Women on Stage

Women On Stage


Good day everyone ,

I am called Natacha , i am from Cameroon and i have been living in Berlin since 3 years at the Heim in Hennigsdorf . I have been lonely all this while in Germany and it gives me alot of stress each and everyday of my life . I wish to meet new people , friends, group and to know new places to distract myself . I wish get an monthly or daily occupation which will help to keep me busy and also help me to solve my family problems. Music, sport and cinema are my hobbies and i hate unseriousness , i am very open to every warm hearted propositions .

Natacha,26 years, Cameroon .

Below is my email address : stimmemagazine@gmail.com



Good day to everyone , i am called Miriam .

Asylum in Germany has been a psychological disaster which knocks me out and my life is really pitiful since my asylum story was rejected by the foreign office , i live in hiding for fear of forcefully deported . I tried to be strong and hopeful to get help by all means possible .

I have a certificate in computer science in Mali , i can take care of children and cook African dishes  . I love basketball, swimming and reading . I am looking specially for someone that can help me find a house where i can stay for a short while or a longtime .


Hi Everyone,

i am called Bintou, it has been 4 years i left Benin to Germany which has been my host country and all this while i have been living with fear of been deported. I constantly receive threats through letters and my dreams are traumatised because of this situation, i am very scared when i feel insecure . I need help and i hope through the Stimme Magazine, i can fine solutions to my problems .

I will be pleased if someone can help me with advice , past experience or an address for work . I am a nice person and i love music as hobby , i like to stroll and keep good company . Thank each and everyone of you who will take a second of your time to read my problems .

Thanks to Stimme Magazine

Bintou, 27 years, Benin


Hello everybody ,

i will like to appreciate the innitiative brought up by Stimme Magazine to encourage women to express themselves . I will like to take this opportunity and courage to use the this Magazine to post a problem which has a priority in my Life .I am called Jocelineand i left Niger because of threats from my family because i rejected their proposal to forcefully get married to an old man against my wish . I have been living in Berlin for the past 1 year which is a city i appreciate very much but i dont know how to organise myself because i live in the threats and pressure from my asylum situation and also stress from the political scenario , with the laws which keep changing and very unfavourable to women and refugees . I am looking for a place where i can live for a short time while following my asylum procedure, i love community life, i appreciate all cultures and individual principles . My hobbies are disco, travelling and handball. I will appreciate if my demands can be taken into consideration .

Joceline,28 years Niger



Hello Everyone ,

my name is Maria, i am 28 years old  . I am a native from Russia with Russian as my mother language . I also speak English and Deutsche . It has been 2 years since i left Russia to established myself in Germany and precisely in Berlin .

I worked as a system administrator in data processing for many months back in my country . I have alot of interest in information programming and reading alot on object oriented programming and learning by myself . I really wish to have more practice , that is while im looking for an internship in data processing , i will be grateful if anyone can help find me a place where i can practise . Thank you very much .


Hi Everyone ,

i will remain anonymous because of my securite . I am a woman who lives in a Heim in Bestensee . Since Juin 2014, we were two and sometimes four in the room .I put to birth under these difficult conditions, at the moment, my child is one and a half year as you are reading me and again i am 8 months pregnant . The social and foreign office does not want to give me the right to stay in Germany . My child is a German and the question which i ask myself is ; what is the need giving a German passport to my child and at the same time refusing me a resident permit and the right to have an appartment of my own where i can live . Life in this heim is very unbearable , i cannot go and cook in the kitchin for fear of been violated by men because i asked them to smoke their cigarette outside .I am really scared .

If someone could really go through this magazine to contact me, i will explain more. I am sorry to remain anonymous .



Hello Everyone,

we the women living in Heims faced alot of difficult moments because oft he unbearable conditions in which we are living in . The living conditions are very insecure as you will have to go out of your room to cook in a public kitchen and sometimes you forced to share that kitchen with men who smoke drug inside the kitchen and you cannot complain because you will be faced with threats . Our supermarket is very far from the heim which you will have to trek for a long distance . We also have the problem where a room is shared by 4 people and it makes life very difficult and painful . We will be grateful if this problem can be solve . Thank you .


Hello Everyone

The nature of our rooms are very unpleasant, the distance separating and the kitchen are really far away and it is not easy with our children. A discomfort may surprise us and our children) under these conditions may we all be mixed with men who (some) smoke the drug in the kitchens. A big problem with the alarms that trigger at any time and disturbs the sleep of the babies, we can not complain, we will be badly seen.