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Call out for big Non-Citizen meeting 6.-7. September 2016 in Munich

Non-Citizens, Refugees and Supporters are invited to join us and become part of the movement! The issue of refugee´s struggle was perhaps always injustice; We left out home countries because of having inhuman laws, injustice kingdom systems have broken the system for a common person life. Life is cheaper than anything, politics is business, religion… Read more »


Performativer Stadtrundgang: Penduka – Wake Up! Auf dem Weg zum Manga-Bell-Platz 27/8/2016

beleuchtet nicht nur die Entstehungsgeschichte des bundesweit größten Kolonialviertels, in dem sich Deutschlands jahrzehntelanges Streben nach Weltherrschaft spiegelt. Er thematisiert auch den problematischen Umgang mit Kolonialismus und Rassismus in der Gegenwart. Der Rundgang wird von der Germanistin Dr. Marie Onana und der Spoken Word Künstlerin Lahya Aukongo durchgeführt. Die Teilnahmegebühr für die Rundgänge beträgt 8… Read more »


U.S. Sets Stage for Libya-Like Regime Change in Eritrea, “Africa’s Cuba”

The U.S. is moving towards war against Eritrea, a fiercely independent African nation of only six million people. Washington has deployed its UN “human rights” proxies to justify another “humanitarian” military intervention, remarkably like the UN-sanctioned aggression against Libya, in 2011. The UN panel charges Eritrea with “enslaving” and murdering its own people – a… Read more »


“A Call to Action Against Slavery”—We’re About to See the Largest Prison Strikes in US History

On September 9, a series of coordinated work stoppages and hunger strikes will take place at prisons across the country. Organized by a coalition of prisoner rights, labor, and racial justice groups, the strikes will include prisoners from at least 20 states—making this the largest effort to organize incarcerated people in US history. The actions… Read more »

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