Become a distributer

We are trying to distribute the newspaper germanwide. You are more than welcome to help distribute the newspaper in your city. just get in contact with us and we organize it together. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG.

As we do not have any funding, the ditribution costs are:

50 copies: 10€
100 copies: 15€
200 copies: 25€
500 copies: 50€

The cost is just enough to cover the cost of printing, packaging and posting. we don’t get any benefit from above money.
Right now we are having contacts in Munich, Göttingen, Cologne, Würzburg, … if you live in these cities and like to get a copy of newspaper please get in contact with us.
We are working on a list of contact persons who have access to lagers and can distribute the newspaper by putting it directly into the hands of the adressed, past the security. Please get in contact with us if you can distribute: