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Call for participants of (their) liquid union!

contact ->  http://liquid-unions.wikidot.com/main:contact

subscription -> https://lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/consulting-for-liquid-unions

Here is a call for those who want to become participant in their liquid union.

Nowadays, we are creating an organization to assist in formations of such unions.

What is and why should it be a liquid union? (liquidunions.wikidot.com)

Liquid union is an organization of the people being its participants, which, per project supplying their specific need, are periodically voting for their supplying channel, as the channels are financed proportionally to the participants’ vote.
It is made to harmonize, decentralize and empower its participants, such that, the power over the money flow is back under the control of the participants – not of their representative and bureaucrats, while the participants can move between the channels without losing their union privileges, while split and gathered groups can still maintain their critical mass to achieve their needs and while each group wins its proportional part but never a “Winner Takes All”.

With your help, we hope to build a liquid union for migrants in all EU.
We will call for it by #Artists4SocialImprovement letting their audience to tell their experience-of, or desire-for, being equal-in group or moving between groups before signing to their liquid union?