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Call for open meeting to Oplatz media group

Oplatz media group Workshop

Dear people,

As media group from Oplatz we want to invite you to our open meeting

On Sunday 26.03 from 15h to 18h at FAQ
Jonasstraße 40
12053 Berlin
U8-Leinestr. and S/U-Hermannstr

As you know we are focused on giving the news about refugee struggles,
situation in lagers, initiatives against racism, figths against
deportations, for the right to stay, to get education, work and be able
to start a new life.

Our main goal is that the protagonist involved in all those situations
take the word, express themselves and tell the world.

So in these open meetings we invite you to come and share your
information, pictures, audios, videos, so that we can publish them.
If you are part of a group you can come and share your work, events, etc.

If you want we can show you hands on how to publish you own news in Oplatz!!
No matter what skills you have we can teach you what is needed.

Come and join us!, It’s going to be fun!