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The purpose of the Knowledges sub-page is to serve as a conduit between academics, community members (e.g. museums, social workers, blog writers) and activists. The page will function to show how community knowledge and academic knowledge is produced. It will also serve to further strengthen the political self-awareness and the political education of activists who work toward changing refugee politics.
The page will aim to demonstrate how academics within a formal institutional setting and members outside the bounds of Universities use and apply knowledge about refugees and migrants and how this knowledge can be applied to improve understanding of migrants and refugees’ conditions and ultimately change the current politics. This page will provide links to academic and community knowledge, which show the historical and contemporary context of refugees and migrants’ situation. The page will include writings, which examine the processes of marginalization and exclusion which migrants experience as well as their activism and agency.The Knowledges subpage within its multiple frameworks i.e. formal/informal institutional settings will aim to support pluralism and include voices of those marginalised as well as provide and open a space for interrogating/debating power, privilege, and ethical concerns.
Finally, by linking writings by academics, community members and activists, the page aims to further the process of refugee and migrant activism and facilitate a dialogue between several working groups.

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Romnja Power Month 2016

By RomaniPhen Liebe Freund*innen, liebe Schwestern* und liebe Interessierte, wir freuen uns sehr Ihnen/Euch unser Programm für den Romnja* Power Month bekannt geben zu dürfen. Wir haben eine Reihe von informativen , empowernden , kreativen und vielseitigen Veranstaltungen  zusammengestellt und möchten ganz herzlich zur Teilnahme einladen. Der Romnja Power Month, geboren aus einer Kooperation zwischen der… Read more »

Romnja Power Month
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Civil Society 4.0 – Refugees and Digital Self Organization, HKW

2016, Mar 03, Thu — 2016, Mar 05, Sat  Self-organization has been essential for thousands of refugees arriving in Germany. In the last years, refugee´s organizations have been struggling for their right to stay, to move and to live in dignity. Volunteers and supporters have been engaging to improve the newcomers´ living conditions. Together, refugees,… Read more »

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International Conference on Migration, Irregularisation and Activism: Challenging Contemporary Border Regimes, Racism and Subordination

Call for Papers 15-16 of June 2016, Malmö, Sweden www.mia-conference.se Deadline for abstracts extended to 15th of February! In the current era of increasing securitisation of border controls and restrictive asylum and migration politics, the journey to and within the EU is a life-threatening endeavour that has taken uncountable numbers of lives over the last… Read more »

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