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Media Watch

Our experience shows that most of the time the German media is a place of violence and pain against the refugee movements. Although it is commonly expected that the media is working transparent and objective, but most of the reports don’t show the perspective of the refugees themselves. This means the reports are made in a racist manner.

Like this the bigger section of German society doesn’t have the opportunity to understand what is happening on refugee movements. You receive a corrupted and malformed story about us which aimed to produce an emotional rather than rational response in you. We ask you to question any article about the movement which doesnt include the voice of movement in it. By these articles the journalists and politicians act against us hand in hand to criminalize us, to evict us and to marginalize us to the furthest places of the society.

Here we try to reveal some of the propaganda articles publishing by the German media. These articles mostly lie about the movements or they just show one side of the story. The side that is narrated by the politicians and police. This is a common way of making propaganda. by this page we are making a big presentation hall, the hall of shame, for the people who misuse the trust that is put on the objective media work to help unhuman politics.

Media Watch / News

3 more deaths in Calais

A Sudanese woman was found dead in a lorry at the Tunnel this morning. Two men died in the past two days. One was Sudanese or Eritrean according to the police, and the other Pakistani. The first man died yesterday night after being hit by a lorry. The young Pakinstani man died yesterday of his… Read more »