Daily Resistance Workshop

Daily Resistance Refugee Protest 2016 Bavaria

We invite all refugees who live in the camps or have the experience to join us in a workshop to get to know each other and develop strategies how to work on the Daily Resistance newspaper together. The aim of the 3 days workshop is to make a space to get to know each other and to find an way, how can self organized cells in different cities participate in making the newspaper together.

The costs of ticket and food are covered. Please bring your tickets.

for joining or more questions please contact us on: dailyresistance@oplatz.net

Time: 24-26 February 2017

Place: Berlin

Kontakt: dailyresistance@oplatz.net

Event Website:  http://oplatz.net/daily-resistance-workshop

Newspaper Website: http://dailyresistance.oplatz.net



About Daily Resistance Newspaper
Daily Resistance is a periodical newspaper on actual paper written by refugee
activists aimed to reach people in refugee camps. Articles in different languages inform on the movements of resistance in Germany to empower them for their everyday resistance against the system. The second issue of the newspaper has just been released. Now we ran out of financial means for the third issue.Refugee camps in Germany are located in remote areas. People are far away from their communities, political self-organizations and support structures. The newspaper aims at breaking this isolation, giving people hope and strenght to fight back and giving them the option to connect with refugee and migrant‘s self-organizations. We think this is necessary because there is a massive racist backlash in German mainstream society and a harsh tightening of asylum laws. More than ever before, self-organized resistance is needed.The newspaper evolved out of the formerly squatted Oranienplatz. The square was squatted after the refugee protest march to Berlin in 2012. A network of activists around Oranienplatz was created in the meantime, as well as a mediagroup (check oplatz.net). The editing group of the newspaper is a mixed group of citizens and non-citizens, mainly based in Berlin. The authors of the articles are refugees from all over Germany, as well as other European countries.Our political/social goals
The main goal of the group is to connect different self organized struggles against racism, the camp and deportation system and the European border regime with each other. Since 2012 a very diverse refugee movement with many different groups with own focuses evolved. With the newspaper, we aim at giving these different parts of the movement a voice and inform refugees who are not yet politically active, as much as reaching people in isolation and in10spire them.


Publish your Texts and Statements

We are looking for our Refugee/Migrant/Noncitizen friends who want to write to -so called- ‘refugees‘, to people in isolation, to the newcomers who were taken away to camps.

Join us with this project: Contribute your texts and statements to Daily Resistance.

The aim of Daily Resistance is to inspire the isolated people in lagers to become active and to raise up against the disrespect they are granted. We want to inform about 
– Rights and demands
– Changes of laws
– Daily struggles of others
– Demonstrations and actions
– Experiences and advice
– Statements
– Mainstream media coverage 
– Political active groups


We do not accept racist, capitalist and sexist texts.

We want to break the focus on English and German language, so we would like to motivate everybody to write in their own language like Farsi, Arabi, French, Pashtoo, Dari, Serbian, Urdu, … this is very important to us to make it possible for everybody to read the newspaper and everybody to write for it. this is a newspaper of people for people.

With a printed newspaper we reach people differently. Not only are we independent of the internet, but even more important we experienced that the printed word is preceived differently from the one published digitally. Maybe it is read with the same attention and seriousness we produced it with? Whatever it is – we believe it can work if you take part!

Daily Resistance Newspaper

Daily Resistance Newspaper