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Refugees occupy Sendlinger Tor Platz – Munich


Since Wednesday refugees have been occupying the Sendlinger Tor Platz in Munich and protest for the right to stay/ Bleiberecht.
This is their statement from yesterday:

“We Are One

During the day we counted 98 refugees! That means that 98 people without permission to stay (Bleiberecht) decided to be here despite racist insults and step into the public to fight for their rights. Let it be in the talks and discussion on the information desk or in the symbolic occupation itself. We as a group of refugees are the melting pot of oppressions. We are facing different forms of structural violence: We are refugees and therefore without basic human rights. We are women and therefore experience sexism. We are people who experience racism. We are humans who experience other forms of discrimination. Let it be because of our languages, because of disabilities, because of how we look or other factors. Together we declare the common fight against our individual problems. We are not victims. We are carrying anger and patience in us. The anger results from the different forms of oppression and violence. The patience results out of the knowledge, that we must fight for a long time to reach our goal.

Through the small things we experience again and again how united we are. Since we have to rely on donations and therefore this money is rare we have to put together the little money we have from our own pockets in order to finance the protest.

Our fight continues – until we rise!”

More refugees are invited to join – and also support is urgently needed!

More Information: www.refugeestruggle.org

Twitter:  @refugeestruggle

Facebook: refugeestruggle