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African Film Abend and Soli Küche

As part of the African Food Kufa group, from now on, on our events we
will show different subsaharian films.

We are in Bethanien:

Every first and third Monday of the month from 19:30h

Monday 5.2 from 19:30h on, with the film “Ken Bugul (Niemand will sie)”
about the senegalese writer Ken Bugul.
The film will be OMU with German subtitles.

and in Bandito Rosso:

Every second and third Saturday of the month from 19:30h
Saturday 10.2 from 19:30h we will show the film “President DIA(Senegal)”

Also there will be an African Food Küfa, a refugee food project, where
the spende will go for the people cooking (hopefully it will become
a self-organised food cooperative)

The Küfa (Kitchen for all) is a possibility for supporting, networking and exchanging.
We would like to use the Küfa as a longterm possibility to support Asylumseeking Human-Beings financially.

You are welcome to join us!