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19.01.2013 – International Day of Solidarity with Greek antifascists and global refugee protests!

19th January 2013 – International Day of Solidarity with Greek antifascists and global refugee protests!

demonstration from  Refugeecamp Oranienplatz to  the Greek Embassy and then to the French Embassy

 January 19th        at 14.00 clock /2 pm      to the strreet!

Fight Against Racism and Fascism!      And any tolerance for it!

for a common, solidarity, self-determined and emancipated society.

2013 01 19 Griechenland Soli Demo 013up to 200 demonstrates took to the streets in Berlin following the call of the greek antifascist activistes and made a rally in front of the greek embassy. After that they continued to the french embassy to declare their solidarity with the hungerstrike of the refugees in Lille. 

Bis zu 200 Refugees, Unterstützer_innen bzw. Antifaschist_innen folgten heute in Berlin dem internationalen Aufruf griechischer Antifaschist_innen zur Solidarität und hielten eine Kundgebung vor der griechischen Botschaft.  Anschließend ging es zur französischen Botschaft, um Solidarität mit den protestierenden Flüchtlingen sowie Roma in Frankreich zu zeigen und an die bis vor kurzem 72 Tage lang hungerstreikenden Flüchtlinge in Lille zu erinnen.


german version of declaration see here 19.01.2013 -Internationaler Tag für Solidarität mit griechischer Antifa-Berwegung

For January 19th  Greek antifascists  call for worldwide protests in front of Greek embassies  in order to declare

“That the Nazis are not welcome, and that the racist policies of the german government with FRONTEX -detention and the denial of citizenship to the children of immigrants make us as angry as the barbaric austerity that drive hundreds of thousands into unemployment. It is unacceptable when those rich and the government that  seed the poverty which leads to more suicides and the homeless into the waiting lines of  soup kitchens, shift the blame for the crisis on migrants and make them scapegoats for their policy … “

The fascist Greek party Chrisi Avgi (“Golden Dawn”) is gaining influence and support, racist attacks are increasing and the situation of refugees and migrants  – and those who are called so – not only in Greece continues to deteriorate dramatically.  Meanwhile the Greek government and the police has evacuated for the third time in the recent weeks one of the self-managed social centers. They are more and more  important. They log-roll the fascists and rasists and try to  pull the rug out from under the social protests and the active struggle against racism .

Germany played a crucial role in the  installation and enforcement of all programs of decrease . They have tightened the social situation  in Greece dramatically. The impoverishment of the population and their causes are misused and advertised by the  fashists in a populist-nationalist way. Open racism is being a mass phenomenon. But even in Germany racist propaganda and misanthropic sentiments with regard to an alleged origin, religion, lifestyle and social status are increasing. This backs up the institutional racism of the German asylum management, the racist special laws against people with immigrant history and the stragegies of fear against asylum-seekers. Antifascist and antirasist protests are continuesly criminalized and attackt by the police as seen during the Nazi demonstrations in Dresden and Magdeburg. Occupied and founded leftist and selfdetermined spaces are fought and evacuated more and more.

It’s time to put to an end to the attempt, that takes victims of an inhumane asylum and migration policy as scapegoats for all social failures and criminalizing them and rejecting them basic human rights. It´s time to stop all this and oppose our active resistance. This will aim to unmask the real systemic causesas well as their initiators and Profiteurs and call the mby their names. This is valid not only in Greece, it is also valid in Germany, France, Italy, Austria and many other countries where refugees and migrants take to the steets together with their supporters to fight for their rights and fight fascism and racism.

We will not allow the political rulers to reduce us  neither victims nor to individual cases. We are many. We are here because You destroy our countries and lives!
Therefore we demand the right to stay for all and everyone! No one is illegal!

We stand in solidarity with all refugees, people with migration history and social outcasts who fight against neo-liberal policies and any crisis management logic, which simply puts our right of existence under financing conditions,  and which will make just a few get richer! The redistribution from bottom to top must be stopped and reversed! We oppose deportations, discrimination and a policy of repression, as we recently had to face against the refugee camp in Vienna, against refugees on Pariser Platz, against Roma or the hunger strikers in Lille, France. The last one was rarely perceived though the refugees have spend 72 days on hungerstrike. We will not allow anyone to further discriminate and marginalize and segregate us from society!

Free space and freedom of movement for all!

The march will start at the Refugeecamp Oranienplatz in order to support antifascists in Greece and lead to the Greek embassy and will then continue to the French Embassy to support the former refugees on hunger strike in Lille.
Join us!
the protesting refugees and their supporter in Berlin