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Tag: anti-discrimination

Koko Lepo: autonomy, solidarity, and equality in Belgrade, Serbia 15.01.2019, 17 Uhr, Kalabal!k

Koko Lepo is an autonomous collective in Belgrade, Serbia that has experimented with numerous practices of youth solidarity and alternative education practices with the children and young teens of the informal urban settlement “Deponija”. The speaker will present their first-hand experience with the history, struggles, and developments of the project: from its origins as an ‘anarchist kindergarten’ in a squat five years ago, to a solidarity collective for older youth, and finally to its current state as program for the younger children from the ‘mahala’. Topics will include anti-gypsyism, autonomous pedagogy, and collective struggle. Autonomnost, solidarnost, I ravnopravnost!

Datum & Zeit:
Dienstag, 15 Januar, 2019 – 17:00
Kategorie: Diskussion/Vortrag
Preis: umsonst
Reichenbergerstr. 63a
10999 Berlin

Inauguration Conference | Center for Intersectional Justice

Center for intersectional justice Berlin

The Center for Intersectional Justice (CIJ) is a newly founded non-profit organisation based in Berlin. Its mission is to make anti-discrimination and equality policy more inclusive and effective in Europe. CIJ tackles intersecting forms of structural inequality and discrimination through legal and policy advocacy, policy research and trainings.

The aim of the conference is to celebrate the launch of the Center for Intersectional Justice, recall the story behind this initiative and to provide an opportunity for social justice advocates and activists across Europe to connect.

We will discuss opportunities, challenges and steps ahead: Around what issues will our advocacy efforts be centered? How can the political obstacles and practical dilemmas be overcome? How can synergies, cooperation and common goal setting be promoted with other organisations active in the field of anti-discrimination?

Keynote address: Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw

Opening address: Emilia Roig

Speakers: Nikita Dhawan, Kübra Gümüsay, Amandine Gay and many others!






Conference Programme