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District implements more police repression in ohlauerstr.

Today, Civil police and 4 police vans came throw people out of ohlauerstr. They declared the place as “Kriminalbelastet Ort”, and said that no body is allowed to stop in front of the school. They arrested one person for control reason.

This happens while today the district officially announced a more strict “Sicherungsmaßnahmen an der Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule”. On the other hand, Monika Herman, tweeted that “There is no eviction planned for 19.3” . She refuse to answer,  so what does their eviction letter actually mean, but it looks like that they want to name the eviction of the school, something else, like self-willing move. Anyway, The deadline for people of the school fill finish tomorrow (19th), means that the District will continue with the eviction process.

In parallel the people of the school opened a court case against the district to stop the eviction (Please donate for the costs ).