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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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We are born free! Reflection and empowerment hour

Workshop by Bino Byansi Byakuleka, Sharon Otoo & Florian Fischer

Friday, December 4th 2015, 17:00 – 21:00

Venue: w_orten & meer, Hasenheide 73, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg (U7 Südstern)

We are born free Bino Byansi Byakuleka

Reflection and empowerment hour

If you are involved in any kind of refugee (self-) organization, supporter structures or charity organizations we would like to invite you to our empowerment workshop.

There is a lot to be done and the current situation of refugees in Germany and Europe requires us to rethink political strategies and use the power we have appropriately.
The current wave of welcoming culture is very important in order to show alternatives to the racist hatred that is getting stronger each day. At the same time this wave comes exactly at the time when our refugee movement has become very weak to almost not-existing anymore. The so-called civil society chooses to be in the helping position instead of supporting self organized refugee resistance. This is a step back, it puts us back to being the helped supposedly passive object while the helpers are becoming a new lobby. Continue reading

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Refugees need freedom, not handouts

An Essay by Political Activist Adam Bahar

refugees welcome but

refugees welcome, but…

In this thought provoking essay Adam Bahar outlines the death of the ‘welcoming culture’ for refugees in Germany.  He demonstrates how Germany has been directly responsible for supporting several  dictators in the global South and how the Federal Republic is responsible for continuing to impose borders….

The article is part of series abut the refugees issue some activists from different countries involved in writing.You can view all the contributions written in arabic and translated in english for the Series here

Adam Bahar is a political activist from Sudan, currently living in exile in Germany and fighting in the refugee movement in Berlin, Germany and Europe.

3 articles also by Adam Bahar


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Report of Sudanese refugee’s action in Sudanese embassy in Berlin

Protest Sudanese Embassy Berlin

Sudanese refugee’s action in Sudanese embassy in Berlin

We are eleven refugee-activists from Berlin-Oranienplatz and Hannover-Weissekreuzplatz. On November 19th 2015 we entered the Sudanese embassy in Berlin at 12pm to protest inside and to talk to the embassador about the situation in Sudan. The Sudanese embassador refused to talk to us and the staff called the police. We went to the window, opened it and held our banner against Omar Al-Bshir outside for everyone to see „murderer, assasinator, leave!“. Inside the embassy we didn’t break anything or hurt anyone. We just came to talk peacefully to the embassador. When the police came they told us that they would lead us to the Sudandese embassador, but instead they led us outside and closed the door. So we continued our protest outside near the entrance of the embassy. We spontaneously registered a rally for three hours. We handed out flyers to passer-bys and shouted our demands: „Al-Bshir to ICC!“, „Stop the war in Sudan!“ „Yes for peace, no for war!“. The police took down our personal data. At around 3 pm we finished our protest and left. But we will continue our fight for a free and democratic Sudan!

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Offener Brief und Demo-Mobi-Einladung: WE ARE HERE AND WE WILL FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHT TO STAY


 Refugee Schul- und Unistreik Berlin

Freedom fighters

Der folgende Text wird am 19. November 2015 auf dem Refugee Schul- und Unistreik Berlin, der um 11 Uhr am Potsdamer Platz startet, an die anwesenden Schüler*innen und Studierenden verteilt.



Hallo ihr Schüler*innen und Studierende Berlins, heute schreiben wir, die sogenannten Refugees, euch direkt an:

Tausende von uns sind hergekommen, weil unsere Familien ermordetet wurden und werden, weil unsere Häuser zerstört sind und weil eure und unsere gewaltsamen Tyrannen in unseren Staaten unsere Existenzgrundlage ausgebeutet und unsere Menschenrechte weggenommen haben. Was uns bleibt, sind Vertreibung und Flucht. Das bedeutet, dass wir all unseren Besitz verkaufen und mit dem Allernötigsten zu Fuß, auf Schlauchbooten, in Bussen und durch Schlepper bis hierher kommen, um zu überleben.

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IN OUR OWN WORDS Book launch

Refugee Women in Germany tell their stories

WHEN: 19.00 | 25th November 2015
WHERE: TheaterSpielRaum, Bethanien-Südflügel, Mariannenplatz 2B, 10997 Berlin


In our own words

Refugee Women in Germany tell their stories

In 2013, we, the activists from International Women Space (IWS), set ourselves the task of documenting the lives and stories of refugee women in Germany. We approached the project in the Latin American tradition of testimonial literature – looking to amplify the voice of the voiceless.

“In contrast to conventional writing about the colonial situation, which is produced at the centers of global power and near the apices of class difference, testimonial literature is produced by subaltern peoples on the periphery or the margin of the colonial situation. Thus the margins of empire are now “writing back” in an overdue attempt to correct the Western canon and its versions of “truth”. Testimonial literature has been defined by George Yuidice as an authentic narrative, told by a witness who is moved to narrate by the urgency of a situation (e.g., war, oppression, revolution, etc.).” – Voices for the Voiceless

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About the refugee movement in Kreuzberg/Berlin Napuli Langa

Movements Journal für kritische migrations-und Grenzregimeforschung.2jpg

Illustration: Petja Dimitrova


Napuli Langa–refugee-movement-kreuzberg-berlin (pdf file).


In this essay well known refugee activist Napuli Langa traces the recent history of the refugee movement in Berlin and shares some of her perspective about refugee protests. Read on….


Movements Journal für kritische migrations-und Grenzregimeforschung, 2015

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No to even tighter laws! Yes to solidarity!

credit is due to Corasol

deutsch s.u. // francais en bas // shqip ja poshtë bellow

30.11 – 03.12. 2015:

Daily rally between 12 noon and 2pm Marschallbrücke/Willhelmstraße (U Friedrichstraße)

04.12.2015 1.30 pm Oranienplatz:

Demonstration: Against limitation of the right to asylum! For an open society!

Gegen Asylrechtsverschärfungen!

Against limitation of the right to asylum! Photo: Yusuf Beyazit

A new draft law for a renewed limitation of the right to asylum is going to be discussed in December. This draft includes plans for even more restrictive measures. The central element is the acceleration of asylum application procedures, which could then only take three weeks. Refugees who arrive in Germany without documents would be particularly affected. In addition, the law would not allow people whose applications had been approved to bring their families to Germany until they have been living here for two years. Moreover, a list of specially selected doctors would be drawn up in order to make it easier to carry out deportations. For many refugees this draft law will mean an end to their time in Germany and it doesn‘t have anything to do with “welcome culture” or humanity.

We demand a humane asylum process for everybody!
Freedom of movement is everybodys right!

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protocol #12 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation network’ in berlin

Lager mobilisation

this is our 12th protocol to form a “lager mobilisation network” in berlin. again, around 25 people were there – thanks to u all. please add, correct and criticize in the comment section.

protocol #12 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation network’ in berlin

1. introduction of the network for our new freedom fighters
2. reports from our lager visits
3. networking
4. demo
5. internal discussion and refletions
6. next central and decentral meetings


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FREE HIKMET!!! NO DEPORTATIONS! Donations for Legal Costs Needed!

Alle bleiben Freiheit für Hikmet Roma

Hikmet bleibt!

On October 9, 2015, our brother and friend HikmetPrizreni was arrested and he is threatened with deportation!

On that day Hikmet, accompanied by his brother Kefaet, went on an official visit to the Immigration Authority. The Clerk asked Kefaet to wait outside and secretly called the police. Hikmet was then arrested by the police on the basis of an invalid/void arrest warrant. In lightning speed, Hikmet was before the Judge and then taken to detention prison awaiting trial.

Because Hikmet’s status was ‘toleration’ (Duldung) he is now threatened with deportation to Kosovo. A country Hikmet does not know, and in which he, and as Roma, faces discrimination and violence.

Hikmet is also known to many as the artist Prince-H. He thrilled audiences with his energy and musical talent and often performed at cultural events and concerts for human rights. We know him as a creative, humorous, non-conformist who put his art in the service of living peacefully together, without discrimination or exclusion of other cultures.

We need your help! The cost of the competent lawyer are high. Hikmet needs in this situation a good legal advice and this costs money. Any help and any small amount is important! Please share this Donation call, asking friends and acquaintances. Many thanks!


Recipient/Spendenkonto: Roma Center
Account No./Kontonummer:170399, Bank No./Bankleitzahl: 26050001
Reference/ Verwendungszweck: Free HIKMET


New Article:Free Hikmet!


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الاجئين يحتاجون الحرية لا المساعدات

      كأحد الناشطين في مجال حقوق الاجئين وكمهاجر عايشت كل الظروف التي يمر بها الاجئين القادمين الي أوربا، تدور

refugee welcome culture in Germany

اللاجئين الثقافة ترحيب


دوما في ذهني أسئلة عاصفة لا تهدا احاول هنا ان أشارككم إياها ! 

هل فعلا نجد في ألمانيا في ارض الواقع  تلك الشعارات التي يرددها الاعلام هذه الأيام وخاصة المستشارة الألمانية. إنجيلا ميركل حين صرحت ( لقد حققنا ذلك ) ! هل فعلا تحقق ما يحب فعله لتمكين ثقافة الترحيب بالاجئين وفي نفس الوقت تمتلئ شوارع مدن ألمانيا المختلفة بالمتظاهرين من حركة المعادين للإسلام والأجانب ( بغيدا) وهل تمكن هؤلاء المعادين للاجانب من حرق اكثر من مئة مركز إيواء مستقبلي للاجئين يعكس ثفافة الترحيب ؟ وهل ذلك يعني ترحيبا حين يتمكن البرلمان الألماني من اجازة قوانين جديدة تمنع وتقيد حرية الحركة للاجئين وتلزمهم بالبقاء مدة أطول في معسكرات اللجوء المتردية وحتي تعيد توزيع اكل معلب جاهز وتمنع دفع مبلغ مالي للإعاشة واستبداله بكبونات ؟ هل تسير في طريق الترحيب ؟ ان سياسة جزء كبير من المجتمع الألماني الذين يحاولون ان ينشروا ثفافة الترحيب  بجعل الاجئين كضحايا يحتاجون المساعدة ويتناسون سياسة حكومتهم التي تدعم كل أشكال عدم الاستقرار في المناطق الآخري ويتناسون ان ألشركات الألمانية مازالت تصدر السلاح لمناطق النزاع علي سبيل المثال صفقات السلاح للسعودية التي تقود النزاع في اليمن تحت مسمي دعم الشرعية ،ودعم أوربا للدكتاتوريات في افريقيا كاتفاقية مايسمي (Khartoum process) الذي وقعه الاتحاد الأوربي مع اكبر ديكتاتوريات افريقيا ( السودان – اريتريا -جنوب السودان ) من اجل إيقاف تدفق الاجئين من افريقيا الذين ياتؤن او يمرون بهذا الدول مقابل دعم مالي سخي وتدريب كوادر لمراقبة اكثر للحدود وحتي انشاء مراكز إيواء خارج أوربا في هذه الدول وما الاتفاقية. الاخيرة بين ألمانيا وتركيا بعيدة عن هذا المجال ! 

ان ثفافة الترحيب فشلت فشلا ذريعا في ألمانيا مع كل هذه القيود الجديدة خاصة اذا علمنا ان من نتائج حركة احتجاجات الاجئين التي بدأت في العام ٢٠١٢ ومستمره حتي الان هي ابطال قوانين حرية الحركة ومنح الاجئين حق الحركة في داخل الحدود الألمانية والذي وافق عليه البرلمان الألماني في بداية العام ٢٠١٥ وسحبه اخيراً في شهر أكتوبر ٢٠١٥ فقط بجرة قلم لهو الضربة القاضية لثقافة الترحيب ، ما يجب ان يفعل من اجل حلول موضعية لإشكاليات الاجئين بجب ان تتعدي القوانين يجب ان يبذل جهد اكبر في إيقاف الحروب ودعم الدكتاتوريات فقط من اجل حماية حدود أوربا ،يجب ان نقاتل سويا كمهاجرين ولاجئين ومواطنين ألمان من اجل وقف نشر مزيد من العنصرية من قبل الحكومة بسنها لقوانين العزلة هذه ، والمهم ان لا نتخذ دوما طريق جعل الاجئين كضحايا يحتاجون فقط للمساعدة  يجب ان يكون التضامن سياسيا فلا يحتاج الاجئ فقط للطعام والشراب بقدر ما يحتاج للحرية والامان من اعتداءات المعادين للاجانب ويحتاج للحماية من قوانين تجعله يعيش دكتاتورية جديدة تشل حركته وتسلب حريته في بلدان يقال انها ديمقراطية .






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