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International Women’s Space

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8th March International Women*s Struggle Demo Berlin 16:30, Warschauerstr.

Polnish Spanish English Hebrew Serbo-Croatian French German Persian Turkish Arabic القوة لجميع النساء*** ندعو جميع النساء* للمشاركة بالمظاهرة النسائية العالمية في تاريخ 8 مارس 2017 في تمام الساعة 16:30 في شارع Warschauer strasse في زاوية شارع Revaler strasse حتى الساعة 18:00 حيث سنكون في Oranienplatz نحن نتمرد ضد النظام! نحن نناضل ونرتب عملنا وحياتنا. نحن… Read more »

berlin news / International Women's Space / News / Refugee Groups Berlin

Impressions of the expert conference “Protection of Refugees against gender-based Violence”

text in german by International Women’s Space There are two forms of violence, according to Jennifer Kamau, an activist of International Women’s Space Berlin, a political group. The first form hits people directly and comes from individuals and structures, while the second form occurs when the public looks away and stays silent. The latter is… Read more »

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Brandenburg – Neuer Erlass zu Opfern von rassistisch motivierter Gewalt?

Gemeinsame Presseerklärung von International Women’s Space und Women in Exile english Wie alle Gruppen, die in Brandenburg mit Geflüchteten arbeiten, freuen wir uns über den neuen Erlass des Landes Brandenburg zu Personen, die Opfer von rassistische motivierten Gewalttaten wurden und abschiebebedroht sind.¹ Es ist ein erster Schritt, denen ein Bleiberecht zu geben, die von Nazis… Read more »

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Invitation to the 8th March Demo first preparation meeting: 13 Jan 2017, 18:00

Deutsch/Engl./France/Farsi/Spanisch/Polnisch/Türk bellow A call to all women* Refugee women* Activist women* Women* living in camps FLTQI Activists* Working women* Women* with and without migration background anti-racist white women* PoC, Black Women* Invitation to the 1st Demo Preparation Meeting for an internationalist Women* Demonstration on the 8th March 2017! On International Women’s Day Dear women*** Let’s… Read more »

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Book Launch: Living in Refugee Camps in Berlin: Women*s Perspectives and Experiences

Presentation, Reading and Discussion with authors 16.12.2016, 6pm at Werkstatt der Kulturen, seminar room 1, Wissmannstraße 32 In the summer and fall of 2015, the year that marked the beginning of what later became known as the “refugee crisis,” 1.1 million people arrived in Germany with the goal of seeking asylum. When taking a critical… Read more »

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R.I.P. Sista Mimi

We are One Speech at the memorial march for Sista Mimi on 13.12.2014 Text: Natasha A. Kelly & Aba Yankah Today we show solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world – in Ferguson, in Gaza, in New York, in Syria, in Iraq and Afghanistan, our indigenous brothers and sisters around the world. We… Read more »

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Tag gegen Gewalt an Frauen* Internationalistische Frauen DEMO Freitag, 25.11.2016, 16 Uhr, Turmstrasse (U9)

Organizers: Frauen * von Ezidischer FrauenRat Berlin, Frauenrat Dest Dan, International Women Space, Interkulturelle Frauenzentrum S.U.S.I, Frauen aus Rojhilat, Sozialistischer Frauenbund Berlin-SKB, Women in Exile & Friends, JXK – Studierende Frauen aus Kurdistan, FrauenRat der PYD Berlin (Rojava Frauen), Frauenrat der HDK Berlin, Lara e.V „From feminicide to selfdefence” along the motto of the current… Read more »

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Solidarity statement to the Protest March 2016 München to Nürnberg from International Women Space, Berlin

by International Women Space We send solidarity greetings to our sisters and brothers on the protest march from Munich to Nürnberg! It feels so good and inspiring to see the videos of this strong, angry and energetic protest! This is a clear reaction to the racist asylum laws which are passed here in Berlin and… Read more »

Protest March Münich to Nürnberg
Demo / International Women's Space

DEMO 8.3.16 – International Women’s Day / Internationaler Frauentag – Wir nehmen uns die Macht zurück! / we take back the power!

Wir nehmen uns die Macht zurück! > Deutsch We take the power back!  > English İktidarı geri alıyoruz! > Türkçe Retomamos el poder! > español Preuzmimo Moć > srpski Мы возвращаем нашу власть! > русский Estamos pegando o poder de volta! > português Em desthilatê şûnde digirin! > Kurdî 私たちはパワーを取り戻す! > 日本語 Ci riprendiamo il potere! > italiano Nous reprenons le pouvoir!… Read more »

We take the power back
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