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Chad Youth in Germany

The latest news about Chad Youth in Germany can be found at: ChadYouth.de

Chad Youth in Germany / News

Free Chad! Next date : 14.12

The demonstration on Saturday against the “re-election” of Idriss Deby counted around 200 participants and walked powerfully through the streets of Steglitz. We invite the demonstrants and all those who missed the occasion to support the fight of Chadian people for a real independancy and a right to self determination to join a workshop presenting… Read more »

Chad Youth in Germany / News

Chad demo tomorrow : 1pm Oranienplatz, 2pm Bundesplatz

Last minute infos for tomorrow’s demo against Idriss Deby in solidarity with the resistance in Chad : Meeting point 1pm Oranienplatz, demo start : 2pm @ Bundesplatz, Sbahn Bundesplatz, direction : Chad Ambassy (Lepsiusstr. 114) https://www.google.fr/maps/@52.4773033,13.3295149,17z Treffpunkt 13.00 Uhr Oranienplatz, Beginn der Demo 14.00 Uhr am Bundesplatz Nähe gleichlautender S-Bahnstation, richtung Tschad Bohtshaft (Lepsiusstr. 114)… Read more »

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