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New issue of >Daily Resistance< is out!

The latest issue of Daily Resistance is out, coming with articles in different languages, namely Arabic, Farsi, English, Turkish, French, Wolof, and German. Have a look on the PDF (part 1 / part 2)
This paper is published and written by a diverse group of so-called refugees who choose not to accept their disfranchisement by the German state. Together with local supporters we look to inform and invite as many people as possible to break the isolation and to get in contact with us.
You can join and contribute to the newspaper as an author or join as translater, lecturer, editor, photographer, distributer, …
The newspaper is now ready for distribution! We are trying to distribute the newspaper european-wide. You are more than welcome to help distributing the newspaper in your city. Just get in contact with us and we organize it together.
This newspaper is an instrument of organization. Local initiatives play an important role in that practice. Every local initiative can form a Daily Resistance committee undertaking tasks such as distributing the newspaper, writing for the newspaper, produce news and visual material for it. But handing copies to the people is not the only goal. One should communicate with the people. Information on the problems of the refugee camps and ideas for possible solutions should be circulated. On can organise events – film screenings, debates, reading activities – depending on their individual conditions.
We are acting with the perspective of alternative media. Therefore, we encourage the distributors and the readers of this newspaper to present their critique, proposals and contributions to the process. We aim to relay the information based on our experience of refugee resistance to the newly coming refugees and to anticapitalist and antifascist movement.
Taken from the editorial by Turgay Ulu

Call for open meeting to Oplatz media group

Oplatz media group Workshop

Dear people,

As media group from Oplatz we want to invite you to our open meeting

every Sunday from 15h to 18h 
Friesenstr. 6
10965 Berlin

As you know we are focused on giving the news about refugee struggles,
situation in lagers, initiatives against racism, figths against
deportations, for the right to stay, to get education, work and be able
to start a new life.

Our main goal is that the protagonist involved in all those situations
take the word, express themselves and tell the world.

So in these open meetings we invite you to come and share your
information, pictures, audios, videos, so that we can publish them.
If you are part of a group you can come and share your work, events, etc.

We can show each other hands on how to publish our own news in Oplatz!!
No matter what skills you have we’ll learn from each other.

Come and join us!, It’s going to be fun!


Media Group Oplatz

Gökyüzüne çizilmiş resimlere benzerdik

demonstration in solidarity with palestinian refugees by Berlin refugee movement


Gökyüzüne çizilmiş resimlere benzerdik – radio liveshow & discussion 15.05. 6PM (We!R#? empowerment hour #1)


Gökyüzüne çizilmiş resimlere benzerdik
Rüzgarın peşine takılan bir nefes gibiydik
Kırdı dallarımızı fırtınalar boranlar
Kaldı bahar çiçekleri üzerinde sevgimiz
We were like pictures drawn to the sky
we were like the breath after the wind
and storm and thunder broke our branches down
we left our love on the spring flowers.

(Anonymous from the prison after the military coup d`etat in Turkey)


On May 15th we were talking with Turgay, Can and Faruk about resistance in the media, music and in the kitchen. Turgay is a marxist political activist, journalist and writer from Turkey and has been imprisioned in Turkey for 15 years and sentenced to death. When an Amnesty International campaign against his unfair trial finally helped to release him temporarily from prison he managed to escape to Greece only to find himself in prison like captivity in this country once again. He managed to escape anothere time and continue his flight to Germany only to find himself again confined to a prison like camp. In 2012 he took part in the march of the refugees from Würzburg to Berlin and stayed in the refugee camp on Oranienplatz. Since then he has been taking part in the protests against the denial of basic rights for refugees, other migrants and opression of socially marginalized people in Germany. He works in a cooking collective in Berlin and got to know Can and Faruk when serving food to the people being held in the former airport at Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany’s biggest camp for refugees. Both of them are forced to live in the former airport building, together with thousands of people being held in isolation from the rest of town in a city were for more than ten years only expensive flats for affluent consumers and investors have been build.

the broadcast was live and public at our studio on Waldemarstraße 46

wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio (We!R) is an independent radioformat by Friends and Enemies. It was formed throughout the German Refugee Resistance. We aim to link regional social fights in an anticapitalist platform focusing on the selforganized fight of migrants worldwide, especially emphasizing on the fights of Refugee Women*, LGBTIQ and other marginalized groups.

wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio is supported by Kulturamt Kreuzberg and clearbluewater e.V.




Gökyüzüne çizilmiş resimlere benzerdik – Radioliveshow & Diskussion 15.05. 18:00 (empowerment hour #1)


Gökyüzüne çizilmiş resimlere benzerdik
Rüzgarın peşine takılan bir nefes gibiydik
Kırdı dallarımızı fırtınalar boranlar
Kaldı bahar çiçekleri üzerinde sevgimiz
Wir waren wie Bilder, in den Himmel gemalt
Wir waren wie der Atem, den der Wind fortreißt
Unsere Zweige brachen im Sturm und Gewitter
Unsere Liebe blieb auf den Frühlingsblumen zurück

(anonym aus einem Gefängnis nach dem Militärputsch in der Türkei)


Am 15. Mai im Gespräch mit Turgay, Can und Faruk über Widerstand in Medien, Musik und Küche. Turgay, Journalist und Schriftsteller, kommt aus der Türkei, wo er als Marxist 15 Jahre lang ins Gefängnis gesperrt und zum Tode verurteilt wurde. Amnesty International organisierte eine Kampagne gegen den manipulierten Gerichtsprozess und half dabei, dass Turgay vorübergehend aus dem Gefängnis freikam. Bevor er erneut eingesperrt werden sollte gelang ihm die Flucht nach Griechenland, nur um dort erneut wie in einem Gefängnis festgehalten zu werden. Es gelang ihm weiterzuflüchten, nach Deutschland, wo er wiederum in ein Lager gesperrt wurde. 2012 nahm er am Protestmarsch der Geflüchteten von Würzburg nach Berlin teil und lebte im Camp der Geflüchteten auf dem Oranienplatz. Turgay macht mit in Berlin beim Protest der Geflüchteten und Migranten gegen die Verbote und Erniedrigungen mit denen sie in Deutschland zu kämpfen haben und beim Kampf der Vielen in Deutschland sozial an den Rand gedrängten. Er arbeitet in einem Koch-Kollektiv in Berlin und lernte Can und Faruk beim Kochen kennen im ehemaligen Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin, Deutschlands größtem Lager für Geflüchtete. Beide leben interniert im ehemaligen Flughafen, zusammen mit tausenden anderer Menschen, in einer Stadt in der seit über zehn Jahren nur teure Wohnungen für potente Konsumenten und Investoren gebaut werden.


Die Sendung war live und öffentlich im Studio in der Waldemarstraße 46
We! R ist ein unabhängiges Radioformat von Friends and Enemies, das sich im Kampf der Geflüchteten gegen ihre Diskriminierung in Deutschland gegründet hat. Wir verbinden regionale soziale Kämpfe in einer antikapitalistischen Plattform, im Mittelpunkt stehen selbstorganisierte Proteste von Migrant*innen, speziell von geflüchteten Frauen*, LGBTIQ und anderen marginalisierten Gruppen.

picture of a press conference outside the occupied school on Ohlauer Str.

wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio wird vom Kulturamt Kreuzberg und von clearbluewater e.V. unterstützt.

This Newspaper Is Written by Refugees, for Refugees — Vice reports about “Daily Resistance”

Daily Resistance

One Berlin-based newspaper, however, wants to change how the migrant crisis is covered in print, and it’s doing so by giving the platform to the refugees themselves. In a letter from the editors, Daily Resistance explains it’s a publication that’s “fighting against a system of politicians, media, and capitalists that is based on dehumanizing laws that criminalize and instrumentalize people.” Rooted in political activism, the newspaper upholds and reiterates the demands of the refugee movement: abolish all lagers (refugee camps), end the German policy of residenzpflicht (which requires refugees to stay within certain boundaries), stop all deportations, and allow refugees to work and study. Articles are written by refugees situated in the camps, as well as by members from activist groups around Europe. The paper is eventually printed in different languages that cater to its readership, including Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, German, French, and English.

Read the full article here:


Call: Distribute “Daily Resistance” Newspaper

Daily Resistance NewspaperDear people of the world,
We have published the second issue of the newspaper “Daily Resistance” (You can read it as PDF here), and now it’s the time to bring the paper to the hands of people living in the lagers.
The newspaper is now ready for distribution!
We are looking for people who have contact to so-called refugees in lagers and can help to spread Daily Resistance.
It is one thing to produce this paper, print it, hand compile it (!) but a totally different one to get it out into the world.
Join us and spread the newspaper to the newcomers and others concerned!
Where can you get the newspaper?
You can pick up copies at the bookshop ‘Leseglück’ in Ohlauer Str. 37. They are open from 10:00 – 19:00 every day exept sunday. Just go there and ask for how many copies that you want.
If it is not possible for you to go pick up the newspaper yourself, we can post it for you. Just get in contact with us, let us know how many copies you can distribute and where we should send them to: dailyresistance@oplatz.net
Daily Resistance is for free.
It is important to us that you understand, that you can get the newspaper if you don’t have money – especially if you live in a lager yourself and like to distribute there.
Who is behind Daily Resistance
We are a mixed group of people and activist in Berlin who fight against isolation and lagers in oranienplatz and other places.
Daily Resistance is a periodical newspaper on actual paper written by refugee activists aimed to reach people in lagers. We want to inform them on the state of resistance in germany and to empower them for their everyday resistance against the system.
After publishing  the first issue, we have received a lot of positive feedback. Many people srarted to write for the newspaper or distribute it in lagers. Initially, we printed 2000 copies. Soon they were all gone and we realized we have to print more. In the end, we distributed more than 5000 copies in Berlin, Munchen, Jena, Erfurt, Bremen, Darmstadt, Kiel, Hannover, Delmenhorst, Landshut, Oldenburg … also in Manchester and Vienna. In Thessaloniki, people managed to throw packages of newspapers over the fences of a closed lager. This is all incredible and gave us the energy to continue. We like to thank everybody who moved the newspaper forward and invite all to join in the fight of breaking the isolation in lagers. This is a communal newspaper, feom people for people.
What’s written in the second issue?
In the second issue there are texts from people living in the Lagers around Germany and also from the freedom fighters who already got papers and still continue the struggle against the larger system. for example from very wellknown groups like womem in Exile, The Voice Refugee forum, people from the Berlin Refugee movement like Turgay Ulu, Bino, Adam Bahar, Tresor, Mai Shutta and International woman in space, CISPM, The street roots and more.
In this issue a lot of activists write about the so called Welcome Culture in combination of the new restrictions to the asyl law and also about the Köln silvester night happening and the sexual violance towards refugee women in lagers. More than that different groups have their space to represent themselves and get connected to the other activists.
Recently the Roma activists started to make different actions in berlin against the deportation of the Roma people to the so called safe Balkan countries which is still going on. You can find out detailed information about it in the last page and also how can you support/join their protest.
The Daily Resistance Group
Get in contact
Write to us with your questions
Give us feedback
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Mediagroup Oplatz
c/o ITTS Room
Adalbertstraße 4
10999 Berlin

Refugee Radio Awerness Network

refugee radio network

Refugee Radio Awerness Network

Refugee Radio Awareness Network is a independent social Initiative Committed to human rights and human development.
we believe that encouraging human rights connecting people and cultures through powerful stories will affect positive change in the world by creating and distributing content on radio stations and through digital platforms, inviting people to contribute their voices , we create a more informed, empathetic and connected world..
The heart of the project is Refugee Radio Network which produces radio programs that helps to strengthen the voice of asylum seekers and refugees.

RRN is an online community radio program and is designed in Hamburg. It is primarily aimed at refugees in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Accurate information is nearly as important as clean water to the health of a community.

Short documentary film about the refugee radio network Journey into the alternative media venture.