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bus tour 2015 / News

Bustour in Trier

Trier 30.4

P1040599Before heading from Frankfurt to Trier we visited a container lager in Frankfurt which we have visited in the last bus tour 2013. The lager didn’t change from last time. We have stablished a connection from the inside before going there, So we could enter the lager, hence they forbid us of making pictures.

we even met some people who we have met 2 years ago. We met one Afghan refugee who was 5 years waiting 2 years ago, and now it is 7 years of waiting for him, and he is living in this lager. We explained that we are fighting for closing of refugee lagers and against isolation of people. “But the lagers are running for many years” he answered.

We tried to talk with a pregnant woman in the kitchen making dinner. We gave our magazines and papers. The tears began to flow from her eyes. Obviously troubles accumulated in her heart. Kitchen and places like toilets were in very poor condition. A bad smell comming from the bathroom. People are getting forced to live with their children in these inhuman lagers.

The rise of Luxus buildings in Frankfurt and living costs make it impossible for many refugees to afford a living out of this lager and live inside the city.

Finally we returned to Frankfurt university. One of our friends from Freedom March to Brussels have came from Magdeburg to drive one of our cars to Trier. We were 12 peaple traveling with 2 small busses. Our Navi system brought us inside the Mainz city and we got stucked in the traffic for a long time. We reached Tried at 6 and go directly to a cultural center which arround 30 refugees gather arround for german course and get to know each other. There were refugees mostly from Eritrea, Syria and Kobani. We also show them the solidarity photo that fighters of Kobani made for Orannienplatz and told them about our action of occupying a nationalist turkisch radio station in berlin in solidarity with Kobani.

In our meetings refugees and supported get politicized. There are people who haven’t made a speech in the meetings before and the do talk in our meetings for the first time. In begenning they feel shy and hesitate to speak. After a while they start to plan actions and making suggestions. This is partly because we don’t have a hirarchial structure and no boss. So everybody participate in decision making and in taking responsibilities.

We couldn’t find the time to visit Karl Marx home which was born in Trier, Schade!

1.5.2015 Trier and Munchen

P1040662P1040633In the morning we devided in 2 groups to visit 2 lagers in Trier. Both were Erstaufnahmelagers and very big. We entered there before the security notice us. The refugees has got forced to queue up in order to receive food in a long queue. We took a photo of people waiting in the queue, The security noticed us and we said that we came to visit our friend in the camp. It too a whole debate. Then we wnet to a few people in the upper floors of the building. We spoke with refugees who live there door by door. In this camp was people more from Kosovo and Albania. As with us are 2 refugees from the camp in Osnabruck, fully able to speak Albanian, we could spread our words to everybody there.

Large rooms in the refugee camps in Trier. There are double-decker beds in each room, just as in prison. They store at least 6 people in each room. People do not have a life of their own.

On the upper floor there was many woman and children. One family only knew Russian. Small children were laughing because  they see new faces. We invited everybody to participate with us in the 1st of Mai demo.

After a few hours of being with people in there we got our megaphone and openned our banners and made speeches in many languages , also inviting people to the demo. Then we started to walk and many people including their children joined us. You could see happiness in the eyes of children, they had a very pleasing time to get our of the boring lager atmosphere.

We marched together with our banners and slogans to the domonstration. it was the alternative demonstration for 1st of Mai by left groups in Trier in parallel to the official DGB union demo. there was not many people, and more refugees. in the end was a very nice small festival with food and drinks in the city center. We talked about bustour and the refugee strike movement, distributed our magazine. Play Albanian music. People have experienced the joy of being in a social environment. Afterall we invited everybody who is interested to join the bustour.

bus tour 2015

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Presseerklärung/Resolution der TeilnehmerInnen der bundesweiten Refugee-Konferenz 21.-23.08.2015 in Hannover

Dieses bundesweite Treffen, organisiert vom Protestcamp der sudanesischen Geflüchteten auf dem Weißekreuzplatz in Hannover in Zusammenarbeit mit „Lampedusa in Hamburg“, dem „Refugee-Movement Berlin“ und der „Refugee-Bustour“, wurde unterstützt vom ver.di-Bildungswerk Niedersachsen, der Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Niedersachsen, der DFG/VK und dem Friedensbüro Hannover, radio flora sowie anderen Gruppen und Personen. Drei Tage lang haben mehr als… Read more »

bus tour 2015


Almanya çapında sürdürdüğümüz otobüs turu eylemi 23 günün sonunda tamamlandı. Otobüs turumuz başladığımız yer olan Berlin Oranienplatz’a geri döndü. Otobüs turu, ilk defa kendi hakları için eyleme katılan yeni mülteci direnişçiler kattı saflarına. Osnabrück, Trier, Khemniz, Göttingen gibi yerlerden yeni mülteciler katıldı direnişe. Daha önceki eylem deneyimlerimizde de tanık olduğumuz gibi, eylemlerde yer alan mülteciler… Read more »

bus tour 2015

Refugee bus tour freedom fighters welcome!- We, 13th of May, 3pm, Oplatz‏

Dear people, on Wednesday, the 13th of May, we meet at 3pm at Oplatz to wait for the refugee freedom fighters to come back to Oplatz. Refugees are welcome, refugee freedom fighters are welcome, freeugees are welcome and food is also welcome. We want to eat together with the people from the bus tour- please… Read more »


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Demo 10.12. Keine Abschiebungen nach Afghanistan!تظاهرات برای ماندن افغانها در المان، دیپورت را متوقف کنید!

Afghanistan ist alles andere als sicher. Seit mehr als drei Jahrzehnten sind Menschen auf der Flucht vor Terror und Krieg. Keine Abschiebungen nach Afghanistan! Demonstration am 10.12.2016, um 12:00 Uhr, U-Bahn Turmstraße, Berlin Der nun seit fast vier Jahrzehnten andauernde Krieg in Afghanistan hat 6 Millionen Menschen weltweit in die Flucht getrieben, und 2015 mehr… Read more »

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Tag gegen Gewalt an Frauen* Internationalistische Frauen DEMO Freitag, 25.11.2016, 16 Uhr, Turmstrasse (U9)

Organizers: Frauen * von Ezidischer FrauenRat Berlin, Frauenrat Dest Dan, International Women Space, Interkulturelle Frauenzentrum S.U.S.I, Frauen aus Rojhilat, Sozialistischer Frauenbund Berlin-SKB, Women in Exile & Friends, JXK – Studierende Frauen aus Kurdistan, FrauenRat der PYD Berlin (Rojava Frauen), Frauenrat der HDK Berlin, Lara e.V „From feminicide to selfdefence” along the motto of the current… Read more »

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Protest March Munich to Nuremberg

8th of  October 2016, Munich 33th day at Sendlinger Tor 1st day on Protest March We need your financial support for our protest march from Munich to Nürnberg – read more about it on our web page: refugeestruggle.org Spendenkonto: Account name: Refugee Struggle for Freedom BIC: GENODEM1GLS IBAN: DE 97 4306 0967 8229 1322 00… Read more »


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R.I.P. Sista Mimi

We are One Speech at the memorial march for Sista Mimi on 13.12.2014 Text: Natasha A. Kelly & Aba Yankah Today we show solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world – in Ferguson, in Gaza, in New York, in Syria, in Iraq and Afghanistan, our indigenous brothers and sisters around the world. We… Read more »

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Afghan Refugees and the Deport // Seminar // Selay Ghaffar

A talk by Selay Ghafar, spokesperson for Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (in English) Time: Sunday, 11 Dec 2016, 6:30pm Address: Admiralstraße 17, 10999 Berlin, Deutschland The new contract of Afghanistan with European countries. The self organization of Afghan Refugees to fight against deportations and the tightening of Asylum Laws Organizers: Street roots Berlin Solidarity Party… Read more »

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Reactions to the break out of the Lager at Osloerstr. 23

#CloseTheCamp #LagerOsloer23 After the rise up of the people living in the Lager at Osloerstr. 23 two weeks ago (link), a lot of things are happening in a very short time: the company administrating the lager, BTB Bildungszentrum, and LAF (the new LAGeSo) are really afraid about the propagation of these protests, and here we… Read more »

soap bubbles at osloerstr lager
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Aufruf zur Demonstration: Keine Abschiebungen nach Afghanistan

Gestern Roma, heute Menschen aus Afghanistan, morgen wir? Yesterday Roma, today people from Afghanistan, tomorrow we? Hier Roma, aujourd’hui les gens de l’Afghanistan, demain nous? Demonstration –  Protest march – Démonstration 10.12.2016 – 11:30 – U-Bhf Turmstr (U 9), Berlin Aufruf zu Solidarität gegen Abschiebung Kommt alle, egal welcher Nationalität ihr seid, um gegen Abschiebungen… Read more »

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Roma-Black Box Solidarity – Break Deportation Aktion in Erfurt

Break Deportation Aktion in Erfurt – „Roma-Black Box Solidarity“ Roma Solidaritäts-Veranstaltung mit Diskussion und Kulturprogramm 17.12.2016, 16.00 Uhr in Erfurt, Schillerstraße 44, Filler This is the first Solidarity Event of our campaign to stop the deportation of the Roma family Haliti / Ristic Refugee activists will speak on their experiences with deportation and social exclusion… Read more »

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Vorbereitungstreffen für das “Break Deportation Solidarity Aktionswochenende” Januar 2017

English / Deutsch: Solidarity Aktionswochenende” im Januar 2017 Einladung zum Vorbereitungstreffen für das “Break Deportation Solidarity Aktionswochenende” im Januar 2017 Wann? Donnerstag, 08. Dezember um 18Uhr Wo? In den Räumen des Demokratischen Jugendrings (Seidelstraße 21) Jena Für das Wochenende vom 27. bis 29. Januar 2017 planen wir – das Netzwerk Break Deportation – in Jena… Read more »