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Speech held by IWS in the International Women*s Day Berlin #womanday #weltfrautag

Posted originally by www.wirmachendas.jetzt  Photo: Inga Alice Lauenroth  We women of the world have united, and we shout: International Strike! We see sexist shit all over the world. In Russia, domestic violence has been decriminalised. In many places, girls are forced to marry and bear children. We see a rise in antifeminism here and everywhere…. Read more »

international woman space

IN OUR OWN WORDS Book launch

Refugee Women in Germany tell their stories WHEN: 19.00 | 25th November 2015 WHERE: TheaterSpielRaum, Bethanien-Südflügel, Mariannenplatz 2B, 10997 Berlin   In 2013, we, the activists from International Women Space (IWS), set ourselves the task of documenting the lives and stories of refugee women in Germany. We approached the project in the Latin American tradition of… Read more »

In our own words
international woman space

„We are here because you destroyed our countries“

We have been seeing, through the media, a rise of solidarity amongst the Germans towards refugees. There has been article after article reporting about welcome structures in different parts of the country. Different people are creating websites offering temporary accommodation to refugees, others are collecting basic clothes, food supplements and taking to the refugees camped… Read more »

international woman space

The Refugees Are Coming!!!

By ANDRE VLTCHEK: I don’t really know, I don’t understand how it feels: to live in a rich European country, which is rich mainly because it has been directly plundering many poor nations around the world. Or it has been plundering by association, through its membership in some extremist organization like NATO. To live there, refusing… Read more »

international woman space

Taz: Frauen als Flüchtlinge Schutzlos in einem sicheren Land

Von Andrea Dernbach Auch wer es nach Deutschland geschafft hat, ist nicht sicher. Gerade weibliche Flüchtlinge sind oft Gewalt ausgesetzt – nicht zuletzt in Asylbewerberheimen.  Das Deutsche Institut für Menschenrechte prangert mangelhaften Schutz für Frauen an, die nach Deutschland geflohen sind. Seit etwa 15 Jahren gelte unter anderem das Gewaltschutzgesetz; es werde aber nicht für… Read more »

international woman space

VIDEO: German news anchor Anja Reschke uses slot to attack ‘little racist nobodies’ in impassioned call to end hatred towards refugees

The Independent: A German news anchor has sparked a huge debate after using her evening TV slot to wage verbal war on those who racially attack refugees. Anja Reschke expressed her anger at how worryingly normal it now is to publish “hate tirades” under real names in comment pieces she believes has contributed to a “rise… Read more »

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