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Crowdfunding campaign for “Festival against racism 2015”

YOU_CANT_EVICT_A_MOVEMENT__Räumung_der_Ohlauer_Schule_verhindern__–_KuB_e_V___betterplace_org_Support Festival against racism (Festival gegen Rassismus) on the crowdfunding campaign!

After two successfull festivals on 2012 and 2013 the idea of having the festival for 2015 raised. On the last years, in 3 days more than 5000 people has participated arround (Artistic-)Politic program made of workshops, discussion rounds, music performance and theater.

The goals of festival are:

a) Articulation of the stories that are presented as mainstream media and society, to give visibility to the perspectives and experiences of people of color and black people in/on this society;
b) Empowering people with racism experience;
c) Developing new solidary and self organized strategies against racism;
d) (Further) Networking for initiatives and people who are engaged against racism;
e) Establishing a social reality.

For this year, there is money needed for very serious and cool things such as: Printing costs, Tents, Toilet wagons, Travel costs, Event equipments, Stage, Benzin, Dumpster

Facebook: facebook.com/festivalgegenrassismusberlin
Twitter:     @BueGeRa
Website:   festivalgegenrassismus.wordpress.com