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International Refugee Center

Statement to all:

by the people from the school (Ohlauer)

We are in motion and want to build a real Refugee Center by Refugees for Refugees in the school. That‘s why we started to organize 5 projects:

1. Social Center:

We want the Pavilion-Building as an open center. Part of this center will be an open café. In the Social Center there will be a cooking group, that will cook and provide food regularly. Another group wants to set up a bicycle repair. For the organization of the center and other projects a joint office needs to be set up in the Pavilion-Building.

2. Theatre Project:

We will develop, together with artists from all over Berlin, plays and perform on stages. The developed pieces deal with our situation and our experiences.

3. Music-Meeting-Point:

Many musicians live at the school. Together with musicians from outside we want to build a music project. The goal is to come together through music and share our experiences.

4. Serigraphy Workshop:

We already have a lot of experience creating serigraphy. When the school was still open, many young people regularly came from the neighborhood to print together with us and to create their own graphics. We want to continue and expand this work together.

5. International Women Space:

The international women space is a free place where refugee women can meet to exchange knowledge and experiences, where they can get to discuss their rights, organise themselves and fight together against the isolation of the Lagers.

For the implementation of these projects, we will form several groups, made up by all residents of the school according to their interests. We want people from outside the school to support us and join the projects and groups. The projects we create are an open space for the people from the neighborhood. We will not ask for permission. Too many promises have not been kept by politicians and authorities. Since the attempted eviction of the school almost nothing has been done by them. That we prevent construction workers in their work is a Lie.

We will implement our project ourselves. Therefore w e expect that we will not be stopped in our work. As it happened on the 15 th of September 2014 , when we wanted to open the Social Center and the police was called. Now we are told that a “Lager” (camps) will be build in the school. More people shall live in the school. Why were they then kicked out v iolently before? We have come to Oranienplatz and have lived in tents, because we could not stand it anymore in the “Lagers” (camps). In the school, we want to build a Refugee Center by Refugees for Refugees. With the security the school begins already to be like a “Lager”. But we will not accept a new “Lager” here.

About the school it is often reported that it is a place of criminals and drug dealers. That‘s not true. We want to show everyone what the school really is and who we are. Don’t stop us!

The people from the school.

Do not fool the people from the school!

from @OhlauerInfo http://bit.ly/1u5OKTT


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Gerhart Hauptmann Schule (Ohlauer) at Regenbogenfabrik with Sudanese food, books, T-shirts!

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Gerhart Hauptmann School in Regenbogenfabrik


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