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Ohlauer Bleibt! Verwaltungsgericht gibt den Bewohner_innen der Ohlauer Schule Recht!

The district is not allowed to evict the school.
Reasons: the school is no more used as an official building for the district, therefore the district had to go to the civil court to aply for their needs. the aim of the district not to spend to much money is not privileged, so that they can’t therefore apyl to the Verwaltungsgericht.

Am Freitag hat das Berliner Verwaltungsgericht beschlossen, dass die Ohlauer Schule bis auf weiteres nicht geräumt wird. 24 Menschen aus der Gerhardt-Hauptmann-Schule hatten im Februar Widerspruch gegen die Räumnungsanordnung des Bezirks Friedrichshain Kreuzberg eingelegt.

10749994_1491755517775727_2501454395657301868_oDas Berliner Verwaltungsgericht hat entschieden, dass die aufschiebende Wirkung dieses Widerspruchs bestehen bleibt. Dies ist kein endgültiges Ergebnis, doch die Urteilsbegründung ist eine klare Absage an die Bestrebungen des Bezirks. Das Argument, es läge eine Gefahr für die öffentliche Sicherheit vor, wird vom VG zurückgewiesen.

Der ewige Versuch, die Bewohner_innen zu kriminalisieren und sie als Gefahr darzustellen ist hiermit auch juristisch als Unsinn enttarnt

Der ewige Versuch, die Bewohner_innen zu kriminalisieren und sie als Gefahr darzustellen ist hiermit auch juristisch als Unsinn enttarnt. Zudem verweist das Gericht darauf, dass der ‪Bezirk selbst ‬ mit einer vertraglichen Vereinbarung vom Sommer 2014 den Aufenthalt im Gebäude erlaubt habe. Bereits zum dritten Mal versucht der Bezirk die Menschen aus der Ohlauer zu räumen, zum dritten Mal erleiden sie eine Niederlage.

Das Ganze erscheint wie eine Farce und stellt dem grün regierten Bezirk politisch und rechtlich ein Armutszeugnis aus. Es wird Zeit ernsthafte Vorschläge zu bringen, wie es mit der Schule als politischem, kulturellem und sozialem Zentrum weitergehen kann – realistisch und umsetzbar!

Thanks for all the people who supported us! By supporting the crowdfunding campagn and by helping to spread the news! Another world is possible!

Beschlusss des Verwaltungsgerichts: Beschluss_des_Verwaltungsgericht_Berlin_zur_Raeumung_Ohlauer_Strasse_-VG_1_L83_15

Pressemitteilung des Verwaltungsgerichts:

You can’t fool the people from the School!

Some questions from district:

We never got any answer from district, maybe because we don’t write in German or we don’t worth answering but still we have some questions worth asking…

  1. The district is spending more than 100,000€ for the security of the school every month. We never asked and wanted this security, as it is there to opress us, not to secure us. Why does xhein district spend so much of public money for that? Can’t we find a better use for this huge ammount of money (over 1M€ for the last year)?
  2. Why does district repeatedly announce school as a financial trouble? Did district talk to us about their financing before, or we should be also responsible for the corrupt financial decisions? Isn’t that important that district take responsibility for the decisions that they make, and not putting refugees in front?
  3. Does the district know that their continous talk about the financial trouble is directing lots of Racist hate attention to us, as they think we are getting their money by force?
  4. Why district forbids our lawyer to meet us in the school? We are scared to go out of the school as it is never a guarantee that we can go again inside. As the district silently evicts people one by one.
  5. The district has already evicted some of our friends which didn’t go to the court against 19.3 eviction. As it is clear now that the last eviction letter was illegal, We want our friends to come back to the school, and we think somebody here should say at least: SORRY!

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Statement from Refugee Activists from Ohlauer School

We are here to fight for our human rights.

Here in the school the politicians try to isolate us – no visitors, not eve lawyers, doctors, not even international activists like Angela Davis, not even our friends and supporters. Shame on them!

The politicians in Berlin try to kick us out and stop our struggle – but we continue to fight for our rights

We are fighting as part of the refugee protest movement.

We had the march to Berlin, and the the protest camp at Oranienplatz for 2 years.

We had the March for Freedom from Strasbourg to Brussels. Continue reading

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“The Refugee movement is the movement of the 21st Century” – Angela Davis in Berlin, May 2015

Angela Davis// Spanish below // Deutsch untenstehend //

“Can someone explain to me why can’t I go inside the school?” asked Angela Davis on the 14th of May, during her meeting with activists in the Werkstatt der Kulturen, in Berlin. “Is it a school or a prison?” To which people from the audience replied: “Yes”. Angela Davis and Gina Dent wanted to visit the refugee occupied school in the Ohlauer Strasse and were denied access by the District authorities. The day after, on the 15th of May, Angela Davis and Gina Dent met again with refugees and migrants at the Jockel Biergarten. This time to listen, understand and discuss how the struggle for the rights of all people to move freely and have a dignified life is going in Germany.

We, from the International Women Space, were present in both meetings and stressed about the importance of the women’s struggles inside the movement of the people seeking asylum.

Check out the video we made of Angela in Berlin:

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Demands of people of school

We want:

To create and international Refugee centre in the GHS

  • with space for information for refugees about their rights and about the refugee movement
  • with a café and exhibition space as a meeting place
  • with projects organized with refugees and partners to learn and develop skills, and help newcomers to integrate into the refugee community and into German society (e.g. German classes, sports, bicycle repair workshop, small organic garden, music, etc)
  • with projects to network for practical and political support
    • for our political demands,
    • for political and practical support for eg. asylum applications, the right to work, access to health care, recognition of refugees’ professional qualifications, skills transfer

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Boat action of Lampedusa in Berlin against broken oplatz agreement of Henkel

18023409456_b2f9cefff9_zProtestaktion von sog. Lampedusa-Flüchtlingen vor der Innenverwaltung Berlin. Die Refugees werden seit dem Verlassen des Oranienplatzes vor mehr als einem Jahr vom Berliner Senat trotz Zusagen und Vereinbarungen brutal im Stich gelassen .
Ohne die engagierte Unterstützung und Hilfe einiger evang. Kirchenkreise wäre das Überleben dieser Flüchtlingsgruppe in Berlin überhaupt nicht mehr möglich. Da sich aber auch die evangelische Kirche in Berlin vom Senat getäuscht und am Rande ihrer Möglichkeiten sieht, hat sie die Protestaktion der Refugees unterstützt und mitgetragen.…/petshoppets…/sets/72157651058702803

Berlin Klosterstraße 22/05/2015

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Fight Racism – Fight Police Violence! Demo in Hannover, Friday May 29th

Solidarity with the people facing racist police violence!

With rage and consternation we noticed the press articles about racist police violence and torture by federal police (Bundespolizei) at main station Hannover. We are as well in rage about how it is dealt with these attacks: NDR (Press) says the main prosecutor (Oberstaatsanwalt) speaks about “an alarming and unique accusation”.


Although the incidents which have been made public so far are unbelievable, they are neither unique nor surprising. Oury Jalloh was burnt in an arrest cell in Dessau 2005. After 10 years of police preventing the evaluation in the preliminary procedure and in court the authorities involved still speak of him burning himself although a examination said, its not possible. Laye Conde drowned the same year in the police station in Bremen due to forced application of water and nauseant into his stomach. Aamir Ageeb choked during his deportation in a plain -which was carried out even though his suicidal tendency was known – because police officers pushed his head on his chest for minutes. 16 year old Halim Dener was shot in his back while putting a poster for PKK on a wall in Hannover. The list is long…

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Our afternoon with Angela Davis

women and angela

the photograph is out of focus, we know it. We also know the photographer was too excited to hold firmly the camera. For us, the International Women Space spending sometime in the company of Angela Davis was a most motivating moment because it is not yet everyday that we meet a woman who’s been dedicating her life to fight racism and willing to share her knowledge and experience with all those of us who aim to abolish racism once and for all. Thank you Angela!

from iwspace

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Racism has produced the Mediterranean “refugee crisis”

Women In and Beyond the Global:  Today, thousands of people escaping violence are killed or die because of the color of their skin, their origins, and because there are too many of “them” to fit into the neoliberal order of exploitation and competition. At the same time, the disequilibrium of the climate originated in the global North awomen mediterraneannd has had a devastating impact on the global South.

The European Union had no qualms when it defunded and thus forced the Mare Nostrum Italian program to be abandoned and then moved to the Frontex program, based on nationalist (here European) security and militarization. Mare Nostrum saved 150 000 people, while Frontex, not designed to save people, has already killed thousands with more deaths to come.This move seemed innocuous from the United States where the militarization of civil society has already been normalized. Continue reading…

from iwspace

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Military action not a solution for migrants and refugees

African-migrantsThe GUE/NGL group was critical of the package of measures proposed by the European Commission to stem the flow of migration to Europe’s shores by military and other repressive means.

GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer said: “I criticise the behaviour of member states. They have set a framework of fear of refugees and security challenges for this debate. When they talk about military action, they are being unrealistic as none of the reasons which make people flee from their home countries is tackled.”

She continued: “Military action in order to sink refugee vessels would entail collateral damage – the death of people, refugees, ships’ captains and others. The package proposed does not take up the challenge that refugees are people who are suffering from war, poverty and hunger. The package tackles the issue from a security point of view and not a humanitarian one. Who can really think that we can achieve security by closing off our borders, closing off Europe?” Continue reading…

from iwspace

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Germany’s Asylum Seekers – You Can’t Evict a Movement

BERLIN, May 21 2015 (IPS) – In a move to take their message of solidarity to refugees across the country and calling for their voices to be heard in Europe’s ongoing debate on migration, Germany’s asylum seekers have taken their nationwide protest movement for change on the road under the slogan: “You Can’t Evict a Movement!”.

NASRADIN_rev-629x354Earlier this month, in a twist to conventional protest movements, refugees organised a Refugee Bus Tour across Germany, turning action into networking through mobile solidarity.

“We wanted to go out and bring a message of solidarity to all corners of Germany, to meet other refugees and tell them not to be afraid, to take life into their own hands and above all that you are not a criminal,” Napuli Görlich told IPS, tired but relieved after a month of travelling. Continue reading…

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Arizona Activists Hold Vigil To Protest New Immigration Law At White House

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Statement on the federal police’s charges against me on racist control – Miloud Lahmar Cherif, The VOICE Refugee Forum

Arizona Activists Hold Vigil To Protest New Immigration Law At White HouseIf you are a non-white man or a woman living in Germany, you have probably – at least once during your stay here – been asked by the police to show your personal documents without any obvious reasons behind that behavior. This act could take place anywhere in Germany, especially in the trains, train-stations and public spaces. You might have been also wondering why they did exactly choose YOU among tens or hundreds of white people to ask you for your personal documents. Often is the answer my color of skin, my clothing style, my language …, everything that makes you look different than this nation.

It is a feeling of injustice when you are the only one in the train compartment who is asked to show your ID, I feel disrespected, insulted, discriminated. I see the police as racist executors!
The police uses the power of law to justify the execution of racist controls, they use the fear that most refugees and migrants are carrying with them from their home countries, they use the unjustified and miserable silence of some us!

The policemen and -women will happily tell you that racism cannot be a crime in Germany, so you can’t charge them for being racist at all. But on the other side – if you tell him or her “you are racist!” they will feel insulted and will run to the nearest court to let you be prosecuted for “insult” (Beleidigung). This is the broken logic that the system in Germany tries to play with us.

One of the many definitions of the Racial Profiling is as follow …“Any police-initiated action that relies on the race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than the behavior of an individual or information that leads the police to a particular individual who has been identified as being, or having been, engaged in criminal activity.”. We are getting criminalized for being or looking different.

On the 07th September 2014 around 14:45h two federal policemen from Meiningen asked me in the train heading to Meiningen to show my ID document for NO REASON. I was the only one controlled because I was the only non-white in the compartment. When I asked them why they are asking for my ID, their answer was as follow “This our job and the law gave us the right to control…”. I told them that this behavior is no more tolerated by court decisions in Germany and gave them some examples where the court said that the policeman hasn’t the right to control a person based on his skin color and if that happened than this is racist and no more a “legal control”. I used the Koblenz Court’s Judgment as a reference.

I insisted to go to their police station at Meinigen train station to hand in complaint about these two policemen. I spent more than one hour in their station to do this complaint against the two of them. A month later I received a letter from the public prosecution office telling me that I’m accused of “insulting the two policemen” claiming I’ve told them “you’re racist”. I knew that it wasn’t more than a sneaky try from them to hit back against my complaint that I wrote with insisting intention of taking the two to the courts. This dirty game that the German policemen routinely play is about LIE. They have lie to justify their wrong behaviors by falsifying misrepresentation.

I am determined to face them in Arnstadt District Court on the 28th May 2015 at 10:00 to expose their lies to the public. I did NOT say what they are claiming. If I would have said it, I wasn’t to deny it! Be the witness! Your solidarity is another key in this fight against racial profiling in Germany. Let them hear us!

Miloud Lahmar Cherif, – Activist of The VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena


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