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Break the Deportation DNA Chain: “Refugee Black Box – The irrepressible voice and power of the afflicted” – Beyond the Court rooms!

Break the Deportation DNA Chain: "Refugee Black BoxOfficial Announcement: Break the Deportation DNA Chain: “Refugee Black Box – The irrepressible voice and power of the afflicted” – Beyond the Court rooms!

27th to 29th January 2017 in Jena, Thuringen

“Our main focus of discussion will be breaking the deportation chain from within; with discussions on strategies of Break Deportation Acts: Our historical backgrounds and past political struggles against deportation and social exclusion will be the guide to our continued engagement for justice and human dignity.”

The VOICE Refugee Forum, Activists of the Refugee-Migrant Community Network together with Anti deportation activists will be presenting and discussing the very first agenda and plan of the project event: ” Refugee Black Box – The irrepressible voice and power of the afflicted” in Jena, over the weekend of the 27th to the 29th.

This is a Prepar-Tainment weekend meeting for the political project event:
“Refugee Black Box – The irrepressible voice and power of the afflicted”

What do we want to talk about?

Our main focus of discussion will be breaking the deportation chain from within; with discussions on strategies of Break Deportation Acts: Our historical backgrounds and past political struggles against deportation and social exclusion will be the guide to our continued engagement for justice and human dignity.

We want to discuss how we, the refugee-migrant community activists in Germany overcome the different faces of injustice in Europe. We will speak about our experiences, the struggles and campaigns of the refugee community against the deportation cultures of the German and European racist nationalism, against social exclusion in Germany. About how we fight against the abuse and violation of our rights, the corruption of the deportation system, societal ignorance including German elites and politicians vis-à-vis human dignity and freedom of movement.

Prepar-Tainment Agenda

Friday and Saturday (27th and 28th):

There will be Workshops and Podium discussions. During discussions the Photo Exhibition of the Refugee Community Strike protest “We will Rise” by the Oplatz Refugee Movement will be part of our political arena with Street theatre, Rallies and Demonstration. In the evenings after discussions and workshops, there will be Solidarity Music and Concerts.

Saturday evening:

Cultural Contributions and Solidarity Live Concerts in Café Wagner, Jena. Also on the list are:

– Schwabinggrad Ballett together with the performance group Arrivati who call themselves „autonomous collective of refugees and People of Colour“, from Hamburg.

– System D „a crossing borders musical experience, challenging the oppression, political situation, borders control: Reggae is not dead.“ (Leipzig)

Sunday: Continuation of the discussions and perspectives on the way forward

“Refugee Black Box – The irrepressible voice and power of the afflicted” is a political experiment and a process to re-create our alternative space and critical enlightenment, through the Refugee Political Solidarity X-Ray on the decades of refugee struggles against the centuries of colonial injustice of deportation.

The concept is a process of inspirations from struggles like: The Caravan Internation Refugee Congress Jena – “Unite against Deportation and Social Exclusion” – the beginning of the Residenzpflicht campaign in 2000, Oury Jalloh’s death in Police Cell No 5 in Dessau and the ensuing court trial in 2008, the Caravan Festival on Colonial Injustice in Jena 2010, Break Isolation Refugee Camp in Erfurt with the preparation of the Refugee Protest March from Würzburg to Berlin in 2012 and the Refugee International Tribunal in Berlin in 2013, which were organized by The VOICE Refugee Forum and The Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants. (See links below) It is in the spirit of continuity of The VOICE Refugee Forum struggles since 1994 from the Mühlhausen refugee camp.
Refugee Black Box actions are planned to expose the ignorance of the society on the abuses and crimes of deportation regimes and to make the colonial injustices of the system visible.

Like Marcus Garvey said, “Never forget that intelligence rules the world and ignorance carries the burden. Therefore, remove yourself as far as possible from ignorance and seek as far as possible to be intelligent”.

Like in a tribunal, it is about charging the system and giving a platform to the afflicted to bring their own charges to public awareness. In addition, it has elements of a festival with its cultural space. The idea parodies the black boxes of aircrafts. It contains sensitive information that are vital to its functionality. The afflicted can submit their charges and these would form the basis of the next protest actions against the pervasive colonial injustice.

Join us in the 2017 grassroots struggles of the refugees community movement, to make “Refugee Black Box – The irrepressible voice and power of the afflicted” a concrete and empowering political solidarity weapon.

“By coming together, we will continue to learn from each other, develop our strength by continued self-empowerment to break the deportation culture and to overcome the different faces of injustice in Europe. Most of us are victims of war. Some of us lost our families; many of us are separated from their children, wives and husbands, while countless number of us died on the journey to Europe under the watchful eyes of FRONTEX. As a result, many of us remain traumatised today. Yet, instead of being given the necessary therapeutic and other support, we are discriminated against, subjected to brutal and greedy exploitation and exclusion, various forms of psychological torture and expected to gratefully accept our unspoken label of subhuman or „Untermensch“ in the name of refugees because we don‘t have bombs raining on us.” – Review on Break Deportation Culture – Deportation is criminal and we fight to stop it! http://thevoiceforum.org/node/4210

Deportation and its corruption of legal systems and regimes are criminal. Stop the deportation system! Fight racist nationalism!

Lets shake things up! – Bring down the deportation regimes! Stop the deportations!!!

Please make donations, engage and work with us for an independent refugee community and Join us for the 2017 grass root struggles of the refugees communities on our movement to make “The Refugee Black Box ” a concrete political solidarity weapon.

The events will be financed by public donation and solidarity contribution only.

Förderverein The VOICE e.V., Sparkasse Göttingen,
IBAN: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29 Code „Break Deportation“

http://breakdeportation.blogsport.de | http://thevoiceforum.org | http://thecaravan.org

Corrected: Break Isolation Refugee Camp in Erfurt with the preparation of the Protest march from Würzburg to Berlin in 2012

Flüchtlingskongress vom 21. April bis 1. Mai 2000 in Jena
The Caravan Internation Refugee Congress Jena 2000 – “Unite against Deportation and Social Exclusion”

Refugee Struggle against Residenzpflicht 2000
Einblick in den Kampf gegen die Residenzpflicht

Oury Jalloh Campaign Revisited – Break the Silence Archives 2005 – 2009 (English and German) http://thevoiceforum.org/node/1213

“Unite against colonial injustice in commemoration of the victims of Fortress Europe” http://www.karawane-festival.org

Break Isolation – Refugee Protest March from Würzburg to Berlin! http://thevoiceforum.org/node/2683

Refugee International Tribunal in Berlin in 2013,

Bewegungsfreiheit Soli-Party für Refugees in Watergate, 24.11.2016


Ort: Watergate/ 24.November 2016

Falckensteinstr. 49      10997 Berlin

Art der Veranstaltung:  Infoveranstaltung und Konzert mit anschließender Party

Mitwirkende Künstler*Innen:

MIKE DEHNERT // pampa, fachwerk
ROBOSONIC // cord only
KALIPO live // audiolith
ENA LIND // mint
ROBERT AUDIEN // the pantheon bar
PIRACY // aka matthias

–> Livemusik & Battlerap ab 22 Uhr


Am Donnerstag, den 24.November, findet die neunte Ausgabe der Bewegungsfreiheit Soli-Party für Refugees statt.

Bereits zum zweiten mal gibt uns das Watergate die Möglichkeit, unseren Solidaritätsrave mit Infoveranstaltung und Konzerten auf zwei Floors zu veranstalten. Wir haben wieder viele spannende DJ´s & Live Acts aus dem Berliner Nachtleben für unser Projekt gewinnen können. Wir bitten euch hiermit zum Tanz und Vernetzen bis in die frühen Morgenstunden.

Außerdem freuen wir uns auf Künstler*innnen und Aktivist*innen aus Berlin und Rostock, die uns dabei unterstützen, die Party mit einem informativen und unterhaltsamen Rahmenprogramm abzurunden. Ab 20 Uhr öffnen wir die Türen und erwarten euch mit Informationen zu den Akteuren der Refugeeproteste am O-Platz, der Möglichkeit zum Diskutieren und Live-Musik & Battlerap im Anschluß.

Die Raver kommen ab 23 Uhr auf dem berühmten LED-Floor auf ihre Kosten und unser Awareness Team steht euch selbstverständlich wieder als Ansprechpartner*in zur Verfügung.

Die Gewinne des Abends (Tür & Bar) kommen Geflüchteten und ihren Protest- Hilfs- und Solidaritätsprojekten zugute. Dieses mal arbeiten wir u.a. mit Lampedusa Berlin, KUB und Cadus zusammen.



–> Einlass ab 20 Uhr
–> Infoveranstaltung ab 20:30 Uhr
Podiumsdiskussion zur aktuellen Situation der Aktivist*innen rund um die Oranienplatzbesetzung (Details folgen in Kürze.)
–> Livemusik & Battlerap ab 22 Uhr
–> Techno ab 23 Uhr

The ninth edition of Bewegungsfreiheit, our charity event for refugees, will take place at the 24th of November.

For the second time the fundraiser with rave, concerts, information and discussion will be hosted at Watergate on two floors. Once more we compiled a varied mix of local heros and some special visitors. We are looking forward to dance the night away with you. Doors will open at 8pm. We will start with some information and follow up discussion about the Movement of O-Platz before some live music and battle rap and the rave beginning at 11pm. Of course our Awareness Team will be around, dont hesitate to approach them in any case of unpleasant encounters during the party.

All earning from entry and both bars will be donated to refugees and organisations of support, protest and solidarity. This time we are working with Kotti e.V., KUB, Cadus and others.



–> Doors open 8 PM

–> Talk and discussion 8:30 PM Panel about the recent situation after the occupation of

Oranienplatz (more details soon)

–> Live Music & Rap 10 PM

–> Party 11 PM

–> Artwork von Stefan Batsch


All profits from the entry-fee and the bars are going to support the refugees in and around Berlin, as well as their protest- & supportstructure.



20-21 Uhr – Spende/ Donation

21-23 Uhr  –  6€

ab 23 Uhr  – 10€






Soliparty für Rom_nja Proteste

soliparty-for-romnja-protesteLiebe Leute,
kommt zur Soliparty in Berlin am Sa.29.10.2016, um 20:00 Uhr in Zielona Gora – Grünbergerstrasse 73.
Filmführung “The Awakening” zur Lebensrealität abgeschobener Roma
Infos zu den Rom_nja Protesten
Konzert Rolling Hopp

Plakat in pdf

Soliparty for Protests of Romn*ja

this Saturday, October 29th

in Zieolona Gora, Grünbergerstraße 73 in Friedrichshain

Around 8pm the movie The Awakening will be shown and Infos about the
Roma Protest will be given

Afterwards their will be live music by Rolling Hop (Roma Hip Hop, Rap)
and Dj*anes

Poster in pdf

LAIL’S DONATION POT: Party at Fischladen in Berlin, 25. March 2016


GIVE FOR A PATH TO FREEDOM AND SAFETY. A MATTER OF SURVIVAL. [Syria –> europa] . we need to be fast.

Our friends/ A mother, a father and a baby/ are trying to escape the danger. Wanted for not supporting the massacre that surround them, wanted for refusing to serve in the army of Bashar Al assad, this family must go out of Syria and found its way to europe.
What is not a choice but an act of necessity.

All donation will go directly to them to finance the paperwork required (passport/ visas/..) and the protection needed on the way out.
In case of an extra, it will be gifted to their little girl.