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Syrian Gay Refugee Killed in İstanbul

Syrian gay refugee Muhammed Wisam Sankari has been found dead in Yenikapı district of İstanbul. Perpetrators of Sankari who was beheaded are yet to be caught. Sankari who was threatened, kidnapped by a crowded group of men and raped earlier was trying to flee to another country for his life safety. In the wake of… Read more »

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Nobody can contact these prisoners in detention camp, see how we throw them newspaper over fences

7th may was #ShutThemDown,  transnational day of action against detention centres. A lot of people have demonstrated in different cities for closing of detention centers. Right now people are detained in inhumane situation and their basic rights of moving freely and applying for asylum have been stolen from them. They are imprisoned and even does… Read more »

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Impression of the Situation in Greece Interview with Napuli Paul, activist from the refugee movement in Berlin and Germany

You have been for six or five days in Greece and you also went to tthe border in Idomeni what were your impressions there? First of all it was good that we are here and to see the situation. And the situation was really hard. You can not take it, you know. first of all… Read more »

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Solidarität mit dem kurdischen Freiheitskampf!

english below Solidarität mit dem kurdischen Freiheitskampf! Die kurdische Freiheitsbewegung hat seit 2013 einen ernsthaften Friedensdialog mit dem türkischen Staat begonnen. Direkte Gespräche zwischen Abdullah Öcalan und hohen türkischen Staatsvertreter_innen, einseitige Waffenstillstände der Guerilla, der Aufbau basisdemokratischer Selbstverwaltungsstrukturen in der Osttürkei und die parlamentarische Demokratieoffensive der HDP waren die wichtigsten Maßnahmen für eine Lösung der… Read more »

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