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Waiting sentence

Uncertainty is an emotion that amplifies during a pandemic. This is a written text on my experience with the asylum process in Germany. Living in exile and reminiscent of memories. A deteriorating sense of self that the waiting game produces.

I have been in my asylum process for 24 months, that is still ongoing. I had the police come into my home, twice to detain and deport me while I was under a Dublin deportation order. I was not at home. For 6 months, I had no legal documents and had to seek protection from the church. I had no health insurance, no access to the job market. I was in constant distress and walking outside became intolerable with fear. I began to isolate myself from my friends and retreated indoors, the only place where I felt safe. I told myself, it was only 6 months. After 6 months, I would be able to live a life where I have rights, as opposed to them taken away.

Six months pass by and Germany handles my asylum case. I receive a temporary residency permit valid for a year while the case is still in process. The fear that I thought I had left behind, only reinforced a foundation of despair. Moving to a country where you have to learn the language from scratch. Leaving your family behind and not knowing when you would be able to meet again. Having to deal with authorities that constrict your movement and rights. Finding safe housing in a city. Not knowing when the police will show up—again—at your place to detain you while you’re still in your asylum process. Living in a constant state of terror that starts to erode any sense of safety.

On August 4th 2020, an explosion took place in Beirut, Lebanon, that was caused by 2,750 tonnes of cargo containing ammonium nitrate that was stored in the capital of Beirut’s port, for six years. Minutes later, I tried to get into contact with my family back home. The phone lines were down and could not reach them. My cousin worked ten minutes away from the port at the time. In an hour of waiting for anyone to respond, the worst possible scenarios were going through my head.

I was thinking that either my family had died from the explosion or were severely injured. Thankfully, my family was safe with minimal injuries. They were lucky. The others, not so much. 207 deaths, 7500 injured. Streets were filled with blood and decapitated bodies as people rushed into the overcrowded hospitals. Doctors were forced to perform surgeries in parking lots as some hospitals were destroyed after the explosion. Nine months later and the Lebanese government has still not taken any action for this negligent massacre on its own people.

There is constant worry at the deteriorating living situation, that my family is experiencing back home. I speak to my family over the phone, and I miss them. When will I ever see them again in person, incessant thoughts come to my mind. Will they be okay, are they okay? How is life over there? They tell me it’s a struggle but that they are luckier than most and are managing. I never know when to believe their answer, their answer stems from wanting me not to worry. They tell me to focus on my life, get through the obstacles and barriers that this country firmly places on a platter. Systematic oppression sprouts hopelessness. This is what asylum seeking does to people. It reduces me to a statistic and collateral damage to be dealt with by PR protocol. I read the latest updates on racist mob attacks around Germany directed at refugees.

We are mocked, spat on and ridiculed for trying to live after losing everything. We are berated and made to feel inferior by authorities. We are unable to find safe housing spaces, are forced to stay in abusive situations and live on the streets. We are unable to find the dignity that we had hoped for before arriving here. Contemplating suicide after two years of living in the same predicament. Waiting in anticipation for a second-third-fourth- decision that predates my future can dissipate.

When I see mental health professionals, I am recommended to focus on my breathing. Superfluous at best. They tell me to change my perspective and outlook in life. How can I do that when we live in a world where systematic oppression exists. How can I focus on my breath when there is a boot crushing my neck? There are injustices surrounding me, that the capability of fighting back becomes vacant over time.

At a certain point, exhaustion grows into a central topic of existence and taking care of basic needs proves to be a struggle. It frightens me to think that I have let this procedure get to me, but how could I not let it get to me? It directly affects my living situation, in all arenas of life. Sometimes, just sometimes, I have the will to go on. To keep on fighting. I am still picking up the pieces as I go along.

Not knowing when this process will be over and what the outcome would be. Would my case receive another rejection in court and return to a country I have no ties to and risk prosecution? Would I be rendered without a residency again?

Why does the German government treat asylum seekers as criminals? Why are people being met with violence at the borders of the EU when carrying out their right to seek asylum as a fundamental human right.

Why are we only accepted to live here if we can prove to be a profitable asset to the economy?

This article has been published by an anonymous person in Daily Resistance #9 in English and Arabic (below)

الرّيبة والخوف من المجهول شعورٌ يتفاقم في أوقات الوباء. ما يلي هو نصّ كتبته عن تجربتي مع عمليّة اللجوء في ألمانيا. يمكنني أن اختصرها بحالةِ تدهورالإحساس بقيمتي الذاتية، نتيجة لعبة الإنتظار

بدأتُ بإجراءت اللجوء منذ 24 شهراً، ولا تزال العملية مستمرّة. أتت الشرطة إلى منزلي مرّتين لإحتجازي وترحيلي بينما كنت بموجب أمر ترحيل من دبلن. لمدّة 6 أشهر لم يكن لدي أي مستندات قانونية و اضطررت الى طلب الحماية من الكنيسة. لم يكن لديّ تأمين صحي ولا إمكانيّة للإنخراط في سوق العمل. وجدت نفسي في قلق مزمن وأصبح تنقّلي خارج المنزل أمرٌ لا يطاق بسب الخوف الدائم. بدأتُ بالانعزال عن اصدقائي و البقاء في المنزل لأنّه المكان الوحيد الذي كنت أشعر فيه بشيء من الأمآن. قلت لفسي بأنّ هذه المعانات ستنتهي بعد 6 أشهر وانني سأتمكن بعدها بالعيش بكامل حقوقي التي سُلبت مني

بعد ستّة أشهر بقيَت قضيّتي في قبضة السّلطات الألمانية. اعطوني تصريح إقامة مؤقّتة لمدّة عام واحد، لكن القضية بقيَت قيد النظر. الخوف الذي اعتقدت أنني سأتخلّص منه عاد، وعزّز فيّ الشعور باليأس. الانتقال إلى بلد جديد، تعلُّم لغة جديدة، ترك عائلتي دون أن أعرف متى سأتمكّن من رؤيتهم مجدّداً، التعامل مع سلطات تقيّد تحرّكاتي وحقوقي، كلّها صعوباتٍ واجهتها. كان الشعور بالخوف وعدم الأمان يلاحقني بإستمرار بينما كنت أحاول أن أجد مكان آمن للسكن. كنت في ترقّب دائم لزيارة مفاجئة من قبل الشرطة لاعتقالي مجدداً بينما كانت اجراءت لجوئي مستمرة.

في الرابع من آب/ أغسطس وقع إنفجار في بيروت/ لبنان نتيجة إشتعال 2750 طنّاً من نترات الأمونيوم المخزّنة في مرفأ العاصمة منذ 6 سنوات. حاولت الإتصال بأسرتي في لبنان ولكن الخطوط كانت معطّلة. كان إبن عمي حينها يعمل بالقرب من المرفأ. خلال ساعة إنتظار ردّاً من عائلتي في لبنان، مرّت في ذهني أسوأ السيناريوهات المحتملة

اعتقدت بأنّ عائلتي قد ماتت في الإنفجار، أو أُصيبت بجروح خطيرة. لحسن الحظ كانت عائلتي بأمآن وأصيبوا بجروح طفيفة. كانوا محظوظين عكس الكثير من الناس الأخرين. 207 قتيل و 7500 جريح كانت الحصيلة. الشوارع امتلأت بالدّماء و الأشلاء، وهرعت الناس إلى المستشفيات المكتظّة. إضطرّ بعد الأطبّاء لإجراء عمليّات جراحيّة في مواقف السيارات، لأن بعض المستشفيات كانت قد دُمّرت في الانفجار. بعد تسعة أشهر على هذه الفاجعة، لم تتخذ الحكومة أي اجراءت ولم تتحمّل مسؤلية هذه المجزرة المتهوّرة بحق شعبها.

لديّ قلق دائم من تدهور الوضع المعيشي الذي تعيشه عائلتي هناك. اتحدث مع عائلتي عبر الهاتف وافتقدهم كثيراً. لا أعلم متى سأرهم مجدداً. تراودني تساؤلات عديدة بإستمرار: هل هم بخير؟ هل سيكونون بخير؟ كيف هي الحياة هناك؟ يقولون بأن الحياة هناك عبارة عن صراع مستمر ولكن يقولون أيضاً بأنهم أوفر حظاً من غيرهم وأنهم يدبّرون أمورهم. يطلبون مني التركيز على حياتي وتخطّي العقبات التي تضعها هذه البلاد في وجهي

القمع الممنهج يولّد اليأس. هذا ما تفعله عمليّة اللجوء بالناس. تجعل منّي مجرد رقم، إحصاء، وضرر

Daily Resistance #9 is out!

Cover page of issue #9 of the Daily Resistance

Dear friends* and comrades*,

half a year after the last issue, we have managed to compile, translate and design a new issue. 10 pages strong, it comes as always in numerous languages (Farsi, Arabic, French, German, English, Turkish, Spanish). This time, many articles explore the repression and difficulties people have to endure in lagers, but also when it comes to repression by the state, the authorities, border police and, not to forget, the media and public discourse. But also, there can be found signs of empowerment, solidarity and common political struggle. Lastly, many calls and campaigns deliver important statements, reports and follow-up stories on previous stories. Support them, spread the word, get involved!

The articles will be subsequently published here as single posts on oplatz.net.

The PDF version can be read and downloaded down below

You can order printed copies from July 26th by writing to: dailyresistance@systemli.org


COVID-19: No one is safe until All are protected!

Open Letter from the Transbalkan Solidarity Group

Currently there are tens of thousands of refugees and other migrants in the Balkans. Some of them are accommodated in official collective centers, while a large number of people fall outside the system, surviving through the help of the local population and support provided to them by volunteers throughout the region. Yet with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the already difficult situation in which they find themselves is becoming even more challenging and demands urgent action of those in charge – local and international actors – and solidarity from all of us.

The State of Emergency now in force in many countries of the region is a basis for the continuation and reinforcement of social inequalities and unfortunately is already serving as a rationale for the further stigmatization and repression of the most unprotected among us. But this exceptional situation must not become an excuse for continued politics of exclusion, restriction and expulsion, suffering and distress.

The fear for our own lives and the lives of those around us that we are faced with currently have for many been everyday realities for much longer. These uncertainties of the present lead us to radically question the system of geopolitical hierarchies, racial and class distinctions that divide and rank us, producing a population of undesired and rejected people across the world and in our countries alike. In these conditions we are left with nothing more than to work towards the removal of imposed inequalities based on social and citizenship status.

We therefore call for an end to all official and unofficial discriminatory and dehumanizing practices, for the end of violence at the borders, and for the legalization of everyone’s existence, for the closure of all forms of detention and collective centers that restrict freedom of movement and fail to secure humane and hygienic conditions. As individuals we call for an affirmation of the values of equality and freedom, appealing to acts of care and solidarity.

At the same time, as a form of emergency measures, we demand of the member governments of the European Union, the states of the region, and all relevant institutions and organizations to ensure that all who are forced to live on the street, in abandoned buildings without minimal sanitary conditions, or in inadequate collective centers are systematically provided accommodation in humane, safe, and sanitary conditions. We call for adequate and healthy living conditions to be secured for all, that public and other (unused, privately owned) buildings, including tourist facilities, should be put to use for this purpose. In a pandemic such as this, basic accommodations for all vulnerable people needs to be the priority of all responsible public policies and states.

In that sense, we remind that the European Union and especially the European Commission bear particular responsibility towards refugees and other migrants “stuck” in our countries. As they have openly shown with their recent actions on the Greek-Turkish border and other borders, they want to keep refugees and migrants out of their territory at all costs and using any means.

Within the framework of measures envisioned and implemented by local and state authorities as well as international organizations like IOM and their partners that have in some states of the region taken on a leading role in work with refugees and migrants, we ask for the immediate formation and activation of mobile teams to bring water and food, disinfectants, cleaning supplies, and toiletries to all those in need living outside the camps. Citizens should be included in this process without restrictions, on a voluntary basis and in line with the recommendations of health and epidemiological specialists.

We call on citizens, local and international volunteers in the region who wish to help in whatever way to respect the instructions of health experts and epidemiologists in order to reduce the possibility of putting themselves and those they help at risk. We call on everyone to cooperate and coordinate their work because only in this way can we conquer the pandemic of fear and reduce the serious risks that the most unprotected among us face.

In addition, we ask that people who already live in collective centers across the region are offered adequate protection and quality nutrition as well as hygienic conditions that support basic human dignity. Among them are many who fall into vulnerable categories such as those with chronic diseases or people with weakened immunity. It is necessary to improve care especially for these people. The collective centers in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which are managed by IOM, are probably in the worst state and below every measure of dignity. The majority of them are overcrowded, without adequate conditions for maintaining regular hygiene, regular access to warm water for bathing or clean water for drinking, and basic materials for personal hygiene and disinfection. Those responsible should provide these basic resources at all times, not only under conditions of pandemic.

We ask for the engagement of all who have the capacity and duty to act: UN agencies and their partners, especially IOM which has the greatest jurisdiction, Doctors without Borders, the International Red Cross and their local branches, Danish Refugee Council, Merhamet, Caritas, and all other organizations and groups that are in any case involved in the care of people on the move.

Finally, we demand that all people be equally afforded unrestricted access to the health care system, that people on the move – refugees and migrants – are treated without discrimination, and that concrete measures for their protection be made part of all measures for the protection of the population as a whole. We demand that people are provided with access to information in languages they understand about this virus, how it functions in local micro-contexts, as well as about how it spreads from person to person and how to protect oneself from contracting it. In the battle against this pandemic, leaving out one part of the population from protection measures will cancel out all other efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

Our governments are required by law to ensure access to emergency treatment for all people regardless of status, which COVID-19 will require for many. For this reason, we also call on the authorities to make available regular and free medical treatment for this population, especially in cases of people contracting the virus or when there is reason to suspect contagion. At the same time, this situation requires caution and openness while calling us to maintain organized support to refugees, migrants, and other groups at risk. This is required of us out of elementary humanity as well as the basic logics of public health because no one is safe until we are all protected!

COVID-19: Niko nije siguran dok svi nisu zaštićeni!

Otvoreno pismo Transbalkanske solidarnosti

Trenutno se na prostoru Balkana nalazi nekoliko desetina hiljada izbjeglica i drugih migranata. Dio je smješten u zvaničnim sabirnim centrima, ali je veliki broj ljudi izvan sistema, preživljavajući uz pomoć lokalnog stanovništva i podrške koju im pružaju dobrovoljci u cijeloj regiji. No, sa širenjem virusa COVID-19, ionako teška situacija u kojoj se nalaze, postaje još teža i zahtijeva hitnu akciju odgovornih – lokalnih i međunarodnih aktera – te solidarnost svih nas.

Izvanredno stanje, koje je danas na snazi i u mnogim zemljama regije, poluga je za održavanje i učvršćivanje društvenih nejednakosti, i nažalost već služi kao okidač daljnje stigmatizacije i represije prema najnezaštićenijima među nama. No, ova izvanredna situacija ne smije biti izlika za nastavak politika isključivanja, zatvaranja i protjerivanja, patnje i stradanja.

Strah za vlastiti život i živote drugih oko nas s kojim se suočavamo ovih dana, za mnoge je svakodnevica u kojoj dugo obitavaju. Neizvjesnost današnjice usmjerava nas na radikalno preispitivanje sustava koji nas automatizmom geopolitičkih, rasnih i klasnih podjela, dijeli i rangira, proizvodeći u svojoj obijesti suvišne i nepoželjne diljem svijeta, pa i u našim zemljama. U tim uvjetima nam ne preostaje drugo nego zahtijevati dokidanje nametnutih razlika baziranih na društvenom i državljanskom statusu.

Stoga pozivamo na ukidanje službenih i neslužbenih diskriminacijskih i dehumanizacijskih praksi, prestanak nasilja na granicama te na legalizaciju svih egzistencija, na zatvaranje svih oblika detencijskih i sabirnih centara koji ograničavaju slobodu kretanja i ne osiguravaju temeljne čovječne i higijenske uvjete. Kao pojedinci i pojedinke pozivamo na afirmaciju vrijednosti jednakosti i slobode, apelirajući na činove brižnosti i solidarnosti. 

Istodobno, kao oblik hitnih mjera, od vlada država članica Europske unije, država u regionu i svih nadležnih institucija i organizacija, zahtijevamo da sve koji su prisiljeni živjeti na ulici, u improviziranim objektima bez minimalnih sanitarnih uvjeta, ili u neadekvatnim kolektivnim objektima, organizirano omoguće smeštaj u humanim, sigurnim i sanitarnim uslovima. Zahtijevamo da se za sve osiguraju adekvatni uvjeti za život i zdravlje te da se u tu svrhu bez odlaganja prenamjene javni, turistički i drugi (prazni privatni) objekti. U jeku pandemije, primjereno zbrinjavanje svih ugroženih trebalo bi biti prioritet svake odgovorne javne politike i svih odgovornih država.

U tom smislu, podsjećamo da posebnu odgovornost prema izbjeglicama i drugim migrantima “zaglavljenim” u našim zemljama ima Europska unija i posebice Europska komisija koja ih ne birajući sredstva, ni cijenu – što otvoreno pokazaju svojim djelovanjem na grčko-turskoj i drugim granicama –  želi zadržati izvan svoje teritorije.

Tražimo da se u okviru mjera koje predviđaju i organiziraju lokalne i državne vlasti, kao i međunarodne organizacije poput IOM-a i njihovih partnera koji su u nekim državama u regiji preuzeli vodeću ulogu u radu s izbjeglicama i migrantima, po hitnom postupku organiziraju i aktiviraju mobilni timovi koji bi donosili vodu i hranu, sredstva za dezinfekciju i higijenu, svim ljudima kojima je to potrebno, a koji žive izvan kampova. U ovaj proces treba da se  uključe građani i građanke, bez ograničenja i na dobrovoljnoj osnovi, a u skladu sa preporukama zdravstvenih stručnjaka i epidemiologinja.

Građane i građanke te domaće i međunarodne volontere, koji su prisutni u regiji i koji žele na bilo koji način pomoći, pozivamo da poštuju uputstva zdravstvenih stručnjakinja i epidemiologa te tako smanje mogućnost izlaganja riziku sebe i ljudi kojima se pomaže. Pozivamo sve da surađuju i koordiniraju svoj rad, jer samo tako možemo suzbiti pandemiju straha i umanjiti ozbiljne rizike za najnezaštićenije među nama. 

Također, tražimo da se ljudima koji već žive u sabirnim centrima širom regije, omogući adekvatna zaštita i kvalitetna prehrana, kao i higijenski uslovi za dostojanstven boravak. Među njima su mnogi koji spadaju u ugrožene kategorije, kao što su hronični bolesnici ili osobe sa oslabljenim imunitetom, i potrebna im je pojačana briga. Sabirni centri u BiH, kojima upravlja IOM, su vjerovatno u najgorem stanju i ispod svakog nivoa dostojanstva. Većina ih je prenapučena, bez adekvatnih uslova za  redovno održavanje higijene, redovno snabdijevanje toplom i ispravnom vodom za piće, osnovnim sredstvima za higijenu i dezinfekciju. Ne samo u uslovima pandemije, odgovorni bi morali omogućiti pristup ovim osnovnim resursima.

Tražimo da se uključe svi koji imaju mogućnost i obaveze: UN-ove agencije i njihovi partneri, naročito IOM koji ima najviše ovlasti, te Lekari bez granica, međunarodni Crveni križ i njihova lokalna povjerenstva, Dansko vijeće za izbjeglice, Merhamet, Caritas i sve druge organizacije i grupe koje su inače uključene u zbrinjavanje ljudi u pokretu.

Konačno, zahtijevamo da se svim ljudima bez razlike omogući neometan pristup zdravstvenom sistemu, te da se i one koji su u pokretu – izbjeglice i migrante – tretira bez diskriminacije. Zahtijevamo da se u okviru mjera zaštite stanovništva predvide i konkretne mjere njihove zaštite. Zahtijevamo da im se omogući pristup informacijama, na jezicima koje razumiju, kako o tome šta je ovaj virus i kako djeluje u lokalnom mikrokontekstu, tako o načinima prenosa i načinima kako se zaštititi. U uslovima borbe protiv pandemije izostavljanje jednog dela populacije od mera zaštite anulira sve napore da se širenje zaustavi.

Naše su vlade i zakonski obavezne osigurati uvjete za takvo postupanje budući da se u slučaju liječenja i prevencije COVID-19 radi o hitnoj medicinskoj pomoći. Zato zahtevamo također, da vlasti omoguće redovan besplatan medicinski tretman za sve, a posebno u slučaju zaraze virusom ili sumnje na zarazu. Ova situacija istovremeno zahtijeva oprez i otvorenost te nas poziva na organiziranu podršku izbjeglicama, migrantima i drugim skupinama u riziku. Na to nas obvezuje elementarna čovječnost, pa i temeljna javnozdravstvena logika jer niko nije bezbedan dok svi nisu bezbedni!


The English, Serbocroation and Arabic version of this article have been published in Daily Resistance #8

Daily Resistance online

The first pile of newspapers has arrived and can be read/picked up for distribution at Café Karanfil, Mahlower Str 7 in Neukölln. If we run out of stock, grab them at the We’ll come united demo in Hamburg or get hold of your copies by sending a mail to dailyresistance@systemli.org!

The online PDF version of Daily Resistance #5 can be found here.


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Friday, March 31st, 11am: Demo against deportations to Tunisia – Together against deportations!

Demo against deportations to Tunisia

Together against deportations!

Friday | 31th of march | 11am
Embassy of Tunisia | Lindenallee 16 | close to ZOB Berlin

We‘re a group of tunisians who will protest against the planned deportation of 1500 people. For that
we want to kindly invite you to join us!

First of all, we will protest in front of the Tunisian embassy against their decision to give out travel
documents for said 1500 persons.

Afterwards we will go to the ministry of interior and will protest the decision of carrying out those

Finally we will demonstrate in front of the chancellors office in order to make our demand heard, that she shall cancel the agreement with Tunisia. Because we believe that, everyone should have the
right to choose their place of residence!

We hope that you all come and bring all your friends, so that we can be loud together and show our resistance against deportations!

If you have any questions, don‘t hesitate to contact us:
01577 4531 480

Call for demonstration in PDF


Gemeinsam gegen Abschiebungen!

Freitag  |  31. März  | 11Uhr
Tunesische Botschaft | Lindenallee 16 | beim ZOB Berlin

Wir sind eine Gruppe Tunesier*innen, die gegen die geplante Abschiebung von 1500 Menschen demonstrieren wollen.

Dazu laden wir euch herzlich nach Berlin ein!

Zuerst werden wir vor der tunesischen Botschaft eine Kundgebung halten und gegen die Ausstellung von Reisedokumenten für besagte 1500 Menschen protestieren.

Danach werden wir vor das Innenministerium ziehen und die Entscheidung zur Durchführung der Abschiebungen kritisieren.

Schließlich werden wir vor dem Bundeskanzlerinamt für die Aufkündigung des Abkommens zwischen Deutschland und Tunesien demonstrieren. Dabei fordern wir das Recht der freien Wohnortswahl für jeden Menschen ein!

Wir hoffen auf euer Kommen und, dass ihr all eure Freund*innen mitbringt, damit wir gemeinsam und laut unseren Widerstand gegen Abschiebungen zeigen!

Wenn ihr Fragen zur Anreise oder ähnlichem habt, meldet euch unter:
01577 4531 480


مع بعض ضد الترحيل!
الجمعة | 31 . مارس | الساعة 11
أمام السفارة التونسية | Lindenallee 16
نحن مجموعة من تونسين نتشرف بحضوركم معنا في
مظاهرة ببرلين ضد ترحيل 1500 شخص!
امام السفارة التونسية مظاهرة يطلب عدم تسليم
للحكومة اللمانيا وثائق سفر 1500 شخص.
امام وزارة الداخلية ضد قرار تنفيذ التسفير.
امام مكتب المستشيرة مركل بهدف الغاء قرار
التفاقية بين المانيا و تونس لان نطلب حق العيش حر
في المكاان الذي يختاره الشخص.
و نتمنى أان تحضر معنا أنتم و أصدقائكم
ونحكي بصوت واحد ضد الترحيل! و شكرا
اذا عندكم اي أسئلة عن التريق الخ, رجاء التصال على
رقم و ايمايل التالي
01577 4531 480


Welcome2Stay Arbeitskonferenz 14.01.2017 in Göttingen

Welcome 2 stay

Englisch, Arabisch, Farsi & Einfaches Deutsch sowie Anreiseskizze unten! Alle Flyer im Download

Liebe Aktive,

Wir möchten Euch, Eure Gruppen, Initiativen oder Organisationen zur nächsten Arbeitskonferenz von welcome2stay am 14. Januar 2017 in  Göttingen einladen.

Die Konferenz dient vor allem der Vorbereitung der Aktionstage, für die wir vom 18. – 23. März aufrufen. Zugleich soll sie auch Ort weiteren Kennenlernens und Vernetzens sein.

Mit den Aktionstagen wollen wir unseren Kernforderungen, das Recht zu kommen, zu gehen und zu bleiben und gleiche soziale Rechte für Alle, hörbaren und sichtbaren Ausdruck verleihen. Sie sollen zeigen, an wie
vielen Orten unser solidarischer Gegenentwurf zur herrschenden Politik der Abschottung und nach wirtschaftlichen Maßstäben regulierter Migration bereits gelebt wird.
Thematischer Schwerpunkt der Aktionstage bildet das Recht auf Bleiben in all seinen Facetten, sowie der Kampf gegen Abschiebungen. Abschiebung zählt zu den radikalsten und brutalsten Verletzungen gleicher sozialer Rechte und des Rechts auf Bewegungsfreiheit und Bleiben. Für die Bundesregierung ist sie jedoch ein probates Mittel ihrer verschärften Asylpolitik und der Eingemeindung des Rechten Rands. Dagegen wollen und müssen wir gemeinsam laut werden. Den Aufruf zu den Aktionstagen findet Ihr hier: www.welcome2stay.org

Die Arbeitskonferenz im Januar wird zum einen ein Ort kreativer Ideensuche sein: welche Aktionsformen sind möglich? Womit haben wir gute Erfahrungen gemacht? Was ließe sich neu ausprobieren?

Zum anderen müssen auf ihr konkrete Schritte der Vorbereitung gegangen werden: soll aus den verschiedensten bundesweiten Aktionen ein Ganzes werden, brauchen wir Verfahren der Bündelung, wie regionale Koordinierungskreise und bundesweite highlights.

Einen Vorschlag zur Tagesordnung findet Ihr im Anhang zusammen mit dieser Einladung.

Die Konferenz findet von 12 – 17 h in der MUSA; Hagenweg 2a, Göttingen statt: (Die Musa findet sich 20 min zu Fuß vom Hbf die Leine flussabwärts oder mit dem Bus Nr. 11, 12, 73 bis Pfalz-Groner-Breite)

Um Anmeldung bitten wir unter mail@welcome2stay.org

Eine Bitte:
Da wir für diese Arbeitskonferenz für Räumlichkeiten und einen DolmetscherInnenpool etwas Geld brauchen, sind wir auf Spenden eurerseits angewiesen.

Vorschlag zur Tagesordnung

12:00 – 12:30 Uhr Begrüßung & Vorstellung
  • welche Personen / Gruppen mit welchen Erwartungen?
  • Was ist das Ziel der Konferenz
  • Vorstellung und Entscheidung der Tagesordnung
12:30 – 14:00 Uhr AG Phase
  • Entwickeln von Aktionsformen für die Aktionstage in regionalen AGs
  • Afghanistan AG (IL HH & Hazara Verein)
14:00 – 15:00 Pause
15:00 – 15:45 Uhr Vorstellung der AG Ergebnisse

15:45 – 17:00 Organisatorische Absprachen
  • regionale, städtische KoKreise wie z.B. in Berlin
  • Umsetzung der Aktionen
  • bundesweite Koordinierung
17:00 Ende der Veranstaltung

Herzliche Grüße,
euer welcome2stay KoKreis


Englisch, Arabisch, Farsi & Einfaches Deutsch sowie Anreiseskizze unten! Alle Flyer im Download!

Dear all,

We would like to invite you, your groups, initiatives or organizations to the next work conference of welcome2stay on the 14th of January, 2017 in Göttingen. The focus of the conference will be the preparation for the upcoming campaign days, for which welcome2stay calls up, between the 18th – 23d of march. At the same time the conference should also be a place to further connect and network.

With the campaign days we want to articulate our core demands, the right to come, to go and to stay and social rights for all.

This shall show at how many places people are already living a solidary counterdraft compared to the prevalent policy of separation and regulated migration based on economic standards. The main focus of the campaign days is on the right to stay in every aspect, as well as the fight against deportations. Deportations belong to the most radical and most violent violations of equal social rights and the right of freedom of movement. However, for the government it is a proven method of their exacerbated asylum policy and the integration of the marginal right wing. Against this we want and we must get loud! You can find the call of action here: www.welcome2stay.org

The working conference in January will be for one a place for a creative search for ideas: what forms of actions are possible? With what did we have good experiences? What could be novel approaches?

For another, concrete steps must be taken: in order to become a whole from various nationwide campaigns, we need bundling procedures, such as regional coordination teams and nationwide highlights.

Below you can find a suggestion for an agenda in the appendix.

The conference takes place from 12 – 17 pm in the MUSA at Hagenweg 2a, Göttingen. (The Musa is located a 20 minutes walk from the main station down the river Line or you can take the Bus Nr. 11, 12, 73 to Pfalz-Groner-Breite.)

To participate, we kindly ask you to register under:
Since we need to pay the rooms and interpreters for this working conference, we kindly ask for a donation.

Best regards,
your welcome2stay coordination team


دعوة لحضور مؤتمر العمل المنظم من قبل welcome2stayوالذي سيقام في 14 كانون الثاني / يناير 2017، في MUSA, Hagenweg 2a, Göttingen

من أجل حقوق اجتماعية متساوية للجميع و من أجل حق القدوم، الرحيل، و البقاء.

يسرنا دعوتكم و دعوة مجموعاتكم، مبادراتكم، و جمعياتكم لحضور مؤتمر العمل القادم المنظم من قبل welcome2stay في 14 كانون الثاني/يناير 2016 في غوتنغن (Göttingen). الهدف الرئيسي للمؤتمر هو التحضير لأيام الحملة (Aktionstage)التي أطلقنا الدعوة إليها و التي ستقام بين 18 و 23 آذار/مارس 2017. و سيكون هذا اللقاء بنفس الوقت فرصة للتعارف و التشبيك.

نريد في أيام الحملة هذه أن نجعل طلباتنا الرئيسية مسموعة و مرئية فيما يخص حق القدوم، الذهاب، و البقاء والحقوق الاجتماعية المتساوية للجميع. نريد أن تظهر أيام الحملة هذه عدد الأماكن التي ما زال يعيش فيها مقترحنا التضامني البديل لسياسات التفرقة القائمة و للهجرة المنظمة حسب معايير اقتصادية. سيكون أكثر التركيز خلال أيام الحملة على خلق حق البقاء بكل أشكاله و على النضال ضد الترحيل. يعد الترحيل من الاعتداءات الأكثر عنفا و راديكالية على الحقوق الاجتماعية للجميع و لحق حرية الحركة و البقاء، و لكن بالنسبة للحكومة يعد الترحيل وسيلة فعالة لسياسات اللجوء المشددة و ضم اليمين المهمش. نريد و يجب علينا أن نناضل بصوت عال ضد كل ذلك. تجدون الدعوة لأيام الحملة في هذا الرابط: www.welcome2stay.org

سيكون مؤتمر العمل في كانون الثاني / يناير مكانا للبحث عن أفكار خلاقة: ما هي أشكال النشاط الممكنة؟ ما هي تجارب النشاط الجيدة التي قمنا بها؟ ما هي الأساليب الجديدة التي يمكن تجربتها؟

من ناحية أخرى يجب علينا خلال المؤتمر مناقشة خطوات عملية للتحضير: هل يجب أن نوحد الحملات المختلفة في أنحاء الدولة، هل نحتاج إلى إجراءات لتوحيد العمل، كخلق دوائر تنسيقية مناطقية أو التركيز على أهم النشاطات على مستوى الدولة؟

ستجدون في الأسفل مقترح لبرنامج العمل

سيقام المؤتمر بين الساعة 12 و 17 في Hagenweg 2a, Göttingen, MUSA

يرجى التسجيل على العنوان التالي: mail@welcome2stay.org

مع أطيب التحيات، فريق عمل welcome2stay

الوصول إلى مكان إقامة المؤتمر: يقع ال MUSA على بعد 20 دقيقة سيرا على الأقدام من محطة القطار الرئيسية على طول نهر اللاينا(Leine) أو ممكن أخذ الباص رقم 11، 12، أو 73 حتى Pfalz- Groner- Breite

رجاء صغير: بما أننا نحتاج للمال للدفع لمكان إقامة المؤتمر و المترجمين، نعتمد على تبرعاتكم.

مقترح لبرنامج العمل

12 – 12.30 ترحيب و تعارف > الأفراد و المجموعات و توقعاتهم؟ ماهو هدف المؤتمر؟ التعارف وإقرار برنامج العمل

12.30 – 14.00: تطوير أشكال للحملات من أجل أيام الحملة في دوائر العمل المناطقية* دائرة عمل أفغانستان (IL HH & Hazara Verein)

14.00 – 15.00 فترة استراحة

15.00 – 15.45 تقديم نتائج نقاشات دوائر العمل

15.45 – 17.00: إقرار أمور تنظيمية* دوائر عمل داعمة في المناطق و المدن، مثلا في برلين* تنفيذ الحملات، و التنسيق في كل أنحاء الدولة

17:00 انتهاء البرنامج


» خوشامدید برای اقامت « دعوت به نشست کنفرانس
فعالین و اکتیویستهای عزیز،
در تاریخ » خوشامدید برای اقامت « کنفرانس 41 ژانویه 2017 برگزار می شود . این کنفرانس
یکروزه از ساعت 12 ظهر تا 5 هاگه وِگ پلاک « در خیابان » موسا « بعد از ظهر در محل 2 در » آ
شهر گوتینگن انجام می شود.
14. Januar 2017
Hagenweg 2a Göttingen
به این » خوشامدید برای اقامت « ما شما یا گروه و سازمانتان را برای همکاری و هماهنگی با
کنفرانس یکروزه در شهر گوتینگن دعوت می کنیم.
کنفرانس روز 41 ژانویه در شهر گوتینگن در واقع برای سازماندهی و هماهنگی کمپین پیش رو
که در تاریخ 18 تا 23 ماه مارچ )ماه مارس 2017 ( است، برگزار می شود. این کمپین در تاریخ
فراخوانده شده است و کنفرانس یکروزه در » خوشامدید برای اقامت « ماه مارس از طرف 41 ژانویه
امسال ) 2017 ( با هدف جمع آوری ایده ها، ارتباطات شبکه ای با گروهها و افراد و همکاری
سازمانی در شهر گوتینگن برگزار می شود.
در هر کشور و شهری » حق رفت و آمد و اقامت انسانها « کمپین ماه مارس امسال با تاکید بروی
که می خواهند زندگی کنند و علاقه به اقامت دارند، فراخوانده شده است. مرکز ثقل کمپین،
چرا ،» مبارزه علیه اخراج اجباری « و » علیه دیپورت « حقوق برابر برای همه است. همچنین مبارزه
که دیپورت بزرگترین خشونت به انسان و آزادی اش است و دیپورت در واقع زیر پا گذاشتن حق
طبیعی و ابتدایی انسان است . اغلب حکومتها و همچنین حکومت آلمان، حق طبیعی/ابتدایی
برابری و آزادی در « انسان که آزادی در انتخاب محل زندگی است را، زیر پا می گذارند. آنان حق
را زیر پا گذاشته و پناهجویان را دیپورت و اخراج می کنند. در » حق اقامت آزاد « و » رفت و آمد آزاد
و فراخوان کمپین » خوشامدید برای اقامت « وبسایت زیر شما می توانید اطلاعاتی در مورد جنبش
عمومی ماه مارس، کسب کرده و با ما مبارزه تان را علیه دیپورت پناهجویان، هماهنگ کنید.
در کنفرانس یکروزه در شهر گوتینگن ما امیدواریم در مورد ایده های تازه به گفتگو نشسته و
تجاربمان را در مبارزه علیه دیپورت بیکدیگر منتقل کنیم. همچنین ایجاد ارتباط و ایجاد هماهنگی و
همکاری ایالتی، شهری و بین المللی را متحقق کرده و حرکتهای مبارزاتی مان را قویتر کنیم.
چه ایده های خلاق مبارزاتی را می توانیم هنوز بکار بسته و عملی کنیم؟
تجارب مثبت و عملی را بیکدیگر انتقال دهیم و چه ایده های عملی مبارزاتی دیگری وجود دارند و
چگونه آن ها را بکار بسته و امتحان کنیم؟
برای شرکت در کنفرانس یکروزه در شهر گوتینگن و همکاری با ما و تماس، می توانید از ایمیلهای
زیر استفاده کنید.
است که با اتوبوسهای شماره ی 11 یا 12 یا 73 از » موسا « محل کنفرانس، مرکز فرهنگی
ایستگاه اصلی قطار بطرف فالز-گرونه-برایته
Bus Nr. 11, 12, 73 bis Pfalz-Groner-Breite
و یا پیاده از کنار رود لاینه )جهت برعکس جریان آب، پایین رودخانه ی لاینه( حدود 20 دقیقه از
ایستگاه اصلی قطار دور می باشد.
از آنجا که ما برای محل کنفرانس و مترجمان پول پرداخت می کنیم، نیازمند به کمکهای مالی
شما می باشیم. در صورت امکان به ما کمک مالی کنید.
پیشنهادی برای برنامه ی کنفرانس
از ساعت 12:00 تا 12:30 خوشامدگویی و معرفی گروههای و افراد شرکت کنند و انتظارات و
نیازهای آنان از کنفرانس
هدف کنفرانس چه می باشد؟
اعلام نظرات و تصمیم گیری در مورد نکاتی که کنفرانس به آنها باید بپردازد.
12:30 تا 14:00 ایجاد کارگروهها
اعلام و پیشنهاد در مورد ف رم اکسیونها و فعالیتهای کمپین ماه مارس در کار-گروههای منطقه ای
» ای- ال- ه ه « کارگروه افغانستان )گروه کاری انجمن هزاره جات- افغانستان( و گروه کاری
14:00 تا 15:00 وقت استراحت
15:00 تا 15:45 اعلام نتایج کارگروهها
15:45 تا 17:00 هماهنگی سازمانی و گفتگو برای چگونگی تحقق ایده ها
تقسیم کاری برطبق منطقه ای و یا شهری و یا بمانند شهر برلین، محفلی )محفل شهر برلین(
گفتگو در رابطه با چگونگی اجرا و تحقق عملی اکسیون
هماهنگی فرا ایالتی و سراسری
17:00 پایان کنفرانس
با درودها و سلامهای صمیمانه
» خوشامدید برای اقامت « محفلی از


Kurz und leicht zu lesen:

Einladung zur Arbeitskonferenz von Welcome2Stay
am 14. Januar
2017 in Göttingen


Wir laden Euch zu unserer Arbeitskonferenz am 14. Januar 2017 in Göttingen ein.

Wir wollen dort die Aktionstage vom 18. bis 23. März 2017 vorbereiten. Unsere Aktionen richten sich gegen die verschärfte Asylpolitik. Wir setzen uns für eine solidarische Gesellschaft ein. Wir kämpfen gegen Abschiebungen und für das Recht zu bleiben.

Den Aufruf zu den Aktionstagen findet Ihr hier: www.welcome2stay.org

Auf der Arbeitskonferenz wollen wir kreative Ideen entwickeln: Wie können wir Aktionen in ganz Deutschland anstoßen und bündeln? Welche Aktionsformen sind möglich?

Die Arbeitskonferenz findet von 12 bis 17 Uhr in der MUSA (Hagenweg 2a, Göttingen) statt. Die MUSA erreicht Ihr zu Fuß (vom Hauptbahnhof 20 min am Fluss Leine entlang) oder mit dem Bus (Nr. 11, 12, 73 bis Pfalz-Groner-Breite).

Bitte meldet Euch per Email an: mail@welcome2stay.org

Spenden sind willkommen: Wir brauchen Geld für Räume und Dolmetsch-Dienste.

Wir freuen uns auf das Treffen mit Euch!
Herzliche Grüße

Euer Koordinierungs-Kreis

Bündnis Welcome2Stay (“Willkommen um zu bleiben”)

Flyer zur Anreise:

Welcome2Stay Flyer zur Anreise








Die Flyer für alle Sprachen findet Ihr auf der Download-Seite


Invitation to the 8th March Demo first preparation meeting: 13 Jan 2017, 18:00

Invitation to the 8th March Demo first preparation meetingDeutsch/Engl./France/Farsi/Spanisch/Polnisch/Türk bellow

A call to all women*
Refugee women*
Activist women*
Women* living in camps
FLTQI Activists*
Working women*
Women* with and without
migration background
anti-racist white women*
PoC, Black Women*

Invitation to the 1st Demo Preparation Meeting for
an internationalist Women*
Demonstration on the 8th March 2017!
On International Women’s Day

Dear women***

Let’s organise an internationalist women’s march on 8th  of March and get together to build it together!

Women!* Let’s raise our voices even louder on the 8th of March!

Women living in the Heims, break the isolation and join us!

To prepare this demo, let’s meet, exchange and prepare our demands and actions together.

Sharing the path from the beginning will give us more strength and a longer breath to fight against patriarchy, sexism, homo- trans*- inter*discrimination, violence in the family.

Come to our meeting and bring your demands!

When? 13th Jan. 2017 – 18.00 Uhr
Where? In the Kurdischen Zentrum
Dresdenerstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

Women* from the International Women Space, Dest Dan,
Sozialistischer kurdischer FrauenRat Berlin SKB,
Political activists & women* in solidarity

*** When we write women* we mean:
WLTQI* WomenLesbianTransQueerInter*  (incl. Queergender & transmen who were assigned female at birth and feel themselves part of the history of the autonomous women and lesbian movement)


Aufruf an alle Frauen*

Geflüchtete Frauen*
Frauen* aus den Lagern
FLTQI Aktivist*innen
Frauen* mit und ohne
rassismus-kritische weiße
PoC, Black Women*

Einladung zum 1. Vorbereitungstreffen für
eine internationalistische Frauen*
Demonstration am 8. März 2017!
Dem internationalen Frauen*tag

Liebe Frauen***
Lasst uns zusammen gehen im Kampf gegen eine Welt angeheizt von Gewalt + Krieg! Gegen Rassismus, Sexismus, Nationalismus, Militarismus

Frauen*! Fordern ihren Platz zurück, gemeinsam werden wir unsere Stimmen erheben und am 8. März noch lauter werden.

Frauen* aus den Lagern, „Flüchtlingsheimen“ – beteiligt Euch und brecht die Isolation!

Lasst und uns eine internationistischen Frauen* Demo organisieren, kommt zusammen um sie vorzubereiten; unsere jeweiligen Forderungen und Aktionen auszutauschen und Gemeinsame zu entwickeln.

Den Weg vom Anfang an zu teilen, gibt uns mehr Kraft und einen längeren Atem um gegen patriarchale rassistische Gesellschafts-strukturen, Sexismus, Homo*-Trans*-Inter*-Diskriminierung und Gewalt in der Familie zu kämpfen.

Kommt zu dem Treffen und bringt Eure Vorschläge und Forderungen!

Wann? 13. Jan. 2017 – 18.00 Uhr
Wo? im Kurdischen Zentrum
Dresdenerstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

Frauen* vom International Women Space, Dest Dan,
Sozialistischer kurdischer FrauenRat Berlin SKB,
Politaktivistinnen & solidarische Frauen*

*** Wenn wir Frauen* schreiben meinen wir:
FLTQI* FrauenLesbenTransQueerInter*  (inkl. Queergender & transmen, die bei Geburt als weiblich registriert wurden und sich der Geschichte der autonomen FrauenLesbenbewegung zugehörig fühlen)


Appel à toutes les femmes *

Les femmes* réfugiées
Les femmes* des camps
Militants FLTQI
Les femmes* qui travaillent
Les femmes* activistes
racism-critique blanches femmes*
Les femmes* avec et sans migration fond
PoC, les femmes* noires

Invitation de la 1ère réunion préparatoire des femmes* internationalistes  Manifestation
le 8 Mars 2017! Journée internationale de la femme

Quand? Le 13 janvier 2017 – 18.00
Où? dans le centre kurde
Dresdenerstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

Cheres femmes ***
Allons ensemble à la lutte un monde alimenté par
la violence + guerre! Contre le racisme, le sexisme,
le nationalisme, militarisme

Les femmes*! Demande une place, ensemble nous allons élever nos voix et le 8 mars encore plus fort.

Les femmes* des «camps de réfugiés» –
impliquer vous et briser l’isolement!

Nous les femmes* internationalistes Manifestation organiser, se réunir pour les préparer; nos revendications et actions respectives au Foyer et l’échange et le développement commun.

Partage de la façon dès le début, nous donne plus de force et un souffle plus contre ras ordre patriarcal structures sociales-racist, le sexisme, Homo*-Trans*-Inter*- discrimination et de la violence dans la luttant famille.

Venez à la rencontre et apporter vos suggestions + Exige!

International Women Space, socialiste Kurdish Conseil de Berlin SKB
Dest Dan, Les militants* politiques + Les solidaires du femmes*

*** Lorsque nous écrivons les femmes *, nous entendons:
FLTQI* WomenLesbianTransQueerInter* (incl. QueerSexe & transhommes,
qui ont été enregistrées en tant que femme à la naissance et à l’histoire du
mouvement des femmes se sentent autonomes associé). Non biologique / Cis Hommes!


فراخوان به همه زنان
زنان پناهنده
زنان از هایم‌های پناهندگی
فعالین FLTQI
زنان کارگر
فعالین زنان
زنان با یا بی پیش زمینه‌های مهاجرت
راسیسم – سفیدهای نقاد
PoC و Black Women

دعوت برای تدارک یک تظاهرات جهانی زنان برای روز ٨ مارس ٢٠١٧،  به مناسبت روز جهانی زن!

زنان عزیز،***
بیاید با هم علیه این دنیای سرشار از خشونت و جنگ مبارزه کنیم! علیه نژادپرستی، سکسیسم، ناسیونالیسم و میلیتاریسم!
زنان*، جایگاه‌‌‌شان را پس خواهند گرفت. صدا در صدا. در روز ٨ مارس صدایمان بلندتر خواهد بود.
زنان* هایم‌های پناهندگی، انزوا را در هم بشکنید و در این کارزار شرکت کنید.
بیاید باهم یک تظاهرات جهانی زنان را سازماندهی کنیم، در تدارک آن شرکت کنید. باشد که خواسته‌های روزمره و اکسیون‌های‌مان را با تبادل نظر و با همدیگر گسترش دهیم.
با هم گام در راه بگذاریم؛ این کار به ما توانائی بیشتر و نفسی بلند می‌دهد تا علیه ساختارهای جوامع پدرسالار راسیست، سکسیست، تبعیض علیه همو-ترانس- انتر و خشونت در خانواده مبارزه کنیم.

در این جلسه شرکت کنید و پیشنهادها و خواسته های خود را همراه بیاورید

کی: ١٣ ژانویه ٢٠١٧
کجا: Im Kurdischen Zentrum
آدرس: Dresdenerstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

Frauen* vom International Women Space, Dest Dan,
Sozialistischer kurdischer FrauenRat Berlin SKB,
Politaktivistinnen & solidarische Frauen*

***   وقتی زنان می‌نویسیم، منظورمان: زنان، لزبین‌ها، ترانس، کوئیر، انتر (شامل کوئیرجندر، ترانسمن که زمان تولد بعنوان زن ثبت شده باشند و  خود را متعلق به جنبش مستقل زنان و لزبین‌ها بدانند)




do współorganizacji
Międzynarodowego Marszu Kobiet

Kobiety* LKTQI* LesbijkiKobietyTransQueerInter*
(włączając osoby queer oraz transmężczyzn, którzy są określani od
jako osoby płci żeńskiej)

Spotkajmy się, aby zorganizować wspólnie międzynarodowy marsz kobiet,
odbędzie się 8 marca!

Kobiety!* Niech 8 marca nasze głosy staną się jeszcze bardziej donośne!

Kobiety, które mieszkacie w ośrodkach dla uchodźców, przełamcie swoją
izolację i przyłączcie się do nas!

Przygotujmy kolektywnie nasze żądania, postulaty oraz akcje na wspólną

Bycie razem doda nam sił do walki z patriarchatem, seksizmem, homo-
inter*dyskryminacją oraz przemocą w rodzinie.

Przyjdźcie na nasze spotkanie z własnymi żądaniami!



Convocatoria de Mujeres*

Mujeres* que viven en campos
Activistas LGTBI*
Mujeres trabajadoras*
Mujeres* con y sin pasado migrante
Mujeres blancas antiracistas*
Mujeres Negras, Mujeres de color*

Invitación a la Primera reunión preparatoria para una Manifestación Internacional de Mujeres*
Maecha del 8 de Marzo de 2017!

En el Día Internacional de las Mujeres

Queridas Mujeres***

Queremos organizar una marcha internacional de mujeres en el 8 de marzo y queremos hacerlo juntas.
Mujeres*! Levantemos nuestra voz el 8 de marzo!
Mujeres que viven en centros de refugiadxs, romped el silencio y participad!
Para preparar la marcha queremos juntarnos, intercambiar y preparar nuestras consignas, demandas y acciones juntas.

Compartir el camino desde el principio nos hace más fuertes y nos da aliento para luchar contra el patriarcado, el sexismo, la homo trans e inter discriminación, y contra la violencia en las familias.

Participa y trae tus ideas.

¿Cuando? 13th Jan. 2017 – 18.00 Uhr
¿Dónde?  Kurdischen Zentrum
Dresdenerstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

Women* from the International Women Space, Dest Dan,
Sozialistischer kurdischer FrauenRat Berlin SKB,
Political activists & women* in solidarity


Tüm kadınlara* çağrı

Mülteci kadınlar*
Aktivist kadınlar*
Kamplarda yaşayan kadınlar
LGBTI Aktivistleri
İşçi – Emekçi kadınlar*
Göçmen kadınlar
Irkçılık karşıtı beyaz kadınlar*
PoC, Siyahi kadınlar*

8 Mart’ta Enternasyonalist bir kadın yürüyüşü örgütlemek için yapacağımız ilk toplantıya davetlisiniz.

Sevgili Kadınlar,***

Haydi 8 Mart’ta enternasyonalist kadın yürüyüşünü birlikte inşa edelim!

Kadınlar!* 8 Mart günü sesimizi birlikte daha da gür çıkaralım!

Mülteci kamplarında ve yurtlarda yaşayan kadınlar!* İzolasyonu kırın ve bize katılın!

Bu yürüyüşü hazırlamak için buluşup, taleplerimizi ve eylem fikirlerimizi paylaşıp, birlikte çalışalım.

Bu yolda baştan itibaren beraber yürürsek, erkek egemenliğe, cinsiyetçiliğe, LGBTİ’lere yönelik ayrımcılığa, ev içindeki şiddete karşı daha güçlü ve uzun soluklu bir mücadele verebiliriz.

Toplantımıza gelin ve taleplerinizi yanınızda getirin!

Ne zaman? 13th Jan. 2017 – 18.00 Uhr
Nerede? In the Kurdischen Zentrum
Dresdenerstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

International Women Space, Dest Dan,
SKB Sosyalist Kadınlar Birliği, HDK Berlin-Brandenburg Kadın Meclisi
Dayanışma içindeki politik aktivist ve kadınlar*

*** Kadın* yazınca kastettiğimiz:
KLTQI* KadınLezbiyenTransQueerInter*  (doğduklarında kız çocuğu olarak kabul edilen queer ve trans erkekler de bu tanıma dahildir.

Distribute the latest edition of Daily Resistance newspaper: Non-citizen Rise Up in Bavaria

Daily Resistance Refugee Protest 2016 Bavaria

Non-citizen Rise Up in Bavaria

Dear people of the world,

we have published the new issue of the newspaper “Daily Resistance”, and now it’s the time to bring the paper to the hands of people living in the lagers, by you!

This issue comes “separately” in 7 languages

This issue of Daily Resistance has a difference with the ones before. For this issue we made a complete translation of the articles into 7 different languages. And we distribute them separately. You can have a look at the pdf file for each language:

This issue comes with a comic and poster

Additionally the newspaper comes with the “Ways to stop deportation“ comic for all languages except Urdu and Kurdi (Sorani).
And in the middle of the newspaper there is a colored poster about the Bavarian Non-citizen group „Refugee Struggle for Freedom“ with photos of their latest actions.
This issue has 5 pages: 2 pages about the Noncitizen rise up in Bavaria + 2 pages the stop deportation comic + 1 page of poster

This issue is now ready for distribution!

We are looking for people who have contact to people living in Lagers and so-called refugees and can help to spread Daily Resistance.
It is one thing to produce this paper, print it, hand compile it (!) but a totally different one to get it out into the world.
Join us and spread the newspaper to the newcomers and others concerned!

How can I distribute the newspaper?

Please send us an email on dailyresistance@oplatz.net .
In the email please write:
1- Your postal address
2- Your telephone number
3- How many copies from each language you would like to receive
We would like to ask you to tell us in which languages you would need the newspaper. Because we print different languages separately and for reducing the costs we try to give to each person just the language they want, unlike the mixed format of last issues.
Later on in January we will post you the newspapers.

Daily Resistance is for free.

It is important to us that you understand, that you can get the newspaper if you don’t have money – especially if you live in a lager yourself and like to distribute there.

It’s a focus issue on the Non-citizen Rise up in Bavaria

In the last autumn there was a big Non-citizen rise up in Bavaria.  After one month of mobilisation in different lagers, it has been decided at the non-citizen meeting on the 6th and 7th of September 2016 in Munich to make a demonstration and a protest camp at Sendlinger Tor. The aim was to draw attention on the political situation of non-citizens. The camp had a legal permission for more than a month and up to 100 protesters took part in it during day and night.
After 3 weeks of occupation, the people decided to make a march from Munich to Nuremberg to bring their protest further. They started on 8th of October from Munich. After walking 10 days, they made 200 kilometers to Nuremberg. They had a strong demonstration in front of the BAMF (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge), calling for their and our demands. As the reason and demand of the protest, they write:
We want for everybody in Germany to have the right to stay, right to work and right to study here. Also, we want the right to choose freely our living place. Our main demand is having the right to stay here. All of other demands can become possible afterwards. They are all civil rights and are just possible when we are accepted as members in this society.
Here in Berlin, working on the Daily Resistance newspaper, we decided to put the focus of this issue on the new protest in Bavaria. We find it important to echo their valuable message to the other people/non-citizens living in the lagers. The articles in this issue are a selection of statements of protestors in the last 3 months and all are written by the non-citizens. 

Daily Resistance is the newspaper of “Refugee Movement”

We are a mixed group of people and activists in Berlin who fight against isolation and lagers in oranienplatz and other places.
Daily Resistance is a periodical newspaper on actual paper written by refugee activists aimed to reach people in lagers. We want to inform them on the state of resistance in Germany and to empower them for their everyday resistance against the system.
After publishing  the first and second issues, we have received a lot of positive feedback. Many people started to write for the newspaper or distribute it in lagers. Initially, we printed 2000 copies. Soon they were all gone and we realized we have to print more. In the end, we distributed more than 5000 copies in Berlin, Munchen, Jena, Erfurt, Bremen, Darmstadt, Kiel, Hannover, Delmenhorst, Landshut, Oldenburg … also in Manchester and Vienna. In Thessaloniki, people managed to throw packages of newspapers over the fences of a closed lager. This is all incredible and gave us the energy to continue. We like to thank everybody who moved the newspaper forward and invite all to join in the fight of breaking the isolation in lagers.
This is a communal newspaper, from people for people.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Mediagroup Oplatz
Daily Resistance, issue #1
Daily Resistance, issue #2
                                special issue #3 (all languages)

Information-Comic “Stop Deportation” is out now!

The stop deportation info comic is finished, translated, and ready to spread.

You can find it in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, German, Romanes, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish and Turkish here: http://oplatz.net/stop-deportation

The comic contains useful and important information for people under threat of deportation, but also for people supporting them. Spread it and share the link in your social networks!

Anyone can print and distribute copies anywhere in Germany. It would be cool if all local initiatives could organize the printing and distribution in their areas.  You can download the files for printing. For those in Berlin, we have hard copies already printed. If you have some capacity to distribute in Berlin, please contact us.

Enjoy reading!

The second issue of >Daily Resistance< is out!

Dear people from all over the world, this is the second issue of the newspaper >Daily Resistance< (Read it as a PDF)! It is written by people in the same position like you as so-called refugees who don’t accept their disfranchisement by the German state. They write about their fight and share their opinions to reach out to people who are in the same situation. They are supported by very few citizens and friends in solidarity. Together, we are a growing group of people who are fighting against a system of politicians, media and capitalists that is based on dehumanizing laws, that criminalizes and instrumentalizes people and that exposes itself by the capitalized lager industry.

After releasing the first issue of Daily Resistance, we have received a lot of positive feedback. Many of people started to show interest in writing for the newspaper or distributing it in lagers. Initially, we printed 2000 copies. Soon they were all gone and we realized we have to print more. In the end, we distributed more than 5000 copies in Berlin, Munchen, Jena, Erfurt, Bremen, Darmstadt, Kiel, Hannover, Delmenhorst, Landshut … also in Manchester and Vienna. In Thessaloniki, people managed to throw packages of newspapers over the fences of a closed lager. This is all incredible and gave us the energy to continue. We like to thank everybody who moved the newspaper forward and invite all to join in the fight of breaking the isolation in lagers.

You can join and contribute to the newspaper as an author or join as translater, lecturer, editor, photographer, distributer, … get in contact with us.
The newspaper is now ready for distribution!
We are trying to distribute the newspaper german-wide. You are more than welcome to help distribute the newspaper in your city. Just get in contact with us and we organize it together. We are also working on a list of contact persons who have access to lagers and can distribute the newspaper by putting it directly into the hands of the adressed, past the security. Please get in contact with us, if you can distribute.
We are very interested in your opinion, in your ideas and your criticism, too. Please get in touch: dailyresistance@oplatz.net
The Daily Resistance Group
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