستمرة ولفترات طويلة حتى  الوصول  للانتحار .

ماذا بعد ؟
  عليه نحن نعلن انه اننا في مجموع بارنيم للجميع  مقاومتنا لهذا النظام القاتل والمدمر للانسانية ،  لن نغفر ولن نسامح ولن نتجاوز.

لذلك سوف نقوم بعمل مظاهرة في يوم الاحد الموافق  21.03.2021 في مدينة ايبرسفالد ابتداءا من محطة االقطار الرئيسية حتى المكان الذي توفى فيه ، سيكون التجمع في محطة القطار الرئيسية لايبرسفالدة في تمام ال1 ظهرا ، وسيكون هناك مظاهرة كبيرة وطويلة ليوم كامل سنتحرك فيها خلال المدينة في محطات مختلفة ، سنتوقف في كل المؤسسات والمناطق التي يمارس فيها العنصرية وسنتحدث عنها .
لعمل هذا المجهود نحتاج لدعمكم المادي  بالتبرع لنا ونحن في حوجة لحضوركم ايضا بالمظاهرات التي خططنا لها.
اظهروا تضامنكم !

Anonymous hotline in case of crisis and suicidal thoughts:



A statement and an appeal of the group ‚Barnim für Alle‘

Salah Tayyar dead We are all Salah!

Manifestations, Sunday, 21.3.21: 13 o’clock, Eberswalde main station and 15 o’clock Senftenberger Str. 4 (Brandenburgisches Viertel)


Salah Tayyar, a refugee from Chad, died on Thursday, 11.03.2021, he lieved in the city of Eberswalde in the district of Barnim. He commit suicide. The reason is the psychological pressure he was exposed to for a long time by the German asylum system. He has relatives and friends in Germany, we are in contact with them. The relatives and friends need our solidarity. We also want to be in solidarity financially. Friends and family members need money for the costs incurred for a funeral or for the transfer of the body (this is not yet clear).

Salah suffered from the intense pressure of the usual asylum procedures. He knew that he had to go to court in April because he had filed a complaint against the rejection of his asylum application by the BAMF. He knew that people from Chad have little chance of being recognized. As refugees, we have a clear opinion about the suicide of this young man who suffered from uncertainty for almost 8 years during his stay in Germany without a secure residence title. This pressure led to his suicide. A large group of refugees in Barnim and all over Germany are exposed to this pressure. Refugees living in Brandenburg face daily racism in all public places, in addition to the racism that escalates across the country every day. Reports of racist incidents have increased recently. The responsibility for Salah’s suicide lies with the German government, the state of Brandenburg, and the local administration in the Barnim district. We declare our full solidarity with his family and friends.

Salah’s case is that of a victim of the asylum system, a racist regime that persecutes and pressures refugees until they see suicide as a last resort. What comes next ? Therefore, as a „Barnim für Alle“ group, we declare our opposition to this deadly and destructive system that has people on its conscience. We will not let this stand – we do not forgive, we do not forget. Therefore, on Sunday, March 21, 2021, on the international day against racism, we will hold two manifestations in the city of Eberswalde, 13 o’clock main train station to the place of his death in the Brandenburg Viertel. The gathering will begin at 13:00 at the main train station Eberswalde and 15 o’clock Senftenberger Str. 4 (Brandenburgisches Viertel). (We are also considering doing another demonstration on Tuesday, 3/23 in the city center). In order to achieve this, we need your financial support through a donation, and we need your participation in the demonstrations we are planning. Show your solidarity!


Barnim für alle

IBAN: DE 78 1705 2000 1110 0262 22

Sparkasse Barnim

Verwendungszweck: Wir sind alle Salah!




Anonymous hotline in case of crisis and suicidal thoughts:




Eine Erklärung und ein Aufruf der Gruppe Barnim Für alle.

Salah Tayyar, ein Geflüchteter aus dem Tschad, starb am Donnerstag, den 11.03.2021. Er lebte in in der Stadt Eberswalde im Landkreis Barnim und beging Selbstmord. Grund dafür ist der psychologische Druck, dem er lange Zeit vom deutschen Asylsystem ausgesetzt war. Er hat Verwandte und Freunde in Deutschland, wir stehen mit ihnen in Kontakt.

Die Verwandten und Freunde brauchen unsere Solidarität. Wir wollen auch finanziell solidarisch sein. Freunde und Familienmitglieder brauchen Geld für die anfallenden Kosten für eine Beerdigung oder für die Überführung des Körpers (das ist noch nicht klar).

Salah litt unter dem starken Druck der üblichen Asylverfahren. Er wusste, dass er im April zum Gericht musste, weil er gegen die Ablehnung des Asylantrages durch dasBAMF geklagt hatte. Er wusste, dass Menschen aus dem Tschad kaum Chancen auf Anerkennung haben.

Als Geflüchtete haben wir eine klare Meinung über den Selbstmord dieses jungen Mannes, der während seines Aufenthalts in Deutschland fast 8 Jahre lang ohne sicheren Aufenthaltstitel an der Ungewissheit gelitten hat. Dieser Druck führte zu seinem Selbstmord. Diesem Druck ist eine große Gruppe von Geflüchteten im Barnim und ganz Deutschland ausgesetzt.

In Brandenburg lebende Geflüchtete sind an allen öffentlichen Orten täglichem Rassismus ausgesetzt, zusätzlich zu dem Rassismus, der im gesamten Land jeden Tag eskaliert. Anzeigen von rassistischen Vorfälle haben in letzter Zeit zugenommen.

Die Verantwortung für Salahs Selbstmord tragen die deutsche Regierung, das Land Brandenburg und die lokale Verwaltung im Landkreis Barnim. Wir erklären unsere volle Solidarität mit seiner Familie und seinen Freunden.

Salahs Fall ist der eines Opfers des Asylsystems, eines rassistischen Regimes, das Geflüchtete so lange verfolgt und unter Druck setzt, bis sie den Selbstmord als letzten Ausweg sehen.

Was kommt als nächstes ?

Deshalb erklären wir als „Barnim für alle“-Gruppe unseren Widerstand gegen dieses tödliche und zerstörerische System, das Menschen auf dem Gewissen hat. Wir lassen das nicht stehen – wir vergeben nicht, wir vergessen nicht.

Deshalb werden wir am Sonntag, den 21.03.2021, am internationalen Tag gegen Rassismus, in der Stadt Eberswalde zwei Kundgebungen abhalten, um 13 Uhr am Hauptbahnhof und um 15 Uhr in der Senftenberger Straße 4, seinem Todesort im Brandenburgischen Viertel. (Wir überlegen auch eine weitere Demonstration am Dienstag, 23.3. in der Innenstadt zu machen.)

Um dies zu erreichen, benötigen wir Eure finanzielle Unterstützung durch eine Spende, und wir benötigen Eure Teilnahme an den von uns geplanten Demonstrationen.

Zeigt Eure Solidarität!


Barnim für alle

IBAN: DE 78 1705 2000 1110 0262 22

Sparkasse Barnim
Verwendungszweck: Wir sind alle Salah!




Anonymous hotline in case of crisis and suicidal thoughts:



The construction of the European Union’s immigration system

Unser Europa hat keine Grenzen

Unser Europa hat keine Grenzen

These days it is getting obvious that the European Union, a supranational entity supposedly built on the values of freedom and peace, is putting a stamp on it’s mostly non-existant immigration and asylum system. That the European leaders selectively apply such values only for the economic and political elites is nothing new. New and surprising aren’t even the new changes for the immigration and asylum laws that are being developed under the privileged position by the technocratic elites in Berlin and Brussels. We must never forget how many people continue to die while trying to cross Mediterranean every year, because of the already existing legal framework.

The European Union is enforcing it’s borders (again)

Yesterday, 15.10.2015, late at night an Afgan refugee has been shot by the Bulgarian border control police, after 50 refugees tried to cross the border Sredets to Bulgaria from Turkey. Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs is using an excuse that the refugees didn’t obey the orders to stop and even though they were not armed the Bulgarian police was compelled to use such force (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/16/afghan-refugee-shot-dead-police-turkey-enter-bulgaria).

This is of course nothing new and surprising for how the EU’s member states deal with the influx of people trying to come within its borders. Let us just remember the rubber bullet shootings by the Spanish border police in February 2014, when an unknown number of people trying to reach “Spanish” side of Ceuta drowned. This is the reality of the European Union’s immigration and asylum system which rather spends money to enforce its borders than help the people who are fleeing desperation from their settings, which is a direct product of Western Europe’s colonialism and decades of interventions by the world superpowers in the 20th century.

If we read the Frontex budget report for the years 2014 and 2015, we see an increased budget injections in external border controls. Citing Statewarch and EU’s budget expenditures to Frontex:

The 2015 budget of EU border agency Frontex has been increased by 17.5%, from €97 million to €114 million, with the largest share of the extra funding going towards Joint Operations at Sea Borders.’

(source: http://www.statewatch.org/news/2015/feb/eu-frontex-budget%202015.htm; http://frontex.europa.eu/assets/About_Frontex/Governance_documents/Budget/Budget_2015.pdf).

The EU leaders are currently discussing of giving Turkey 3 billion financial resources and other political-social benefits for its citizens (e.g. better VISA-FREE travel). The idea is to keep (at least) 2 million refugees within Turkey’s borders and ask for its help with enforcing EU’s external borders (source: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/15/big-decisions-unlikely-migration-summit-eu-leaders).

Turkey is suppose to be a so called safe county, but we all know that is on the verge of a small civil war (mostly with Kurdish people or people with different political orientation), if we just look at the events that happened few days ago in Ankara, where more than 100 people were killed by most likely state sponsored suicide bombing. Citing The Guardian newspaper:

Turkey is currently the main source of the 700,000 people who have entered the EU this year. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, is to travel to Istanbul on Sunday for talks with the president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, only two weeks before a crucial general election in Turkey, leaving her open to charges that she is boosting the victory chances of his governing Justice and Development party.’

(source: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/15/big-decisions-unlikely-migration-summit-eu-leaders).

But the borders are not just on the edges of the Fortress Europe, but also inside it. They are the borders that separate people, who are illegalized by the fascist European Union’s immigration and asylum system, from European citizens. The good example and a symptom of such system is LaGeSo which dehumanizes people to non-beings, who are supposedly claiming benefits from the German state. But let us not forget that Germany is benefiting from such system and has historical and recent responsibilities towards countries that people flee from.

This is why making the so called “refugee” crisis, named by the EU’s institutions and mainstream media, a political issue that must directly adress the EU’s fascist immigration and asylum system, its neo-colonial practices and capitalist-neoliberal development in the recent years. No, there is no “refugee crisis”, but only European xenophobia towards human beings!

Next post will focus on the recent happening at the Balkan route borders and camps.

Until then: Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here!!