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Refugee Conference 2015 – Hannover

The first German-wide Refugee Conference is going to take place in Hannover. „Refugee Protest Camp Hannover10830660_520906638060557_3795585757210560014_o“, „Lampedusa in Hamburg“, „Refugee Movement Berlin“ and „Refugee Bus Tour“ are inviting you!

Since 2012 self-organized refugee-protest has grown in Germany. Protest marches and protest camps, e.g. in Würzburg, Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover have shown, that refugees can bring their voice to the streets. And now we want to find common strategies together. Continue reading

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Oplatz: Open letter to district and senate

FullSizeRenderToday the Senate of Berlin and the District Council Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg ordered the removal of the info-point container at Oranienplatz. But be aware:


Open letter to the Berlin Senate and Friedrichshain / Kreuzberg District Council

(francais en bas – deutsch unten)
Date 13.07.2015
As you know, “The House of the 28 Doors” at Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg was attacked on the night of 30/31.03.2015, in what was probably an arson attack. The solid wooden structure burned down completely in no time at all. The small
information-centre container provided by the District suffered serious fire damage and can no longer be used. The material damage amounts to several tens of thousands of Euros; the weatherproofing materials for the “House of 28 Doors” were funded entirely through donations and all the work on it was done by volunteers.
Fortunately no-one was hurt in the fire.The perpetrator(s) have not yet been identified. Continue reading


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6.7 – Cultural evening, Political discussion and party by ARU


African refugees union

Cultural evening with drum performance, solidarity barbecue, T-shirts and more
Political discussion and party

Dear friends and enemies, we invite you to our evening due to take place on the above mentioned date at Jockel Garten, Ratiborstr. The evening is designed for refugee existing groups and other solidarity groups based in Berlin and Brandenburg. All invited groups and Individuals will have a platform to introduce themselves and exchange ideas. We want to have an open discussion on the refugee struggle and possible actions against the new asylum laws. How can we make the movement more visible and strong again after the eviction of Oranienplatz camp and school. We want to plan the program for the day and therefore we request you to send us your topics to discuss.

Please! For more information contact: for English speakers, or for German speakers.

Date & time: 6th of August 2015, 4.30 p.m
Location: Jockel Biergarten, Ratiborstraße 14C, 10999 Berlin, Bus M29, Station Glogauerstr.⇓

Program one outside- Jockel Biergarden:

  • 16:30 Arriving
  • 17:00 welcoming word from ARU and solidaridance present
  • 17:15 Drum performance
  • 17:30 Introductions from the invited groups
  • 18:00 Round table discussions
  • 19:00 Break
  • 19:15 Presentations from the round table discussions.
  • 20:15 Time to talk and chill

Program two inside- Jockel hall:

  • 22:00 A live concert: performed by Bahati
  • 11:00 Music and dance

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Bundestag Passed the new asylum law. What will change?

Threat of expansion of Deportation detention: Law for the Right to stay and termination of the residence permission adopted.

On the 2nd of July the Bundestag adopted the redefinition of the right to stay and the termination of the residence permit. Parts of the law shows the intention of making the lives of those already residing in Germany better. At the same time legal opportunities will be created to act more rigorously against newly arrived asylum seekers. An overview of the changes and its consequences: Grounds for detention in the Dublin procedure will be limitless The new law creates the legal possibility to detain asylum-seekers for the sole reason that they entered Germany from another EU country. According to Continue reading

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Statement of the GHS regarding the district’s eviction plans and the decision of the Administrative Court

We want to stay in the school, but self-organized!

Never try to fool, the people from the school!

We, the inhabitants of the Gerhart-Hauptmann-School in Kreuzberg, want to make again clear that we want to stay in that half of the school building that was promised to us in the agreement of the roof occupation (July 2014).

The administrative court in Berlin confirmed on the 25th of May that we have the right to live in the school!! Therefore, the plans of the district to evict us, have been also blocked by a official German court!

Still the district is continuing its ignorant and racist policies against us. Just after the publication of court decision, the district stated that the living conditions in the building are so dangerous because we would cook over open fire?! We are not cooking over open fire! We do not have enough to eat, so we cannot even think about how we want to prepare our food!

Continue reading

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The 3 powerful women who found Black Lives Matter

blacklivesmatterALICIA GARZA: “… Black Lives Matter was born out of the incredible pain and rage that each of us feels and that black people across the world feel when any of our lives are taken unnecessarily, particularly in relationship to state-sanctioned violence. The phrase was coined on Facebook, and it was really a response to the responses that I was hearing after the verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial. And those responses really ranged from responses that we call kind of social justice cynicism, right, where folks were talking about how the criminal justice system doesn’t work for black people, which is true, and then, on the other hand, there was a real narrative around respectability politics and how if Trayvon had only pulled up his pants and if we just vote and if we just get a better education, then somehow we can save ourselves from untimely deaths, when the reality is that structural racism kills black people every single day. In fact, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement has documented that every 28 hours a black person in this country is murdered by police, security guards or vigilantes.”

Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and special projects director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance.Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, director of Truth and Reinvestment at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, and founder of Dignity and Power Now, a grassroots organization in Los Angeles fighting for the dignity and power of incarcerated people and their families.Opal Tometi, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and executive director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

FOR VIDEO PART 2, go to Democracy Now website

from iwspace

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Warum vor allem Männer Asyl suchen / Why more men seek asylum

lapedusa womenIn 2014, around 70% of the asylum seekers in Europe, as well in Germany, were men. The reasons have nothing to do with the fact that women are not as persecuted or endangered as women, but the result of a family decision. As the journey to Europe is expensive and dangerous, families choose to send the men because their are supposedly stronger to cope with the difficulties of the journey, more educated, have therefore better chances to get a job to send back home, and because women face enormous dangers when traveling through certain routes, namely the danger of being kidnapped and raped. Full article here in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

from iwspace

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Info point at Oplatz: Come and support!

oplatzRevivalDear all!

The info point at Oplatz is working again!! Every day from 3pm until 9pm there are activists at Oplatz to inform about the refugee protest and to show that Oranienplatz is still a political space of the refugee protest.

Please support and TAKE SHIFTS from 3-6pm or 6-9pm: you can find a shift plan at Oplatz,

Bring Flyers and material about upcoming events and demonstrations, and the refugee protest in general.

Also tea and coffee is needed!

On Sunday at 3pm we will have a plenary again to discuss further how to revive Oplatz.

Come around and get active!

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Nazis announce attack against lager in freital 31.07.15. – 17:00 – Freital – S–Bahnhof Potschappel

“We didn’t start the fire…” – Wider dem rassistischen Mob in Freital!


Freital in die Suppe spucken!
Den alltägliche Terror gegen Geflüchtete brechen!
Gegen den rassistischen Normalvollzug!

31.07.15. – 17:00 – Freital – S–Bahnhof Potschappel

Egal wie wir die Sache drehen und wenden – eine Änderung der Zustände ist leider noch immer nicht abzusehen, nicht in Freital und nicht anderswo. Meldungen rassistischer Übergriffe und von Angriffen auf Unterkünfte für Asylsuchende sind mittlerweile an der Tagesordnung. Nachdem in Freital über Monate der rassistische Mob gegen eine Unterkunft gewütet hatte, waren die Proteste in der letzten Juniwoche eskaliert, nachdem bekannt wurde, dass weitere Geflüchtete aus der Erstaufnahme in Chemnitz nach Freital verlegt werden. Daraufhin versammelten sich die ganze Woche über mehrmals hunderte rassistische Anwohner_innen und Neonazis direkt vor der Unterkunft. So wurde nach den Fackelmärschen in Schneeberg erneut ein Ort in Sachsen medial zum Symbolbild für die hässlichen Deutschen und den rassistischen Mob. Dieses Bild entfaltete seine Wirkung zumindest soweit, dass die Organisator_innen der „Nein zu Heim“-Kampagne alle weiteren Versammlungen vor dem Heim unterließen. Continue reading

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Soli Sommerkonzert | Révolution “R” & Ekis Ekis & Nim Alae & INTI Che & Krawallkarawane

Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015
Im Hof der Magdalenenstr. 19
U5 Magdalenenstr in Lichtenberg

Ab 17 Uhr LIVE-Music:
Révolution “R” (Reggae, Ragga, Rap – Oldenburg),
Ekis Ekis (HipHop – B.S.C. Guatemala)
Nim Alae (HipHop – Guatemala/Berlin)
INTI Che  (HipHop – Argentina/Berlin)
Krawallkarawane (Klezmer, Rap und Unsotierbares mit Akkordeon, Geige, Percussion und Gesang – Berlin)
Djane Caro (Global Beats – Berlin) Continue reading


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