#3 heart beatz solifest 18.03.2017

@ bi nuu

17:30 Uhr

18:00 Uhr
“Meen Iirhabe – Who is the Terrorist”
JugendtheaterBüro Berlin / Theater X

20:00 Uhr
“Kritische Selbstreflektion über Unterstützungsarbeit in Protesten Geflüchteter” / “Critical Self-Reflection on Support”
ReachOut Berlin

21:00 Uhr

Leila Akinyi & Camufingo

Osloob – أسلوب

Drowning Dog and Malatesta

Josh und Nash

01:00 Uhr

1st Floor ORIENTAL BEATZ: DJ Ipek (Ipek Ipekcioglu), Dj Badre, Gal Kadan / גל כדן / چال كدان

2nd Floor HIPHOP: That Fucking Sara, DJ Tigre, kiko_kazuki

presale / vvk: 10 €

theater only (open doors at 5:30): 4 €
early bird ticket (5:30 – 9 pm): 12 €
concert ticket: 15 €
party ticket (after 1 am): 5 €




heartbeatz @ riseup . net


#2 heart beatz solifest 02.04.2016 @ köpi

köpenicker str. 137

no one should be illegalized but in this racist reality not everyone gets the right to move, to work, to learn, to stay… so all income of the festival will be used to support the legal status of people

for any question: heartbeatz @ riseup . net

(5 pm, aquarium) workshop: “critical self-reflection on support” we want to provide a workshop for so called supporters in order to critically self-reflect power relations and notions of solidarity in the field of “refugee support” and “refugee” struggles. by people of reach out (eng or ger)

(7 pm, aquarium) workshop: hiphop und politik muss hiphop die bürde des sprachrohrs von minderheiten auf sich nehmen? warum darf er nicht einfach kommerziell sein? und was passiert mit der symbolik der politik im hiphop? mit michaela wünsch (dt oder eng)

(8 pm, sportraum) theater play: “one day – today” selforganized theater from Xberg about racism in germany PREMIERE!!! (arabic with translation)

(9 pm – 2 am, agh) life rap:

cheru, peanut envy, dkn – deaf kat night, mazzaj rab band, josh & nash (record release!!!), carmel zoum (c.z. is going to senegal next month and asks for painting and school stuff for kids projects, you can hand it over at the entrence)

(11 pm – 5 am, katakomben) hiphop disco: super djanes make you bouncing for rEVOLution and: info stands, vegan food, cocktails flyer_frontflyer_back