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(ILL)LEGAL: A solidarity performance event for and with people in danger of deportation, 18-19 april

11141126_875920765797588_1221758430109639962_o(ILL)LEGAL is a mini-festival created as a platform to give the refugee community, an undeniable part of the social makeup of Berlin, a chance to tell their own story in their own voice.

Two performance dates!
Saturday April 18 at 19:00
Sunday April 19 at 17:00
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Demonstration: Mall of Shame, – Samstag, 25.4.2015


Demonstration: Mall of Shame: Zahlt die Arbeiter! – Gegen die Ausbeutung migrantischer Arbeiter_innen!

– Samstag, 25.4.2015 – Beginn: 12 Uhr – Leipziger Platz 12 (U-Potsdamer Platz)

Die „Mall of Berlin“ ist mittlerweile ein bundesweit bekanntes Symbol der gängigen Ausbeutung migrantischer Arbeiter_innen aus Ländern der erweiterten EU geworden.

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Action week against the new asylum law (10-18 april)

Join the week of action against the restriction of the residence law between the 10th and the 18th of April! The change in law can lead to imprisonment of an increased number of refugees in detention centers and interdictions of residence that make legalisation impossible. Come and support our daily long-term protest between the 10th and 17th of april, 2pm to 7pm at Pariser Platz/Brandenburger Tor.

TWITTER: #noasyllaw

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Demands of people of school

We want:

To create and international Refugee centre in the GHS

  • with space for information for refugees about their rights and about the refugee movement
  • with a café and exhibition space as a meeting place
  • with projects organized with refugees and partners to learn and develop skills, and help newcomers to integrate into the refugee community and into German society (e.g. German classes, sports, bicycle repair workshop, small organic garden, music, etc)
  • with projects to network for practical and political support
    • for our political demands,
    • for political and practical support for eg. asylum applications, the right to work, access to health care, recognition of refugees’ professional qualifications, skills transfer

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Today, Next meeting for future of #ohlauer school, 3pm bethanien

On sunday 19th of april we will continue our open meeting about how to continue with the school in ohlauer. we will further our discussions on how to keep the building as a international refugee center/projecthouse..
come and join the process if you or your group is interested to be part of it!
3pm bethanien, mariannenplatz 2a. 1st floor in new yorck.

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Anti-capitalist demonstration

Organize – against racism and social exclusion
April, 30th 2015
6:30 pm
Metro station Leopoldplatz (Berlin)

Organize – against racism and social exclusion!

The city belongs to all of us!

Everyone in Berlin creates the city as we know it. Every day we shape and build our homes, our streets, our neighborhoods. Everyone in her or his own way. As everywhere in Berlin neighborhoods are transforming – including the Wedding. These changes are associated with numerous problems. Mainly because a few want to earn of what all are creating together. Homes are being sold or renovated, rents are increasing. If accommodations can no longer be afforded you have to move in outer districts or in the worst case, your flat will be evicted. The Senate of Berlin is looking on passively. Or it supports such processes as appreciation of  so called ‘problem neighborhoods’. Quartiersmanagements (‘neighborhood managements’) and neighborhood committees support the displacements and processes of gentrification with an illusion that all citizens could take part in shaping the  policy of the city. But we do not accept this. What we create together, can be defend together – throughout an organizing from below.

Attack racist conditions!

Most refugees are excluded from a freedom of movement, social participation and attending a wage labor, as they are put down as “illegal” and being held isolated in camps. They are confronted physically and psychologically more directly with a forfeited right of self-determination. Economic businesses and social service providers already hit profits with escape and migration. In a smugly way, European policy creates a top-down “welcome culture”. In reality the immigration authorities and the public cost / benefit analysis on the “immigration status” decides who is allowed to stay or will be deported. Everyday racist police controls and the ever-present threat of deportation increase the pressure on refugees additionally. This is part of a racist propaganda which ultimately splits, humiliates and kills.

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Never stop resisting! Refugee Struggle in Hamburg and Dortmund

Call – Never stop resisting! Refugee Struggle in Hamburg and Dortmund

Manifestation on 25th April, 6:00pm at Kirchplatz, Münsterstraße in Dortmund

hhdoAll over Germany refugees self-organize to protest against the the unacceptabilities of the migration and asylum regime. They fight for their right to stay, for freedom of movement and equal rights. Central themes like the insupportable conditions in refugee camps or the experiences of social exclusion and racism -which they experience every day on the streets and with the authorities- are made to the subject of discussion.  Therefore the restrictive asylum and resident policies get into focus. In doing so they get support by antiracist activists and groups, which declare their solidarity with the demands of refugees and see the necessitiy of joint fights, and unite to form local alliances.

For two years the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg” fights for the right to stay for refugees, which came from Lampedusa over Italy to Germany, and the approval of their italian papers and work permits. They self-organize in the local alliance of „Rights to the city – Never mind the papers“, which fights for freedom of movement, self-determination, living space and against racism. In january the alliance organized a demonstration with up to 8.000 people.

Also in Dortmund there are first approaches of selforganizing refugees. In the beginning of 2015 refugees from the camp in the Brügmannhallen delivered an open letter to the city of Dortmund, to call attention to the bad conditions in the camp. They claimed the closure of the camp. Although it is closed by now, the accommodation in emergency shelters like container villages on the outskirts of Dortmund still continues. Some of the refugees found an apartment, but there is more to it – it’s about the right to stay, to live a self-determined life without harassment, discrimination, casualization, oppression and the constant fear of deportation!

Together we want to take the struggles and fights of refugees into public and set a counter-position to the racist developments in Germany. We invite refugees and activists from Hamburg and Dortmund to talk about their experiences of their fights for the right to stay and a self-determined life. The protests need a broad support, if we want to oppose the grueling asylum policy. An active solidarity with refugees and the perspective of political organization and fighting together can be the only respond to racist diatribes from neonazis, so called enraged citizen and racists. Wether in Dortmund, Hamburg or elsewere – we will never stop resisting!

Come to the manifestation on 25th April, 6:00pm at Kirchplatz, Münsterstraße in Dortmund. There will be speeches from refugees and supporters, videos of the fights for the right to stay in Hamburg, a photo exhibition, live music and many more!

Refugees Welcome Dortmund, April 2015

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Erklärung von Radmila Anić zu ihrer Bedrohung in Serbien


Please click on the link to read more about Radmila campaign:

Im Jahr 2013 wurde ich von vier Männern aus meinem Haus vertrieben, weil sie Geld von mir gefordert haben, das ich nicht hatte. Sie haben mir Gewalt an Continue reading


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