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Silent eviction of #ohlauer and silence of Greeny party

Today the district (Monnika Hermann) threw out 10 people from the ohlauer school. One woman who live in the school go out for ten minutes to go to supermarket. When she returned to the school, The security said that she can not enter her home anymore, as a direct order of district forbids her. There are 10 people thrown out, which are the people who didnt go to the court recently against the february eviction threat.

In the afternoon , on the event in südblock, where Party members of Greens and Linke having a panel title “Refugee welcome”, The party officials faced the people of the school and their question about the role of the Greeny party and Monnika Hermann. Greenies and Lefties said that this is not their issue and they dont what to get involved. If this issue is not related to the members of Green party, then to whome is it related. And how can you talk about “Refugee welcome” in Xberg but ignore the issue of the school.  what make the meeting more rediculos was that the politicans refused to talk in English to the people.

picture of a panel discussion named "refuggees welcome" held by the Green Party and die Linke at Südblock.

This happens while the new Asyl law is getting passed in Germany which basically announe every Refugee as criminal. The law is completely a repetition of PEGIDA demands written in a Legal format. In the time which Germany is officially entering a fascist regime, how can parliment members of Grune Partei dont take any position about the refugee issues. So if it is not their “thingy” then whose “thingy” is this?

Also, yesterday police occupied Allmende, even before the official eviction date. putting Allmende next to oplatz, ohlauer, cuvrybrache and Gorli make it obvious that Die Grune and Monnika Hermann Are harshly implementing military/police repression to speed up gentrification, and this police gangs in xberg, is a very common experience.

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open meeting on : tuesday, 31th march at 6p.m. at Refugee-Office, Waldemarstraße 46

We are refugee activists and supporters from Berlin (Oranienplatz protest, occupied Ohlauer School). In April (probably 3rd to 24th), we want to do a bus-tour through Germany.

We plan to travel in three vans (20 people max.) and go to a different place every day.

On the tour we want to connect with
- Refugee and migrant collectives
– Anti-fascist & anti-racist groups
– Refugees Welcome groups
–  People in Lagers

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News about GHS

Today is the 19th of march. the district of kreuzberg threatened to evict us if we do not move out of the building TODAY. we think that if the district wants to really evict us in a legal way then today nothing will happen. but we do not trust them! we think that the district may find additional reasons to terrorize us today or the upcoming days. so we ask you all from the neighbourhood and all other supporters to be aware of the situation. please be careful when you are around the school and watch out. there is already a lot of cops and civil cops ready to block ohlauer street. please also feel ready to react when we call out for emergency support!
24 persons amongst us are fighting against this inhumane treatment of the district also in legal ways. therefore we send out our resistance to the eviction letter already to the administrative court. as a first step we ask the court to freeze the bureaucratic procedure of the eviction in order to claim our right to live in the school and right to stay.

If you observe that the cops are preparing an operation against the school or around it then please send a detailed description via SMS (!) to 015213207599. Please do not panic just inform everbody through this emergency number!

If you want to get more information about what is going on in the school in EMERTGENCY CASES, send an sms or call our emergency number 015213207599.
This number is NOT an info number, just a contact for emergency cases, for ex. when there is police operation, arrestments, trouble around and in the school with authorities.

Since tuesday our resistance letters arrived in the administrative court. Please support our betterplace fundraising so that we can have the money needed for to run our cases in the court!

Let’s rise our voices together against the eviction of our home and base of political struggle!! organize yourselves and scandalize this district and the green party!!
19. März, 19Uhr
„Migrationspolitische Frühjahrsempfang“ Green Party Meeting regarding migration!!)
Festsaal des Berliner Abgeordnetenhauses Niederkirchnerstr.5, 10111 Berlin
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Berliner Polizei begeht Hausfriedensbruch!! Die Vereinsräume von Allmende wurden durch die Polize illegal besetzt


Berliner Polizei begeht Hausfriedensbruch!!

Die Räume des migrantischen Vereins Allmende, die für verschiedenste Gruppen als Treffpunkt sozialer, politischer und kultureller Aktivitäten genutzt wurden, wurden 18 Stunden vor der angekündigten Zwangsräumung durch die Polizei besetzt.

Am Do, 26.3.2015 um 18 Uhr, hat die Polizei, in zivil und uniformiert, das Haus am Kottbusser Damm 25/26, in dem der Verein Allmende e.V. seit 2006 seine Vereinsräume hat, komplett abgeriegelt. Vereinsmitgliedern wurde das Betreten des Hauses bzw. der Vereinsräume verboten. Continue reading

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Heute, 28.03. 19h: Listen to/ Hört THE VOICES

Listen to/ Hört THE VOICES

On, 88,4 MHz in Berlin & 90,7 MHz in Potsdam.
Saturday 28th of March 2015/ Samstag 28.03.2015 at 7pm/um 19:00 Uhr

The VOICES Radiosendung

It is also possible to listen to the show live online/Auch online gibt es die möglichkeit live in die Sendung rein zu

The topics for this week’s radio programme:

  • The eviction of Allmende e.V.: Interview with Garip Bali
  • Report: The Disobedience Tour of the Refugee Initiative Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • Demo Report: International Women’s Day and Global Day against Racism:Interview with activists from the International Women Space
  • Information about the next CISPM-Meeting in Berlin

from iwspace

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District officially approves their plan for eviction of #ohlauer. Answers of Frau Bohrkamp to PIRATEN and SPD questions about #ohlauer

1.) Drucksache – DS/1640/IV

Betreff:     Aktueller Stand zur GHS
Initiator:    Herbst, Michael / PIRATEN    PIRATEN
BVV Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg von Berlin

Ich frage das Bezirksamt:

Welche Anstrengungen unternimmt das Bezirksamt aktuell, um die Umsetzung der im Juni 2014 unterzeichneten Vereinbarung und die Einrichtung eines selbstverwalteten Flüchtlingszentrums voranzutreiben und bis wann rechnet das Bezirksamt mit der Umsetzung? Continue reading

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District imposes ban on residents of Ohlauer school come and protest at Südblock 8PM

The district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg gave the security guards in front of the Ohlauer school the order not to let several people, who are living there, enter the building. It seems like every one who did not make a legal appeal against the eviction order is affected by this ban – so far it is three people. Cynically, the three refugees, who were banned from their home,  were given vouchers for accommodation in a hostel for three days.

This is a silent eviction!

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