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Refugges Camp at Oranienplatz-Timor Kodal

Beyond the borders Conference – The War of the Europeans against Human Rights

Sunday, 11. November 2012 at 17:00 hrs in the Refugee Protest Camp am Oranienplatz Berlin, 10999 Berlin – Kreuzberg
Discussions with refugee activists:

The Struggles of Refugees against the borders here and beyond in Africa

In the last years one could read many reports about migration control, refugee detention camps in the deserts or deportations. Indeed, since 2006 more than 10 000 refugees became victims of the war against migration at the outer borders of the EU. Less frequently we hear about the situation of those refugees and migrants who were deported from Europe. „Association of deportees in Mali“(AME) is one of the few grassroots organisations that supports deported refugees practically and politically. There members take care of deported people who arrive at the airport in Bamako or at the border between Mali and Algeria and who need medical help, a place to stay or legal support. Another focus of AME’s activities is publicity, political campaigns and street actions – also in cooperation with regional and European initiatives and groups.

Alassane Dicko from AME is presently in Germany for a tour. On 11th November he will present his organisation and analyse the politics of Europe and Frontex against migrants and migration from Subsaharan Africa and their influences and encroachment in these states.

Rex Osa, activist of the The VOICE Refugee Forum, will talk about methods and practics of the German-European war against migrants and migration from inside Germany: deprivation of basic rights from the beginning of the asylum case,
Systematic social exclusion and isolation not only by the obligatory residential restriction but also by a elaborate system of control of every asylum seeker in the lagers, deportation at any means and any costs. The aim of these politics: „To destroy our lives and to show us that we are not wanted here.“
Rex Osa will also speak about his personal experiences as a refugee and a political activist and show us the only way to counter this systematic destruction: Refugees have to come together, share their experiences, empower themselves and organize themselves – and make a political change.

Sunday, 11. November 2012 at 17:00 hrs in the Refugee Protest Camp am Oranienplatz Berlin, 10999 Berlin – Kreuzberg 



Invitation: MRIYR – Carnival and Conference 2017

Please Spread the invitation! Dear Friends, MRIYR would like to invite our all supporters on 14th September to plan our actions for the next year. We’ll meet at 7pm at Schaubühne Cafeteria and then we’ll go to the meeting room. If you come late ask at the Cafeteria. (*Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz. Kurfürstendamm 153, 10709… Read more »

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Refugees occupy Sendlinger Tor Platz – Munich

Since Wednesday refugees have been occupying the Sendlinger Tor Platz in Munich and protest for the right to stay/ Bleiberecht. This is their statement from yesterday: “We Are One During the day we counted 98 refugees! That means that 98 people without permission to stay (Bleiberecht) decided to be here despite racist insults and step… Read more »

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Tag der Erinnerung und Mahnung – Aktionstag gegen Rassismus, Neonazismuss und Krieg

Tag der Erinnerung und Mahnung 2016 Flyer Tag der Erinnerung und Mahnung 2016 Plakat Bleiberecht für Roma in Deutschland Petition teilen AUFTAKT Alle Bleiben – Bleiberecht für Roma 12.00 Uhr | Auftaktkundgebung –  vor dem Mahnmal für die ermordeten Sinti und Roma Europas. Es sprechen u.A. Petra Rosenberg (Landesverband Deutscher Sinti und Roma Berlin-Brandenburg e.V… Read more »

Tag der Erinnerung und Mahnung



Statement: Deportation is a crime. Italy and EU, stop deportations of Sudanese refugees now!

Last Thursday, 25 August 2016, Italy has started sending migrants back to Sudan on special chartered flights, with 48 suadenes refugees already deported. Sudanese and Italian authorities are working together to tackle the so-called migrant crisis. This deportation is clearly part of the cooperation between the Sudanese dictatorship regime and the EU, which was started… Read more »

Statements / Support/Solidarity

Solidarity with daily Özgür Gündem and its detained or harassed journalists

Solidarity with daily Özgür Gündem  and its detained or harassed journalistsSolidarity also with Ragip Zarakolu, Asli Erdogan, Eren Keskin and Filiz Koçali Daily Özgür Gündem, which has been shut down by court order, has been released as a special four-page edition carrying the headline “We will not give in”. The daily, published in solidarity, appeared… Read more »


U.S. Sets Stage for Libya-Like Regime Change in Eritrea, “Africa’s Cuba”

The U.S. is moving towards war against Eritrea, a fiercely independent African nation of only six million people. Washington has deployed its UN “human rights” proxies to justify another “humanitarian” military intervention, remarkably like the UN-sanctioned aggression against Libya, in 2011. The UN panel charges Eritrea with “enslaving” and murdering its own people – a… Read more »



Pressekonferenz am 27.09.2016 – Protestmarsch nach Nürnberg in Planung

München, 27th of September, 2016 21th day at Sendlinger Tor Today, the protesting refugees from Sendlinger Tor have analysed the development of their protest in a press conference. Also, attending journalists and other interested persons have been explained the next steps: A protest march to Nuremberg is planned from October 8th, more details will be… Read more »

We are born free! Empowerment Radio (We!R)

Im Gespräch mit ‘F.O.R. Palestine’

Zionismus als Fluchtursache? Flucht und Vertreibung aus Palästina – zu Gast im Studio: Dror und Tarek von F.O.R. Palestine, Ramsis Kilani und Janis – die Sendung ist auf deutsch ‘F.O.R. Palestine’ ist eine Gruppe, die sich der Solidaritätsarbeit mit Palästina in Europa und der Diaspora widmet. Mehr Informationen hier … ++++++++ Zionism causing flight? Flight… Read more »

We are born free! Empowerment Radio (We!R)

Diskussion über den kurdischen Befreiungskampf mit Baran Yunus und Turgay Ulu, 10. September 2016 (We!R#17)

Yaptığımız radyo programında, Kürt Özgürlük Mücadelesi hakkında tartıştık. 1984 öncesine kadar gerçekleşen Kürt halk isyanlarının durumu ve 1984 sonrası geliştirilen ettkili mücadele ile elde edilen haklar konusunu tartdıştık. Ayrıca aktüel durumla ilgili olarak Rojava devriminin Ortadoğuda sağladığı altarnatif mevzi hakkında konuştuk. Türk devletinin artan saldırıları ve buna karşı geliştirilen direniş hakkında konuştuk. Dünya devletlerinin mülteciler… Read more »


Berlin: Info meeting about occupation of Sendlingertor in Munchen

When: Saturday 24.9. 7:30 PM Where: f.a.q – infoladen, Jonasstraße 40, 12053 Berlin Some of freedom fighters who occupied the Sendlingertor in Munchen for the last two weeks are our guests in Berlin. They are going to tell us the story of occupation. What is the situation right now and what are their plans for… Read more »


Our struggle is not only a struggle for the right to stay.

München, 22ter September 2016 17ter Tag am Sendlinger Tor Unser Kampf ist nicht nur ein Kampf für Bleiberecht. Wie viele andere Menschen auf der ganzen Welt, kämpfen auch wir gegen Rassismus. Heute haben sich ca. 30 Aktivist*innen unseres Protestcamps vor dem iranischen Konsulat in der Mauerkircherstrasse 67 zusammengefunden, um gegen den tödlichen Rassismus im Iran… Read more »