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Die Refugee-Bewegung am 1. Mai 2017 in Kreuzberg / The Refugee Movement on 1st of May, 2017 in Kreuzberg

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde,

lasst uns den revolutionären 1. Mai feiern und weiterkämpfen! Wir laden Euch herzlich zu unseren Ständen rund um das Myfest in Kreuzberg ein. Am Oranienplatz gibt es ab 12 Uhr einen Stand von Aktivist*innen der Bewegung. Napuli Paul Langa und Turgay Ulu werden auch auf der dortigen Bühne sprechen. Am Mariannenplatz (vor der Thomaskirche) bieten die Bewohner*innen und Aktivist*innen der Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule aus der Ohlauer Straße ein Soli-Essen an und informieren über die aktuelle Situation in der Schule. Vor dem Refugee Office in der Waldemarstraße 46 gibt es ab Mittags außerdem einen Stand von WeAreBornFree! Empowerment Radio und der Schlafplatzorga. Für Essen und Trinken ist auch da gesorgt. An allen Orten wird man auch die Daily Resistance finden.

Dear friends,

let’s celebrate the Revolutionary 1st of May and keep on fighting! We cordially invite all people to our stands on the Myfest in Kreuzberg. On Oranienplatz there will be a stand of movement’s activists, starting from 12. Napuli Paul Langa and Turgay Ulu will also give a speech there on stage. On Mariannenplatz (in front of Thomas Church) the inhabitants and activists of Gerhart Hauptmann School from Ohlauer Str. will offer food on a soli basis and inform about the current situation in the school. In Waldemarstr 46, in front of the Refugee Office, WeareBornFree! Empowerment Radio and the Sleeping Place Orga will be present from noon, as well. Foods and drinks will be provided. You can find the newspaper Daily Resistance at all these places.

We are born free! Empowerment Radio Broadcasts

wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio

wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio (We!R) on Reboot.fm Sonntags von 18:00 bis 19:30 Uhr live auf UKW 88,4 MHz in Berlin und 90,7 MHz in Potsdam.

“We!R ist ein unabhängiges Radioformat von Friends and Enemies, das sich im Kampf der Geflüchteten gegen ihre Diskriminierung in Deutschland gegründet hat. Wir verbinden regionale soziale Kämpfe in einer antikapitalistischen Plattform, im Mittelpunkt stehen selbstorganisierte Proteste von Migrant*innen, speziell von geflüchteten Frauen*, LGBTIQ und anderen marginalisierten Gruppen.”

Urgent call and newsletter of Schlafplatzorga (accomodation group) May/June 2015

most favorite signboard of Schlafplatzorga
Hi everyone,
we have emergency situation again concerning the woman, who was “silently” evicted from Ohlauer school two and a half month ago. From tomorow we don’t have any further solution for her. We are asking you again to show your strong solidarity and offer her a soli accommodation if possible. Thanks.

Solidarity greetings Schlafplatzorga OPlatz



Newsletter May/ June
we want to give you a small overview on the current situation concerning the activities of the soli accommodation group at Oplatz. In the last two months we had 19 supporters who have offered soli accommodation for refugees, 8 of them are available at the moment on our request. Most of them are able to offer temporary accommodation either for one night, few days or, pretty rarely, for one week. Others already host people on a longer basis, or have announced to be available only in some weeks.

Daily we have at least three refugees who are searching for a place to stay, recently we had even 10 requests in one day. We are not able to meet all requirements because of the current small number of offers. For one or two refugees daily we mediate places in emergency shelters, though very reluctantly.

Thanks to our network with the solizimmer group and valuable information they provided, we have managed to mediate one long term offer recently and possibly some more in the future.

At the moment only five of us are covering the daily shifts (Monday-Friday from 6 – 8 pm), we are under the heavy load trying to organise our small group in the best way. We need definitely additional strength and recources. Please join us, if you can imagine to contribute anyhow to our work. We have a regular open meeting each wednesday from 8 pm at Oranienplatz. Thus, we would be very glad, if we can split the various tasks concerning the soli accommodation activities: public relations work, coordination, networking, mediation, crowding campaigns, projects development, etc.

You can reach us easily on our info number: 0176 – 37 32 54 99 or via e-mail: schlafplatzorga@gmail.com

Solidarity greetings

Schlafplatzorga Oplatz

Statement of the GHS regarding the district’s eviction plans and the decision of the Administrative Court

We want to stay in the school, but self-organized!

Never try to fool, the people from the school!

We, the inhabitants of the Gerhart-Hauptmann-School in Kreuzberg, want to make again clear that we want to stay in that half of the school building that was promised to us in the agreement of the roof occupation (July 2014).

The administrative court in Berlin confirmed on the 25th of May that we have the right to live in the school!! Therefore, the plans of the district to evict us, have been also blocked by a official German court!

Still the district is continuing its ignorant and racist policies against us. Just after the publication of court decision, the district stated that the living conditions in the building are so dangerous because we would cook over open fire?! We are not cooking over open fire! We do not have enough to eat, so we cannot even think about how we want to prepare our food!

Statement from Refugee Activists from Ohlauer School

We are here to fight for our human rights.

Here in the school the politicians try to isolate us – no visitors, not eve lawyers, doctors, not even international activists like Angela Davis, not even our friends and supporters. Shame on them!

The politicians in Berlin try to kick us out and stop our struggle – but we continue to fight for our rights

We are fighting as part of the refugee protest movement.

We had the march to Berlin, and the the protest camp at Oranienplatz for 2 years.

We had the March for Freedom from Strasbourg to Brussels.

“The Refugee movement is the movement of the 21st Century” – Angela Davis in Berlin, May 2015

Angela Davis// Spanish below // Deutsch untenstehend //

“Can someone explain to me why can’t I go inside the school?” asked Angela Davis on the 14th of May, during her meeting with activists in the Werkstatt der Kulturen, in Berlin. “Is it a school or a prison?” To which people from the audience replied: “Yes”. Angela Davis and Gina Dent wanted to visit the refugee occupied school in the Ohlauer Strasse and were denied access by the District authorities. The day after, on the 15th of May, Angela Davis and Gina Dent met again with refugees and migrants at the Jockel Biergarten. This time to listen, understand and discuss how the struggle for the rights of all people to move freely and have a dignified life is going in Germany.

We, from the International Women Space, were present in both meetings and stressed about the importance of the women’s struggles inside the movement of the people seeking asylum.

Check out the video we made of Angela in Berlin:

Angela Davis and Gina Dent at Werkstatt der Kulturen

panel discussion with Angels Davis and Gina Dent at werkstatt der KulturenThursday, 05/14 Angela Y. Davis and Gina Dent met with antiracist, migrant and refugee activists from Berlin at Werkstatt der Kulturen. The meeting began with Refugee Club Impulse, a film dance and theatre group staging a performance on coming to Europe.
The following discussion was open to everyone. The talk was on cooperation between activists in Europe and the United States, on systemic police violence, racial profiling and the connection between activism and academia.
Davis stressed a contradiction contained in the notion of globalisation. Everything is conceived as moving around the globe freely except for most of the people – especially those in the global south. If they don’t stay were they are, they’ll get labelled as “illegals” – put back into custody.
Explaining how in France they came across many refugee activists, Angela Davis quoted one of them: “The Mediterranean is an African cemetery” and went further on pointing out that the horrors of todays mediterranean sea repeat patterns of the slave trade at the begining of the global economy. Both human tragedies being based on expropriation and exclusion.

Angela Davis wird der Zugang zur Schule in der Ohlauer Straße verweigert

english below

Bezirksstadträtin erlaubt den US amerikanischen Bürgerrechtlerinnen, sich außerhalb der Schule zu treffen.

Die Genehmigung zum Besuch der Schule in der Ohlauer Straße für Angela Davis und Gina Dent wird von der Bezirksstadträtin verweigert.

Am 11. Mai beantragt ReachOut die Genehmigung für einen Besuch der Unterkunft von Geflüchteten in der Ohlauer Straße. Angela Davis und Gina Dent wollten in Begleitung von zehn Aktivist_innen mit den Geflüchteten über ihre Situation und über ihre politischen Aktivitäten diskutieren. Der Besuch der Schule ist ohne eine Genehmigung der Stadträtin, Borkamp nicht möglich, weil der Zugang zur Schule von einem Sicherheitsdienst verhindert wird.

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