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Police attacks during demonstration

the demo on its way to Auswärtiges Amt

Berlin 29.01.2013

The demonstration of around 60 asylumseekers and activists mainly from the Oranienplatz camp against the German-Sudanese business conference and partnerschip on its way towards the Auswärtiges Amt in Berlin Mitte.

Police pulls off  the transparentIn  front of the Auswärtiges Amt the police attacked the people while they were trying to sit down and block the street.


Some  of the refugees were seriously blessed and two of them got arrested.

While waiting for their friends at  the police department a third refugee was picked out of the waiting activists and got arrested himself.

Only hours later all prisoners eventually were set free.

We the protesting refugees and all the suporters in Berlin strongly condemn the sheer brutality of the  the German police again shown against the refugees!

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We call for solidarity and participation in our fights for our rights! Together we are strong!!